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Design student creates functional Batsuit


While some students play video games or merely hang out in their spare time, Philadelphia University’s Jackson Gordon always has bigger things in mind, including the designs for the functional Batsuit he debuted two weeks ago at Katsucon.

Gordon, an industrial design student, told USA Today his suit can handle anything short of a bullet: punches, machetes, baseball bats, the works. While designing the suit, he made sure it wouldn’t inhibit movement, which he is more than happy to demonstrate with a few moves he picked up while earning his black belt in kung fu.

“If this were to inhibit my movement, it would be completely useless,” he explained.

In order to fund his pet project, he took to Kickstarter, where he raised $1,255 to purchase supplies like Kevlar and silicone molds. The project took him two months to complete, although he struggled to construct the helmet. The suit weighs 25 pounds.

“It sounds like a lot, and when you have it in a bag over your shoulder it weighs a ton, but when you are actually wearing it, you barely feel it,” Gordon said.

He aspires to work in a research and development lab so that he always has a new project to work on.b”So I finished this project last week,” he said, “and all this week when I’m done my homework I’m sitting in my dorm like, ‘What do I do with my life?'”

Check out more photos of Gordon’s Batsuit below. You can find more pictures and information on his Facebook page.







”So I finished this project last week,” he said, “and all this week when I’m done my homework I’m sitting in my dorm like, ‘What do I do with my life?’”

I would think the obvious answer to that would be to go out and fight crime. :-)

I like the fact that he made it black and grey. The all black costumes they always make for Batman never fully look like Batman to me.

Cool to know that he has martial arts experience. Often, the extent of fanboys’ knowledge of fisticuffs comes from watching action movies and playing Street Fighter.

The article should read, “Jackson Gordon (no relation).”

well its nice to finally see a FUNCTIONAL BATSUIT. I love batman but all those batman suit they create is just plain stupid. Its more like robocop in a batman outfit.

Nitpicks: 1. It’s hard to see the Batlogo, 2. Batman’s cape should always drag the ground.

Otherwise, hot damn that’s cool. Give that man a grant!

Kung Fu does not use belts. They use sashes.

And it’s far less bulky and complicated than any of Batman’s recent comic, film, or video game appearances!


Military applications for suit…

When the article opened the first thing I saw was “Gordon’s Batsuit” and then I immediately scrolled up to see if his first name was James :D

This is just a trick so that we think Bruce Wayne isn’t really batman.

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