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Exclusive preview | A new look at Jessica Drew’s costume in ‘Spider-Woman’ #5


Marvel has provided Robot 6 with an exclusive preview of Spider-Woman #5 by Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez. The issue – the first after the conclusion of Spider-Verse – marks the debut of a new costume for Jessica Drew. Designed by Kris Anka, the new costume was announced in December and is the first time the character’s look has dramatically shifted since her first appearance, and according to Marvel, it has a lot to do with how Spider-Verse concludes.

“Jess comes out of this event with a very different point of view on herself and her place in the world,” Marvel editor Nick Lowe told CBR in December. “[The costume] represents a big change for her moving forward.”

Spider-Woman #5 hits stores in March.






That’s a really great costume. And it’s also great to see its not Greg Land.

*snerk..snerk* I’ve been saying since day one, it looks like Jess is into Illegal Bike racing or starting a Super Hero messaging service, since I first saw the new costume.. I feel kind of vindicated. Hahaha.

Oh and the new costume still sucks.. I forgot to add that.

Rofl… looks way too much like the Batgirl costume except that one still makes sense. This looks way too dumb.

Jessica is of British decent… she looks seriously asian in one panel there. Javier Rodriguez needs to fix this (at least by issue 6) as to not make people think Jessica is Cindy (Silk) lol.

Loved this preview, the costume is great and javier hernandez pencials work very well. So good get rid of Land

Reminds me more of Hawkeye’s minimalist approach then Batgirl.

They turned spider-woman into spider-boy. The new costume is terrible. Looks like my subscription ends with issue #5.

@ Keith: You are going to stop reading a comic just because you don’t like the character’s costume? Don’t you think that’s a bit harsh? Aside from the costume (you are completely entitled to dislike it), the art is pretty good. If the story matches in quality, then overall it’s a good comic, no?

Love it! I can’t wait to read this. Jess looks awesome – and that’s some seriously fantastic art!

I just can’t get past the fact that the chest emblem looks less like a stylized spider and more like a men’s yellow necktie. Also, the costume isn’t the only thing redesigned. Jennifer looks younger now than she did in her old uniform, and younger than she’s ever looked before. The outfit looks less like Spider-Woman and more like Spider-Girl.

Don’t love the new costume, but I don’t hate it. It looks just okay here. Could do without the goggles — much prefer the opaque lens. Will need to see before I decide whether or not to stay with this book.

jason rubinstein

January 2, 2015 at 1:55 pm

yo marvel missed a HUGE opportunity with this re-design and new artist – why the f did they launch the book with greg land and in the middle of spider-verse, when this is clearly the jumping on point… i would have picked up the book from the beginning if it’d had this art team and this costume as opposed to the boobs and butts and maniacal grins of the first 4 issues

Laurence J Sinclair

January 2, 2015 at 3:16 pm

It says ZIP, but those are buttons at the top…

Why do so many people hate Greg Land’s art? I think his work is really good.

Am I the only one to notice that the front of the bike sort of looks like a spider’s “face”? I like the redesign of her costume, hope the bike makes more appearances.

I wish the spider-verse tie-in issues were a mini-series and her on-going was launched with this creative team. I don’t necessarily like this costume, but I’m a life-long Jessica Drew fan, so I’ll start buying this title.

@Kal-El, Land’s early photo-referencing was fresh, fun and added a level of realism to the books he worked on. Over time, his photo referencing became a heavily used crutch rather than artistic tool. Many people still love Greg Land, but if you want to know why some dislike his style, google his name. Personally, it took me several years to realize that Land has a handful of favorite male and female body poses and facial expressions.

Loathsome costume design. Kris Anka should be embarrassed.

Some costume designs are classic. Spider-Woman’s original design is a classic. I don’t see anyone complaining that Peter Parker’s original costume design objectifies him. Or Prince Namor’s original swimsuit costume objectifying him.

Political Correctness is a cancer on the comic book industry right now – and so are hipster Comics News regurgitators like Multiversity”Comics”.

My wife thinks the new costume design is boring. I miss the spandex, but am glad game devs will finally have an alternate costume for video games. I guess that makes me both progressive & shallow?

And this, ladies and gentleman, is how Jessica Drew transforms into: Lucy Liu!

Looks good.

Officially and 100% hate the glasses.

I am now interested in this book now that Greg Land is no longer “illustrating”.

I don’t like it. I like the Batgirl redesign but this redesign does not fit the character. The original is better in this case.

Jessica is asian now?

Regardless of weather or not I like the costume itself, I don’t care for the change. The old costume was really well designed and (except for minor changes to the mask) Spider-Woman is one of the few heroes who has kept a consistent, identifiable look for her entire career. This really just feels like change for the sake of change.

I love classic costume, because it’s very feminine and just wouldn’t look right on a man. Unless it’s meant to be a uniform, I dislike unisex costumes on women. That’s being sad, the context given by the genre of the story is also important and the new one fits in, probably more than the classic one would.

And I have to shake my head over all the emotional reactions over it. These costumes change all the time, with once in a while the change being in going back to classics. Anyone who thinks the new costume is here to stay and that’s that is a fool.

I feel that Marvel has swung from one extreme to the other. It goes from the hyper-sexualized image Jessica had in the hands of guys like Greg Land and Milo Manara, to an unisex costume that seems designed to remove any hint of sexualization.

But you know… I would say that I’d have prefered the original costume as draw by someone that doesn’t make every panel with Spider-Woman a excuse to pose her “sexily”, but seeing how she has been treated by artists in the last 10 years, maybe going the other extreme is justified.

So let’s get this straight, she riding a motorbike in the pouring rain, at night, wearing sun glasses, and a white t-shirt, she then brakes and hears a scream, and only at that point does she decide to zip up her jacket. And somehow this is meant to be the more practical, less sexualized costume?

Oh, and yeah, the yellow tie looks silly!

jason rubinstein

January 3, 2015 at 4:23 am

comic book fans are j-j-j-jaded

political correctness isn’t a cancer on the industry; whiney overreactive crybaby fanboys are – take your control issues elsewhere

Even aside from the costume, this doesn’t look like Jessica at all. Why does she look like a teenager?

The art looks fantastic, so much better than Greg Bland. I am not sold on the costume but the art more than makes up for it,

@Mike… this isn’t change for changes sake, its change so that female comic book characters can be removed from the realm of male fantasy, and put back into the world of super heroics.

I personally love the change in costume for Jessica and for that girl. I look forward to what could be done for Black Widow.

Okay, what gives with the motorcycle? Does Jessica not have the power of true flight anymore? Of course, early on, she couldn’t fly, but could only glide with the web wings. Anyway…

People’s tastes, work needs, etc. change as they age. Superheroes no less so than anyone else.

Let her keep both designs.

posted by jason rubinstein, January 3, 2015 at 4:23 am

“comic book fans are j-j-j-jaded”

“political correctness isn’t a cancer on the industry; whiney overreactive crybaby fanboys are – take your control issues elsewhere”

@ jason rubinstein

so why have a comment section then? are people only meant to say one opinion? or are you upset that people have a variety of opinions and some disagree with yours? you sound as jaded as anyone else. why dont you grow up & show other people how to act better instead of insulting people.

ridiculous. some will hate and others will love the new costume. oh well. thats life.

i am sure marvel doesnt mind hearing a variety of opinions to see what people think. thats why then send out previews & teasers…

me, i liked the costume as it was before. however, i didnt like certain artists rendition of it.

now, if this latest update is what marvel likes to go with, fine. if they go back, fine. if the stories are great, even better. then keep it.

no one should be surprised that everyone will not like it.

wonder woman ‘s costume has changed 4 times over the last 5 years.

maybe this new spider-woman costume will have to go with a couple iterations before they get it right. after all spider-woman’s first costume also changed twice over the first couple years.

personally, what i do not like are the following:

1) the glasses
2) for the life of me i dont see how the jacket can zip so seamless and become that type of uniform…with webbing under the arms? why even have the webbing? i dont see how part of the chest pattern is hidden when the jacket is open or not zipped up.
3) i liked the gloves when see was riding the motorcycle but not when she went into action. they should be more snug with the arms so that no skin shows. also they should be just red or red & back but no web pattern.
4) also she is depicted too young or not like the jessica drew I am familiar with.

what i do like are the following:

1) the chest pattern. i think the costume top should stay that..a uniform top not a double sided jacket.
2) black arm sleeves & leggings/leotards
2) the boots/shoes/sneakers (maybe rendered a little higher but whatever)



January 3, 2015 at 6:09 pm

I do not like the new costume at all, There was nothing wrong with her old one.
Why is she drawn so young and Asian looking?
A motorcycle? Can’t she fly? I really hope she can still fly!
I hate it when artists leave a book so quickly!
I didn’t have any problem with Land’s art, I actually like it. I still remember Land’s old style. This style is much better.

Looks good, I may even get around to pulling this series after the event. My only complaint, the artist seems to have gotten lazy with her new mask in the last panel.

Yet another bland, boring costume from Marvel. I’ll pass.

Atrocious. For the third time Marvel has redesigned one of my favourite characters and made them look totally bland and uninspiring. Don’t they understand what these characters are all about? Don’t they understand what made them so popular in the first place?

It looks like they’ve brought this title back without any idea what to do with it.

Keep going Marvel, I’m saving so much money every month.

This is a step down. There was nothing wrong with the original. Seems like change for the sake of change.

awesome redo, I can take her seriously in this costume, and I think the new goggles are a vast improvement.

oh another note, you kept the iconic spiderwebs under the arms! I think they intergrate perfectly, nice touches on the gloves, I note that the ‘victim’s heel broke off as sort of a foil to the new boot design!

I keep returning to this, hoping to find something I am missing. I love Jess. I love her journey, and I love her grit. When I was growing up, and slowly coming to the conclusion I was gay, she became mine. Something about her powers repulsed other people but she still strove to help them. I felt like that. As if, because some part of me was nauseous to others, that if I could help them that they would see though to the real me, and discover that their own unjustified fear was at fault, and not my sexuality. I get now, that society had certain ideals that I was failing to reach, and that those ideals were less enlightened than today. But the journey still informs me. And I cannot see that journey anywhere in the panels above. Instead I see. Simple, and simplistic re-invention.

Javier Caster is a wonderful artist. His work on DareDevil has been warm, detailed and quite spectacular. Here, it seems small. There is astounding detail within the panels. The rain on Jess’ costume on the bike when she is zipping up her jacket (to reveal that garish comedy yellow tie), and again on the same emblem when she is, literally, about to put the boot into whatever that freakish thing is. And that thing. What is it? It seems too PG to contain any sense of threat. It is too odd to be scary. Seriously, any artist that can imbue such a simplistic charicature with the amount of expression that creature has when it realises a boot is about to whack it good, has phenomenal ability. And yet somehow the same artist did not turn round to Dennis Hopeless and say, “hey boss, if she is riding a bike in the sleeting rain, then only doing her jacket up half way through, that is just cool for the sake of cool, which always looks a bit rubbish, and in this instance does nothing but make the character look dumb.”

It is frustrating because I have admired his work so much before. And even though I think the new costume is pooh, he has managed to redeem it somewhat from the hideous mess that Anka designed. Honestly, any designer (Anka), that fails to realise that they have put a comedic tie in the middle of a costume deserves nothing but ridicule.

And then there is the writing. Three pages. Three pages, in which all Jess does is stop at an orange(?)light, zip her jacket up (after she is soaked through), abandon her bike in front of a poor taxi driver who presumably is just trying to earn a living, and then leap a building to save someone from….well, what is that strange, thing? Oh, and the word “HELP”, looks like the word KELP, because of odd shadow placement. But, overall three pages, just to leap a building. What the…

I want to LOVE this book. I want to shut out the noise of the Milo Manara controversy. I want to ignore Nick Lowe’s rude and disparaging comments about the old costume. I ALMOST like the new costume. But it feels like all the radical new design has gone into Jessica’s character not her clothing.

The pages above look busy but there is nothing much taking place. I wanted complex. We have a raft of new SpiderKids. I want to see Jess be the grown up. I don’t see that in the preview pages. Instead, I see freedom and energy, and shiny energetic art, all combining to add up to…nothing much really.

And it sounds like I am bitter, and trying to ruin the party, but I’m not. I’m genuinely disappointed. I wanted SpiderWoman to soar. I was so thrilled when I heard she was getting another chance after Bendis and Maleev started out so well but muffed it at the final furlong.

But this….oh Jess, you deserve so much better. Please Mr Hopeless and Mr Castier, please tell me the above is not indicative. Bin it. Beg Marvel to give you a new release date. Tell them Nick Lowe has ruined it for everybody concerned. And then come back with the REAL noise. I can tell you both really care. I know it. Don’t let Jess become a casualty, and another Marvel back bencher, please! Don’t rush into Jess’ world blindly.

However, having said all that, I am just one pitiful voice. And overall, I hope, even if it is not for me, that the comic succeeds. I would rather that than have Jess completely lose her voice in this world. I think that would hurt more.

FWIW, I have asked for the above to be removed. It is brattish, obnoxious and ignorant.

I’m way late to this posting but I’ve been hoping since it’s reveal that this costume would go away quickly. I bought the very first issue of Spider Woman when it hit the shelves, I was an still am a huge Spider-Man fan and was excited to learn all about Spider Woman. I remember thinking even then as a kid that NOTHING about Spider Woman’s costume said “SPIDER” We would all later learn that she was rushed to creation because Stan Lee and Marvel didn’t want DC to create a Spider Woman. But even so it was indicative a Super Hero uniform. I wasn’t and am not against Spider Woman getting new duds but I had Spider Gwen, Silk, Arachne and Spider Woman II Julia Carpenter in mind. I was thinking with the creative minds behind all of those they could come up with something really cool. Instead they give her motorcycle racing leathers. That’s all it is. And she must wear it EVERYDAY on the outside or be without a costume to “change into”. Above someone said they were canceling their subscription because of this new heap of mess and I would do the same. People don’t get the message that you can’t destroy an icon with impunity. Silk has already had 2 different costumes since she came on he seen. (not counting the web one she whipped up. Both of those were better than Jessica’s motorcycle leathers. Gwen’s is…different but again better than this crap. I still hold out hope that this costume changes soon and especially before anyone decides to make a movie with this horrible outfit.

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