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Marvel marks National Cat Day with kitty covers


In many households, every day is National Cat Day (the furry fellas insist on it), but Oct. 29 is when it’s officially observed across the country, with a special emphasis on pet adoption. Taking the occasion “VERY seriously,” Marvel is celebrating by posting a selection of Jenny Parks‘ delightful animal variant covers featuring Thor, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine.

But wait! There’s still more comics-related kitty cuteness: The Dodo profiles a dozen cats who make their homes in comic books stores, including the appropriately named Fat Cat Comics in Johnson City, New York. There are even some cat-themed reading recommendations. (Seriously, go read it; it’s my favorite thing today.)







No Kitty Pryde?

I find funny how those covers are from this very same year, yet none of those costumes are in use anymore.
Nice cats btw.

The spider-cat cover is too explicit! When will Marvel learn!

superior spider-cat and catverine are cool

I think that they over sexualized those cats

So, I suppose Thor is carrying Meownir?

Kitty Pryde is too cute, it would be wrong to tamper with her.

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