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Japan’s ‘Chibatman’ revealed, but not unmasked


Although the Batman of Japan’s Chiba Prefecture — or, as he prefers, “Chibatman” — drew international attention just last week, it turns out he’s been riding around east of Tokyo on his custom Batpod since 2011.

Reuters and BBC News caught up to the 41-year-old man, a welder by day whose identity remains secret. However, unlike the Dark Knight who patrols the streets of Gotham, Chibatman doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of evildoers. Instead, his mission is to bring smiles to those who see him.

“I started doing this around three years ago,” he told BBC News, mimicking Christian Bale’s signature raspy voice. “As for my reasons, during the great earthquake [the 2011 Fukushima earthquake], people forgot how to smile. I wanted to help bring the smile back, and that’s why I started.”

He constructed the Chibatpod himself, importing most of the parts and customizing the bike himself, at a cost of about $5,700 U.S.




So does he just ride around or does he also stop off and so stuff like give autographs or something?

Awesome. He should watch his cape doesnt get sucked into one of the wheels

I think he’s great!

I love how the interpreter also felt the need to Christian Baleify his voice.

What’s the deal with the Stormtrooper and the New York license plate (1:00-1:15)?

And how secret can he possible keep is identity when he is apparently being filmed leaving his home? lol

They have the guy’s address and profession, but pretend they have no idea who he is? #seemslegit

Any chance he’s heard of the Toronto guy?

Toronto Batman and him need to team up! It would be epic!!! ;)

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