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NYCC attracts a reported 151,000, surpassing San Diego


New York Comic Con is now the largest pop-culture convention in North America, with producer ReedPOP reporting it sold tickets for this weekend’s event to 151,000 unique individuals.

Comic-Con International has been forced to cap attendance at about 130,000 due to the capacity San Diego Convention Center, leading organizers to turn to nearby hotels and Petco Park for additional space. New York Comic Con last year strained the limits of the Javitz Center with 133,000 attendees. However, ReedPOP Global Senior Vice President Lance Fensterman told that by expanding Thursday to a full day this year, organizers were able to sell another day’s worth of tickets.

This year’s figure doesn’t include the inaugural New York Super Week, the weeklong series of 110 events held at 25 venues across New York City, Fensterman said.

Business Insider helpfully charts the growth of New York Comic Con, from 33,000 attendees in 2006 to 133,000 in 2013; revenue from ticket sales increased 40 percent this year over 2013:

nycc attendance

That rapid expansion hasn’t come without problems, however: When online ticket sales opened June 26 for this year’s show, unprecedented demand led to website glitches and rapid sellouts, to the frustration of many convention hopefuls. And when a limited number of tickets were made available in August at select retailers, thousands waited in line — some 24 hours or longer — to get their hands on them.

Fensterman and other organizers were on hand at the close of the show on Sunday to field questions, complaints and compliments from attendees. Judging from The Beat‘s summary of the session, a number of questions centered on the expected growing pains — ticket sales, and the difficultly of getting into rooms for certain panels.

Next year’s show is already set for Oct. 8-11, 2015; before that, however, there’s the more comics-focused Special Edition NYC on June 13-14.



Has ReedPOP officially announced Special Edition NY 2015?

Also, before then, is BookCon! May 30 and 31!

That is crazy. Hopefully it will take some of the pressure off of Comic Con as far as Hollywood productions frontloading their previews into only one weekend.

They counted the swarms of hobos that are found everywhere in NY.

The reason NYCC has such a high attendance number is they count their tickets differently than SDCC, Wonder-Con and other smaller cons. SDCC and Wonder Con count 1 day ticket = 1 person, 2 day ticket = 1 person, 3 day ticket = 1 person, 4 day ticket = 1 person. While NYCC uses this method: 1 day ticket = 1 person, 2 day ticket = 2 people, 3 day ticket = 3 people, 4 day ticket = 4 people. Thats how they get “151,000” attendance. NYCC basically pads their numbers.

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