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Spanish soccer team abandons new bat logo after DC challenge


A Spanish soccer club has decided not to use an updated version of its traditional bat emblem, avoiding a possible legal fight with DC Comics.

News surfaced last week that the publisher had opposedd the trademark registration by La Liga club Valencia C.F., insisting the new variation of the team’s bat crest too closely resembles the familiar Batman emblem.

But now, The Guardian reports, Valencia says it no longer plans to use the new design after DC “presented its opposition to the request.” The club emphasized “there does not exist a lawsuit by DC Comics.”

The bat has been used in Spanish heraldry since the 13th century, and is part of the coat of arms of Valencia and other cities in eastern Spain. Valencia C.F. has used bats in its club logo since 1919 (you can see its evolution below), two decades before the debut of the Dark Knight in Detective Comics #27.

valencia logos



Well, the Batman logo above doesn’t look like the (now aborted) Valencia logo, but the Batman Beyond one is very similar to it. In any case, good on DC for protecting a trademark. The last time they didn’t, we all know what happened.

I am torn about this. If you go back and look at their logo, there is components of this design more than decade before Batman was invented and if I was evolving a logo I would certainly ditch the over-used shield aspect of the design for the more dynamic bat element. As it is it looks like 2 logos glued together.

DC lawyers are just the worst.

Ridiculous lol. I love how the Valencia logos would actually make great Batman logos.

Anyway, don’t ever plan to update that bat logo Bacardi, DC clearly own all bats and their likenesses.

What!?! Valencia SHOULD maintain its stance! It has nothing to lose. Its bat symbol is its proud historical and hereditary sigil even barely a decade after Columbus arrival in the New World. DC should be ashamed. It’s very greedy. Bruce Wayne would actually approve Valencia’s move.

The Spaniards gave up way too easy on this. This claim by DC was just too ridiculous to be believed!

The Valencia logo was a complete ripoff of the Batman Beyond logo. DC was absolutely justified in challenging this. Maybe if sites like CBR practiced an ounce of accurate reporting and showed the Batman Beyond logo instead of the nolanverse logo it would be more obvious.

The city and the football team have been using bat logos since before Batman even existed. They shouldn’t have been the ones to back down.

I agree with Reality Check that this looks too much than a copy of the Batman Beyond logo. They should stick to their “wings down” black stilization in order to stay safe. This would probably cause no trouble.

Without the shield, this new logo could easily be mistaken for a Batman logo (specifically the Batman Beyond/Batwoman logo). Based on how trademark law works, DC *HAD* to challenge the registration. Not doing so would expose DC to sincere, blatant third party attempts to trademark logos more similar to Batman’s. Valencia decided it was close enough that time was better served not fighting it. I don’t see how this is so controversial for people. This is how the system was set up to work.

If Valencia had changed their logo to that same pose on a red shield, Bacardi probably would have challenged it, too.

Ironically, the whole “New Look” Batman with the bat in a yellow oval came about because they tried to trademark the bat logo (when the TV series was proposed) and were turned down because it was too “generic” and “not distinctive”.
In fact, the screen tests were done with the non-yellow oval design…
And, no the costumes were NOT the ones used for the 1940s movie serials (which didn’t have the yellow oval).

Valencia didn’t put up much of a fight, huh? At least they just need to shift the design a little.

Seriously? DC defenders are sheep! DC has actively trademarked every version of the bat shape possible to protect their precious property to the point of absurdity. This link shows at least thirty variants that they have used:
Next thing you know they will be challenging Halloween and the makers of little rubber bat rings.
They should put so much effort into preserving the integrity of their characters instead of actively diluting them, to the point where they are unrecognizable. Shame on Valencia for caving in. (does that infringe on a Bat Cave trademark?)

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