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Petition calls for life-size statue of Wolverine in Edmonton

death of wolverineOnline petitions are typically met with an eye roll, but it’s difficult not to like this one: Two residents of Edmonton, Alberta, want the city to erect a life-size statue in honor of one of the provinces native sons … James “Logan” Howlett. Yes, Wolverine.

“Not many popular or exciting fictional characters are born Canadian, but superhero and adventurer Wolverine isn’t just Canadian, he’s an Albertan too,” Jesse Seitz writes on “I think it would make a lot of people really proud to live in Edmonton and raise morale to erect a life size statue of this character in City Hall, or even perhaps Churchill Square or the Alberta Legislature Grounds.”

His friend Christopher Olivier adds, “Wolverine has been a staple of Marvel Comics for the last 40 years, the X-Men film franchise for 15 and is now considered as popular as The Avengers and Spider-Man. We believe a statue of the X-Man will only draw more people to the city if not just to see it and would make fans of the character beam with pride.”

If Metropolis, Illinois, can have a 15-foot-tall statue of Superman, then why shouldn’t Edmonton have (a decidedly shorter) one of Wolverine? And what better way to memorialize the character’s impending death?

Here’s the text of the petition, which has just 66 supporters so far:

City Council/Mayor Don Iveson
Please consider the opinions of the citizens who have signed this petition towards the creation of a life sized Wolverine statue to be placed somewhere in this great city of Edmonton to be viewed by all who live here and visit, as Wolverine is a Canadian and Albertan symbol of strength, perseverance in the face of tragedy, and overall heroics.

[Your name]



I signed the petition, but seeing as I’m an American, IDK how much my signature matters.

Very cool idea. Now, will it be the Hugh Jackman, 6 foot plus or the real Wolverine?

Awesome! I live in Edmonton and work close to both locations. The cities Mayor is a younger guy but I don’t see the city paying for something like this. But I would like to see the claws SNIKT every hour to announce the time :)

Yeah, I’m in Edmonton too, and it would be cool, better than the stupid balls.

Only question is would he be comics tall or Hugh Jackman tall?

It sounds dangerous if the claws are out. I don’t know how I feel about this.

I liked last year’s Wolverine statue petition better. ;)

Follow @WolverineStatue on twitter for updates on this project which has been in the works for over a year.

Logan is a fan of the Calgary Flames so I don’t think this petition should go through. He has also been shown to have sympathies for Montreal Canadiens, probably due to him being born in the 19th century and the Flames arriving in Calgary quite late in his life.

If you google Wolerine Calgary Flames you’ll find some discussions about the topic and some pictures. There are two mentions of issues where he shows his sympathies, this being two of them:

Personally I recall at least three of four times when I have seen Wolverine watch hockey, but as he’s been in at least 3000 issues (some say far more) I really don’t feel like trying to find any more than those you can find through five minutes of googling.

Based on this, and Edmonton already having a hero who’s the best there is at what he do (#99), I think he should stand somewhere else.

BTW: Cyclops was right!

I’m hoping for a life-size statue of Ant-Man. In action, of course.

“Based on this, and Edmonton already having a hero who’s the best there is at what he do (#99), I think he should stand somewhere else.”

Well probably not Calgary either then, since they already have “The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Will Ever Be”.

Didn’t Brian LaBelle already do this idea and petition a couple years ago ?!? I also think he’s already been in talks with people in the arts council to actually get the ball rolling on this.

If I were a resident of Edmonton, I don’t think I’d really wanna see my tax dollars go toward this.
And that, my friends, is where Crowdfunding comes in!
It worked in Detroit for their Robocop statute, so there’s no reason in can’t work here, as well!

I would love to see my tax dollars go to something as bad as as a statue of Wolverine! It’s better than all of the statue we have here already.

Um…… Wolverine is fro the NWT ppl. I think you need to read more comics

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