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Think San Diego gets crowded? Look what happened at Lucca

Photos by Sal Abbinanti

Photos by Sal Abbinanti

Even as we try to figure out just how many people attended New York Comic Con and whether that number is really more than Comic-Con International’s 130,000, more than 400,000 people descended on Lucca, Italy, over the weekend for Lucca Comics & Games.

Paid attendance to the annual comic book and gaming convention was 240,000, but local reports indicate an additional 200,000 people flocked to the Tuscan city. As you can see from the photos provided to ROBOT 6 by art dealer Sal Abbinanti, the streets were jam-packed with people – so packed, that the city of 87,000 closed the gates. Some attendees even climbed the city walls.

Founded in 1966, Lucca Comics & Games is the second-largest comics festival in the world, behind Comiket, the twice-yearly event in Tokyo that draws more than half a million people.






Jesus. That’s like a nightmare I had once.

Marco Lucio Papaleo

November 4, 2014 at 2:36 pm

“so packed, that the city of 87,000 closed the gates. Undeterred, some attendees climbed the city walls.”
What do you mean by “closing the gates”? I was there. It was incredibly crowded but the access to the city was always free as it would logically be.

I was there, and the main reason for me and a lot of people like me were the Japanese concerts on Saturday night, especially Eriko’s
Crazy lovely Lucca festival! Lived it and loved it!!!
Jason from Denmark

I went on friday, it was crowded but not impossible but friends who went there in the week end told me it was unbearable.

Been there for every single day of this annual 4-day marathon.
Hellish, but worth it.

After ten years of Lucca Comics, though, I’m starting to think I’m becoming too old to bear it…

I was there for the week end. Lucca for me is a must. Where every year I spend momorable hours with friend from the entire Italy and where I can talk with my favs artists.

I went there on saturday and sunday. Believe me, on sunday it wasn’t crowded… MORE.

Actually less than 10 000 people live in the center of Lucca. And as said above, the city was always open, I am not even sure it is possible to close the city gates nowadays. People were climbing the Walls to avoid waiting for a long time in the narrow passage through the walls that leads from the Games tent just outside the Walls to the inside the city.

It was still very, very, very crowded though!

I was there on Saturday and Sunday. I’ve never seen so many people before. Saturday was so crowded, it was unbeareable. But I had fun anyways and enjoyed every minute of it :)

I was one of the exibitors and I confirm that the gates was NEVER closed. Instead, the waiting time to enter in the games sector was about 2 hours and an half!!

I’m a Lucca’s inhabitant. The city gates have never been closed for year and years and they won’t be closed also in the future!! I doubt it is still possible to close it.. Control your source of information before writing an article like that!!

I come to Lucca Games & Comics since 1994 so that’s 20 years. Skipped a few depending business priorities but this year was indeed the most crowded show ever. I’m happy I was there for three days but must admit it got scary at some points on Saturday. I’m happy not more accidents happened. The event security nor the police or fire department could have handled a serious situation.
As mentioned above, the ‘gates’ didn’t close. They were just so packed you couldn’t move an inch :D
The part that got closed a few times is the access to the Games part. Both on Friday and on Saturday, security closed the acces the the games area from the street side outside the walls and the tunnel from within the city towards the games area.
Will I go back again? Sure I will. It’s a dam great show and I just hope they will manage it better next year.

Lucca Comics is the oldest comic book event in the world. Is a must-see event. Next year will reach even more people, but many problems will be solved. Come in Lucca, can not get lost.

Cometo visit Lucca during this special event, it’s something impossible to describe as Fun it is!…believe me, one time in your life I invite you to live the Lucca Comics and Games, the atmosphere, the Cospalyers, the city, the people, something special, trust me. But not only Lucca during Lucca Comics, others important events you can find during the year in Lucca, the Lucca Summer and Winter Festival and more…Come to live, have fun and love Lucca, the Tuscany!…Riccardo Pollastrini. Visit my you tube channel larondinehotelowcost to have more informations.

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