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You can now launch magnificent balls of fire from your hands


Tear up your holiday wishlist, because the chances are that whatever was on it is nowhere cool as this device from Ellusionist, which allows you to launch actual fireballs — “magnificent balls of fire,” as the manufacturer calls them — from the palms of your hands, as if you’re X-Men foe Pyro or Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation. Seriously.

As the website cautions, the Pyro Fireshooter by Adam Wilber is not a toy. Definitely not. It’s a pyrotechnic gadget for adults who … want to look badass, and possibly set things on fire. Magnificent balls of fire!

The website contains all the details — four individually triggered barrels, flash cotton or paper packs, etc. — along with a pretty cool video (which, alas, isn’t embeddable) and the price: $174 each, which seems pretty reasonable. Not that I’ve bought a lot of handheld fireball launchers, mind you …





(via The Daily Mail)



My friend Jim Mitchell, wrestling’s Sinister Minister, was seriously injured and lost part of a finger when a similar contraption went off prematurely about 15 years ago.

I’m going to buy 4 – one for each limb. Then, I will practice with them until I’m good enough to begin my supervillain career. My mathematical projections indicate an extremely minimal chance of world domination, but only fools pay attention to details.

Now, if they would work on web shooters…

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