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Artist reboots the Marvel Universe with ‘Supreme Marvel’

supreme marvel

Following Marvel’s Secret Wars press conference on Tuesday, fans were left to speculate what a combined Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe might look like. We already have some pretty intriguing ideas, courtesy of an enterprising cartoonist named Calvin.

Getting the jump on the official announcement, he’s reimagined the Marvel Universe in a series of of illustrations called Supreme Marvel. Described as his “own little reboot” of Marvel, Calvin comes to this with a mission in mind: “One of the main driving points of this project was to introduce more diversity in the Marvel Universe, as well as highlight existing diverse characters!”

He’s already presented new lineups, backstories and costumes for a number of Marvel’s teams, including the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Avengers and the Defenders.

I particularly enjoy Calvin’s Supreme Defenders. From its cast (Black Panther, She-Hulk, Kavita Rao, the Invisible Woman and the Wasp), to the redesigns (especially the Wasp), and even the backstories in terms of how they came to join the team.

Although at its heart it’s merely fan fiction, it’s invigorating and encouraging to see talented people engaging like this with characters and producing new takes on classic parts of the superhero genre.



supreme avengers



its a cool side project.

So by diverse that means women and African Americans and of course no white men.

Kinda reminds me of DC’s Earth-D from the 1999 “Legends of the DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths” issue.

So based on the Supreme Marvel Tumblr all the white males have their own group that discriminate against all of these minorities…. Don’t get me wrong I like some of these changes and redesigns but shoving all the white males into what can be viewed as a KKK/Nazi like group is doing essentially what some writers do to the characters of the ethnic sort and women. Kind of doing the same crap but reverse.

These look like books I would not buy.

Well they had me up until the Publicity stunt Not Thor and Mile stay in the Ultimate Universe were involved. pass

I have to agree. I like this… to a degree. Interesting concepts, and I like the designs. But there’s some very problematic elements to the backstory offered thus far.

As noted, the complete erasure of white male heroes. They’re either dead (Xavier), retired (Peter Parker) or apparently evil and/or racist (Reed Richards, whoever else is on the Atomic Round Table). Or they’ve been mashed up with other characters (Dr Nemesis, Dr Strange, Iron Fist.)

There’s the admirable goal of incorporating diversity, and then there’s going a little too far by apparently eliminating or throwing away a number of characters who could still fit. Where’s Tony Stark? Where’s Hank Pym? Let me guess: part of the “No Women and Minorities Club.”

It just needs more balance. At least a token white dude for the Avengers…

Though at least Scott Summers and Billy Maximoff exist? I guess that’s something.

Hahaha, man, now you guys know how people of colour feel every day. It’s just fan fiction, your precious story books are still majority white you can rest well tonight.

this is so cool,
how about Quicksilver ,again please include him too in one team
overal this is great team and cool side project
i’m okay with this

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for featuring my art here! I wasn’t aware of this until just now.

If you don’t think there are enough white men in this series or that they are all portrayed as some stereotype that then I don’t know what to tell you. It must be rough not to have any representation in the superhero world and when there IS someone they are just some stereotype. As an Asian American I have no idea how this feels.

Sarcasm aside, though, there are white males in my reboot who are heroes, Im just working on them (Cyclops, Colossus, etc). Plus, there is a published Marvel Universe where all the characters are apes so if you can handle that and not handle some amateur artist’s side project having less white men then what does that say about you?

Something that a lot of people don’t seem to notice is that when there’s a full team of white people, like The Avengers, it’s seen as perfectly normal. As if white is just the default human. No one bats an eyelash at that, and people of color have grown up exposed to that, and not exposed to the idea that they (we) too can be heroes, and when they do, a lot of times they’re racist stereotypes, or not very important.
This type of representation is important; for people to see themselves reflected off of characters they admire and love. It’s not brown people trying to shove white people out of existence, which a lot of white people seem to feel, since this sort of art seems to be a blatant attack at their whiteness, it’s brown people shining the light on ourselves for a change, because we can’t expect white people to do that for us.
And to the comment about diversity…diversity isn’t just black and white. There is a staggering amount of diversity among PoC. Brown people aren’t all clumped together. A group of children from Taiwan, Mexico, India, Egypt, Nigeria and Brazil is just as diverse as those groups of children you see in text books with a ginger kid, a blond kid, a black kid and an Asian kid. Come on.

And all the racial issues aside, Calvin is a pretty astounding artist. I’ve seen his process, and it’s great. Plus the well thought out back stories to each of them is A+
Great job, Calvin!

A couple people are concerned about the lack of white men here so I’m gonna help them out.

1) Put on some pants.

2) Head to your nearest comic store.

3) Walk in.

White men. Shelves of them. White men as far as the eye can see.

You know I remember being raised in America, a country where the color of your skin wasn’t supposed to matter and superheroes could be of any ethnic background, so I’m a bit confused why so many people are bawing about Calvin using mostly people of color for what is predominantly white dominated Marvel universe in his fan project.

Seriously why is this even an issue? Is it really that big a deal that other races be represented in a positive way? You know how many Puerto Rican heroes there are in Marvel? Like 4, 3 of which have all been White Tiger and the other is bi-racial and typically just considered black (Miles Morales). I personally like that several characters have been tweaked a bit, you can’t honestly tell me that it doesn’t make sense for Shang Chi to be Iron Fist!

And for the record, Reed Richards is already a villain. Just look at his track record, most of the villains the F4 fight are because he decided to meddle around in something he shouldn’t!

Full disclosure: I’m a South American immigrant living in the United States, of Italian, Portuguese and West African ancestry.

Now that I got that out of the way… speaking as a minority I always feel strange when other minorities group are constantly whining for more diversity in TV, movies and comics. If you bothered to read the United States Census data you would see that as diverse as the United States is…it is still 77.7% WHITE. (SOURCE:

I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings or bothers you in a personal way but to be up in arms CONSTANTLY about the fact that most characters in tv shows and comic books are white is basically a rant against reality.

If the Marvel Universe really wanted to depict American society in a racially realistic way then literally only 22% of the heroes would be people of color. Not this massive amount of blacks, Hispanics and Asians we minorities are always clamoring for.

So please fellow PoC…let’s keep some perspective.

Hi Sandinista!

Thank’s for explaining what a minority is! Did you know that is where the term “minority” comes from? It’s because we AREN’T the majority.

Astonishing, I know, I’m barely coming to terms with the phrase myself. But man, that word has got layers. But yes, being a minority is something we, as minorities, actually understand, believe it or not! You’d have to be crazy to think the majority of the U.S. ISN’T white!

But you know what? That doesn’t mean we don’t get any representation!

(Well apparently it’s enough reason for you to tell us that we don’t deserve representation solely because there are millions of us but not as many millions when compared to white people! It’s almost like you’ve invalidated someone’s identity solely based on the number of white people! It’s okay, you aren’t the first one to make this point ;-) )

Thank you for your amazing insight on this matter! Good luck with explaining that minority concept to other people though. It almost went over my head!

And don’t get your feelings hurt or be bothered personally because you just found out what a minority is! You’ll be fine :-)

Keep some perspective!

I can’t believe this person brought in census data to explain why PoC shouldn’t expect much representation.
But you know what’s funny?? That CALVIN IS NOT WHINING ABOUT A THING!
He’s CREATING PoC representation, ya fool!
I stand by what I said before, that we are shining the light on our damn selves, because we can’t expect white people to do that for us.
Like, come on. What world are you living in SANDINISTA??
I suppose heroes are US exclusive lol

I actually really love Calvin’s project and I’m amused when we talk about the lack of diversity, white people tell us to make our OWN spaces with diverse characters and then when we do, they complain when they aren’t the center of that universe….or when women and poc are introduced to a universe like marvel in small amounts compared to main white titles, people say its only for the money and it’s “pandering”. Marvel and other comic companies alike are COMPANIES….they sell shit. comics ain’t made for free lol.

I discovered Calvin’s work through my obsession of Miles Morales fan art, so basically Supreme Marvel is right up my alley. Thanks for creating Supreme Marvel, Calvin; I seriously hope you get a creative conceptual artist gig with Marvel animation or something because your art has great energy that just makes me think animation & you clearly understand how important representation is.

As a life long “true believer”, I know that most of the Marvel Universe is centered around heroes based in or around New York City. The population of New York City isn’t anywhere close to being 77% white; more like 44% white.

Think about that, over half the population of the most populous city in America are people of color. Perspective!

I love this.

Now stop being a bunch of privileged cry babies!
Geeze, It’s people like the the arsehats here that keeps comics out of the 21st century.

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