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Nate Simpson announces he’s finished ‘Nonplayer’ #2

nonplayerthumbMore than three and a half years after the release of Nonplayer #1, creator Nate Simpson has announced he’s finally completed the second issue of the acclaimed sci-fi/fantasy comic.

“If you’re a member of the comics press and I promised you any kind of exclusive upon the occasion of Nonplayer 2’s release, could you DM me?” the artist wrote on Twitter. “Which is a roundabout way of saying Nonplayer 2 is DONE. Woohoo! I’m going to sleep in till 6am for a WHOLE WEEK in celebration!”

Debuting in April 2011 from Image Comics, Nonplayer introduced Dana Stevens, a young woman who retreats from her dull life into the digital-fantasy realm of Jarvath, where she’s a fearless warrior. Soon, however, her video-game adventures begin to intersect with the real world.

That first issue drew widespread attention, earning Simpson, a video-game designer, the Russ Manning award for most promising newcomer. Warner Bros. was also quick to option the film rights.

However, just 13 pages into penciling the second issue, Simpson suffered a shoulder injury during a bicycle accident, delaying further progress. Then, well, life happened, with the artist starting a family and working full time in the game industry. He revealed in December 2013 that the second issue was fully penciled and partially colored, but didn’t offer another update until October.

“I have continued to wake up between the hours of 3 and 4 in the morning to place art-pebbles on the pile, and that pile is now looking very much like a complete book,” Simpson wrote at the time . “There is some polish yet to do, but I’m far enough along that an untrained, partially-blind observer might think it was done.”

No release date has been announced for Nonplayer #2, but Shutter writer Joe Keatinge has read the issue and proclaims it “beyond incredible.”



So we should be proud it took him 3 and 1/2 years to do one comic book issue?
Geez, do any of todays artists remember in the 80’s when John Byrne was writing maybe 5 books a month and drawing 3 of them and doing the inking with many of them a month

Yay! He did his job. Next up he finishes his review of the first episode of LOST!

No one is asking you to be proud of him. And comics aren’t his only job. His first comic was better than many artist’s full output for a year. And not every artist works at the same pace. Some work at the rate of continental drift, but the detail shows in the work. You want monthly comics — plenty for you to choose from. Meeting a schedule is not the only qualification to be a comic artist. And when the work is this good, it deserves an occasional article tracking it’s progress.

I’m excited for this – I really enjoyed the first one, honestly it was the thing that got me into reading comics regularly.
If you want to talk about artists with a lot of acclaim and huge amounts of time to get anything let me point you in the direction of Mark Millar. How long has it been since the last issue of Jupiter’s Legacy…

A correction: The award he won wasn’t an Eisner; it was San Diego Comic-Con’s Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award.

he should include #1 for free with issue #2.

I have it somewhere, but there is no way i am going to dig around for it.

Why not just put it out as an OGN at this point.

Yeah sure there’s plenty of published-monthly titles to choose from, but if you can’t even keep a YEARLY schedule then serialized publishing is not the way to go with a project like this.

Try to Kickstart it as an OGN or bring an inker and colorist on board to finish it in a more timely manner.

The first issue had some great art, but not so great that it justifies the delays. Artists like Geof Darrow or Juan Jose Ryp who employ that hyper-detailed style are smart enough to get at least 4 full issues finished before submitting for solicits.

That’s like just below Dave Steven’s pace.

Yeah, how dare he have a life outside of comics. “Real job. Starting a family. Injury.” Psh. Why don’t I have at least 5 TPBs of his work? Why isn’t he working on a monthly Avengers title by now?

I’ll consider buying when it comes out in trade. Doesn’t look like great odds buying this in singles.

Joseph H is in a completely different world. Nobody is complaining about him having a life. That’s just stupid. He can do what he wants. He made a great comic and then became irrelevant. 3 and a half years between issues transcends “ugh, he has a life, you guys!”. It was a great 1 issue, but we shouldn’t expect anything more for the next few years.

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