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This Darth Vader medieval armor is impressive, most impressive


Prince Armory, which created that unnerving Joker armor and the breathtaking Loki armor, has gone medieval on a galaxy far, far away, unveiling a version of Darth Vader that’s both beautiful and frightening.

Jokingly referred to as the “Darth Knight,” the custom mask, helmet and suit are made of leather. If you want other details, like, say, the price, you’ll have to contact Prince Armory. However, I imagine it’ll cost you … and they don’t accept Republic Dataries.

medieval vader2

medieval vader1

medieval vader3

medieval vader4

medieval vader5

(via GeekTyrant)




I hope Prince Armory does a Skeletor armor soon.


The medieval armour would be the most appropriate thing I would like to have in my medieval collection.

Awesome armour. Really love it. Join the dark side!

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