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Fan has nose cut off, face tattooed so he’ll look like Red Skull


In a story that seems ripped from the pages of Weekly World News, or maybe just Captain America, we now learn of a comics fan who’s had subdermal implants, tattoos and part of his nose removed in an effort to make himself look like the Red Skull.

Suddenly, that Superman fan who’s undergone numerous plastic surgeries to resemble the Man of Steel doesn’t seem so extreme, does he?

(Fair warning: Actual photos follow.)

According to the Mirror and Daily Mail, 37-year-old Henry Damon of Caracas, Venezuela, long dreamed of looking like Captain America’s arch-nemesis. And now the married father has gotten his wish, thanks to Emilio Gonzalez, who dropped out of medical school to concentrate on tattooing and body modification.

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Damon, who now goes by the name Red Skull, had ridges implanted in his forehead and his eyeballs tattooed black before really committing to the role with the removal of the nose. He polished it all off with red and black facial tattoos.

“Henry, aka Red Skull, is a physically and intellectually healthy person,’ Gonzalez said. “He’s an excellent son, husband and father, who has an extreme taste for body modification. Most of my customers know that body modification is the last step of body art, everyone knows very well what they want and as well as Henry, many of them are waiting for me for many years to make their dreams a reality.”

Hey, at least Damon isn’t a M.O.D.O.K. fan …



Comic Book Fan Has Nose Chopped Off to Look Like Villain Red Skull



No way he’s mentally healthy…

Looks more like a Klingon to me.

so, why doesnt he shave his head and facial hair. he just looks like an idiot. he’ll commit to cutting his nose off but wont shave!?

Well, I guess it’s time to develop a super soldier serum, this guy has to be knocked into place

First off, who wants to be a freaking Nazi? I’ll tell you who: a supporter of a communist regime. Must be a Chavista (supporter of Chavez). My fiancee is Venezuelan, and we’ve had numerous conversations about Red Skull. We’re big Captain America fans, and I once thought about dressing up as Red Skull for Halloween before I realized that I might as well dress up like Hitler. Venezuela is going through a tough time right now and is just a half-step away from being on the level of Cuba and North Korea. Just watching videos on Facebook of the things occurring in Venezuela these days causes my fiancee to shed tears in fear of what her parents face just walking out their front door. I guarantee you this guy supports the corrupt communist leaders, so much that he’d undergo permanent body mutilation to show his fervor. I wouldn’t mind rearranging this guy’s face with my fist.

Hail Hydra!

he removes his nose to resemble the red skull but he can’t shave his beard.

Of course to each their own , but inflicting this vision to your kids , even if they tell you it’s ok , is nothing healthy

I don’t know what was weirder, the body mods or the anti-communist rant in the comments section.

@Ryan “First off, who wants to be a freaking Nazi? I’ll tell you who: a supporter of a communist regime.First off, who wants to be a freaking Nazi? I’ll tell you who: a supporter of a communist regime.”

Dude, try getting your world history from a book instead of comic book movies. Fascists are far RIGHT, politically. Communists are left. Opposite ends of the spectrum–not even a little bit the same. You’d know this if you bothered to pay attention to any class covering WWII and battles between Germany and the Soviet Union.

And yes, this guy should get punched.

Good luck finding a job, asshole.

But………..he doesn’t look anything like the Red Skull. Even if he shaves. It was mentioned before. He looks more like a Klingon. What a complete fail.

Oh. Hell. No.

why isn’t there serious therapy first?! Similar to gender reassignment a patient has to go through therapy and has to be mentally prepared. Sooooo …. why no therapy for chopping off your nose?

I’ve seen some body mods before, but this one is just mental.

and yes, I also vote: punch dude in face. But I am wearing protection first, because that nose won’t hold! Ahhhhh…. and i just grossed myself out.

Holy fuck!

Whats with the 3 red rings on his forehead and the full on beard of messyness.

Looks more like he needs glasses to see what a terrible mess he made

Sighing With No relief

February 4, 2015 at 7:43 am

@Ramone… Do you even know what true Communism is? No… its a government that treats everyone Fairly…. There is Little to no homeless, Supplies are distributed evenly Ect. so before you call people Communists think about what the word Really means….. its not like everyone is super poor and the govt gives unfair wages (IE: China)…. So grow up you moron….

Now that the first part was completely wasted on giving dumbasses a Lesson in Economics…. He looks more like a Demon then he does TRS… and that beard don’t help it either….if anything its more convincing that he is a demon.

Proof peopl are getting more ill by the years.

This is a case of a context being applied after the fact by the sounds of it. Primarily to address the headline- he doesn’t look like the Red Skull (or if he does, he’s also Darth Maul and Tyrion from Game of Thrones-book version!).
Not wanting to make light of this too much though, but the guy obviously has serious mental health issues. Mutilating yourself like this is pretty horrific, but it’s even worse when given the reasoning that it’s to get attention.-

@ Sighing
Demon or Nazi is only a difference of semantics.

@Sighing with Relief: How does that contradict what @Ramone said? He didn’t make any value judgments about Communism, he just said Communism is a leftist ideal, which is true (although he could have been more polite about it). Maybe you meant to respond to @Ryan.

This guy doesn’t even look like Red Skull. Kind of a waste of time.

Really, nobody went with.
“I guess he really did cut off his nose to spite his face”

Tbh I don’t reckon the dudes trying to be the Red Skull at all, the sources are from two UK news papers that literally print bull shit that no one pays attention to over here. They’re well known for printing articles without any facts and making up quotes and get used all the time. The dude just loves body modifications and some reporter has just made up some crap, nothing to do with him supporting the Nazi regime, reds just his colour!

If he were not modeling himself after a Nazi character I’d say to each their own. Good luck explaining his look to anyone who isn’t into genetic supremacy theory…..

Don’t be a communist, mm’kay. Communism is bad, mm’kay.

Epic fail.

does he even know what the red skull looks like? Not even close.

Uhhh, Dear RYAN,

While I agree with you that it’s horrible to want to be a Nazi character, I just want to point out that Nazis and Communists were arch-enemies against each other. America and Communists were on the same side in WWII against the Nazis, while the Capitalists in America at the time were supporting Nazis, funded their rise in Europe, and then created conspiracy theories about FDR letting Pearl Harbor happen. So now you know.

> Married
> Wife (or husband) didn’t talk them out of this.

Good lord.

God almighty. I don’t care if you think it’s preventing someone’s freedom of expression. This is a person who should’ve been involuntarily committed before he started chopping up his body. Tattoos, piercings, breast enhancements are one thing. I just find this sickening.

@Ethan – Careful now, you can’t say negative/contrary things on the internet about peoples choices. You’re going to have all of the internet rage upon you. You can only speak your mind if it goes with the general collective. You will be banished to the Internet equivalent of Room 101 otherwise.


Lets be clear about something: Im venezuelan and the gods know that im not a “chavista”. But if coments could cause cancer, yours certainly would be banned from the internet. First you have completely mixed up the terms “Comuninst” and “Facist”. Your mix of political movements make you sound like one of those crazy ultra right old ladies that live here. Second Red Skull its a character MADE UP to be Nazi (duh what is more anti-american than Nazis?). Third one, what makes you so special (or for that matter,most of the so called people that have comented on the article) to judge, punch or hate this guy. Is he in some form interfiering with your wellbeing No, he just look different. You argument about “he looks stupid” its completely flawed: for most of the world comic books are stupid; so just because you don’t like something doesn’t give you the right to punch someone.

@Ramone: Didn’t take any world history classes past the bullshit in high school. I have a doctorate degree, but not in government or anything related. This isn’t stuff that everyone or even most people know off the top of their heads. But, I do have something to Google and learn about now.

Also, the guy being from Venezuela doesn’t mean he is a Chavista. There is a large opposition to Chavez in Venezuela, particularly the rich or middle class folks.

Nazism and Communism have some similarities: both are totalitarian, both despise “decadent” liberal democracy, both tend to materialism (though Nazism mixed it up with mysticism), but they are worlds apart in a lot of other ways.

@Ethan Shuster

How is breast implants different from face implats?

His body his choice. So many ignorant and stupid people in this section.

I am less concerned about his (admittedly ill-advised) body modifications, as I am about his obsession with physically resembling a fictional Nazi/fascist character, who is often compared to real life villains such as Adolph Hitler and Josef Mengele. Perhaps he could have saved time by simply growing that little mustache that no one else in their right mind would wear today.

When did the Red Skull become a Klingon? Isn’t the Red Skull follically challenged?

if you showed me the picture I’d never have guessed Red Skull. FAIL!

if you really are such a comics fan, why choose the bad guy anyway. Go work out for a few months and dye your hair blond and try to look like Captain America.

I don’t believe it. I think that it’s just a good makeup/special effects job.


He looks nothing like the Red Skull.

He looks more like an unemployable idiot that’s going to catch all types of germs in his most likely short life span.


Red Skull wore it better.

What quack of a doctor said yes to such a procedure?

And people make fun of me cause I state that humanity is de-evolving . .

I don’t know how the forehead implants fit in with the Red Skull, but the least they could have done was to get them straight. The one above his nose is cocked to one side. I didn’t know it was possible to tattoo eyeballs, but the pain had to be excruciating. He looks hideous and will have to live with his choice which will probably soon result in divorce.

He’s never getting laid

Irregardless, he is still less hideous looking than Hillary Clinton.

Oh Lord, what the heck????!!!!

He doesn’t even look like the Red Skull.
Not even remotely close…

nerds…all of you!

Ryan, you’re taking it too seriously. You said that you almost went as the Red Skull for Halloween, but then decided not to because he’s a Nazi.

You do realize that Red Skull is just a comic book character? If you dressed up as the Red Skull, I don’t think anyone will seriously believe that you’re a Nazi. Hitler was REAL, ok? So you can’t compare the two.

And you thought you would regret that tramp stamp. This guys will have serious issues when he gets older.

He kind of looks like a Klingon burn victim.

Better red than dead

Guy got it the other way around by mistake.

Red Skull??

More like NumbSkull!!

Don’t be a Adolph Quitler!!

Looks more like a numbskull than Redskull…lol

The tragedy of it all is that when people see him in person, ‘Red Skull’ would probably be the last thing that comes to mind.

I would think his friends if he had any, would have tried to stop him from getting this done..or at least told him that he looks more like a mentally disabled klingon and not the red skull.

What I want to know is how in the heck do you “tattoo” your eyeballs? Wouldn’t that permanently damage your vision?

Kill it with fire! Looks like Imp from Doom

Two very expected reactions that are nonetheless very difficult for me to understand 1. “Good luck gettin a job dude” as if the ultimate bon mot has just shut the whole topic down. Anyone who says that sounds like an angry jazz dad finger wagging ” boy you’ve done it now! Taken it too far! Now you’ll never be mainstream! ” That kind of limited John Tesh language makes me sad for the sheepling who wrote it. And all you who legitimately want to punch the guy need to take a time machine to the 90s so you can wail on some skinny Marilyn Manson fans while you listen to your new Kid Rock cds. You not like me! You different! You deserve suffer for making me feel weird!

That will look good when he’s 65.

Guy does need punched tho

I almost threw up. this guy obviously has no options to live a normal life. But I guarantee that there will be some freak chick out there who actually digs that and hooks up with him.

I’m sure he’ll blame society when he can’t get a job.

Nobody in Venezuela knows who the Red Skull is anyways and in spanish he has a different name that doesn’t translate to red skull, I think.

He look pretty disgusting and disturbed. Crazy *&^ck.

Mentally unbalanced for sure, and unemployed I have no doubt.

Why would anyone want to look like a character who is based upon a real life monster with a very sick ideology?

These surgical disfigurements are getting more messed up by the day. Just awful.

Not a person I’d go 1,000 miles near frankly.

He looks more like a satanist. If he had it done right so he could attend conventions and be a hit, that’s one thing. This just doesn’t work. He doesn’t look like Red Skull. He looks more like a B movie level satan.


Yeah, I don’t what Marvel comics that guy’s been reading, but THAT definitely is NOT how Red Skull looks. It’s just too bad that he can’t get it fixed.

Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy. Maybe he won’t shave his beard because his mom says he looks better with facial hair. That would make sense.

What a fucking loser! I can’t stop laughing!

no way I believe this guy likes himself. I just don’t believe it, my upper body is covered in tattoos, and all though I don’t regret them, I got them when I was young, self destructive, and didn’t like myself. no amount of change on the outside will satisfy you until you like what’s on the inside. today I’m much happier spiritually, and just don’t feel the desire to get tattooed, pierced or anything else. its not a priority, my friends and family are, and I feel bad for his kids, let mom drop them off at school dad.

He’s the best advert for condoms and abortion I’ve ever seen.

Why? What is the tough process of people like this? What is going through these peoples head? Are they hurting that bad inside? I don’t understand it. It’s one thing to want to be different but to do this to yourself? Some how I don’t think these people that do this to themselves are not very happy people and don’t even really care about the future. They may come off as either happy and confident or a prick. But I think deep down these people are tormented inside and are always seeking something very desperately.
I hope this guy finds his happy place.

Dude goes through all that to look more like red skulls, then he doesn’t have the commitment to shave his beard?

My favorite part about this is his Nike shirt. “Just do it” lol

Dude, that’s why they sell masks…and when no one has a clue who it is you’re trying to be in 5 years, the mask prevented you from this REALLY BAD idea.

The saddest thing about all of this is that he looks absolutely nothing like any incarnation of the Red Skull (movie version, various comic versions, various animated versions, etc.). Getting all of those body modifications to look like Red Skull and actually succeeding would have been bad enough in its own right, but to go through all of that effort to look like Red Skull only to come out looking nothing like him? That’s gotta suck.

I don’t care what anyone on here says, either: I’m all full supporter of many body mods (tattoos, piercings, etc.), but when someone takes it this far I definitely think there’s another issue (such as mental illness) in play. This isn’t the type of thing you’d expect anyone who’s even remotely sane to do.

“I’m all full supporter of many body mods”

Meant to say “I’m a full supporter”. Noticed that typo right after I submitted my comment and am now unable to correct it. :|

This is proof that a lot of people are just idiots.

It’s not my thing either and I think he looks awful but all of you making judgment calls about what kind of parent he is or armchair diagnosing his alleged mental disorders can kindly stfu now.

Absolutely loving the conversation about far right leftie communist beardies :-)

The Red Skull character wasn’t even that well done (in Cap’s 1st movie). It was a mediocre performance at best. Plus, unfortunately for this guy (in so many ways) he doesn’t quite look like the Red Skull, does he?! More like Darth Maul’s inbred cousin. (I know, that was cruel, sorry,,,)

I bet he doesn’t snore anymore….

Took his nose off to spite his face eh? This guy isn’t cool. This is stupid. This is a guy that seriously has some deep emotional and mental health issues. This isn’t fandom. This is a psychosis.

OHH!! what a 15 minutes of shame?!
“the married father” It’s good to know these people are reproducing.
It’s also good to know what western privileged dumb ass people think about national socialism, and communism. You’re all so wrong read books about it, or watch some documentary, or just be stupid till the day you die.
The choice is yours.

PS: I do have 2 piercings, and 6 captain america comics, and I still think this guy F@%&ED in the brain.

Too bad his nose doesn’t look better. He just looks like he was in a terrible accident.

He seriously looks more like Abomination than Red Skull. And for those saying he’ll never get laid..He’s already married with child. Although I would love to bet on the Vegas over/under line on how long that lasts!

Ok- yes I too dont understand why someone would do this to them selves’.? Doesn’t make any sense to me.
And yes it does make him look like he’s a supporter of Nazi’s. And to me its not an attractive look.
BUT, we really don’t know if he really does support Nazi’s. Maybe he didn’t think of it like that. I mean we really don’t know. I really try not to not to judge a persons character by what they look like.
He is probably just a really big fan of not just the red skull but the whole captain America franchise. Idk…
He’s probably gonna look back at this later in his life and wonder what the hell was i thinking.??? …. I definitely have moments when look back and wonder why in the hell didn’t I think before I said or did something.. I have a few of those moments. Something that I said, that sounded either really dumb or really bad, or something that i did looked really bad.
And if, if he really did just do all of this not just because he’s a fan, but also because he’s a “hater”. Then i feel sorry for him. Small minded is how i see it. And people like that will in the end be judged, not by me but by the lord.

With his nose like that, he’s going to die from a variety of airborne toxins and diseases.

That is probably the most horrifying thing I have ever seen. He actually looks like he may have been decent looking before all of this. I might have nightmares tonight : /

Hambone Pertwicky

February 4, 2015 at 3:55 pm

What a douche. So how embarrassing is it for his poor kids to have this freak as a dad? Mentally healthy? No fuckin way!

Point and laugh at the loser who is doing something they want to do that makes them happy. Wow. I wonder who the real “losers” are here. Unless pointing and laughing at someone makes you happy, then GOOD FOR YOU LOSER.

What an idiot. He looks NOTHING like Red Skull. I guess his wife, if she stays with him, will be the one bringing home the money to support their family.

It is so cute when people think the Nazis were Communists.

And yet… he looks more like Hellboy than the rampant hateboner that is the Red Skull lol

Everyone is completely missing the most important thing here. Did anyone out there actually know you could tattoo your Goddamn eyeballs!?!

He wanted to do and it did so good on him. People moan too much about what others do when it doesn’t have anything to do with them. Fuck em

I Love Groot but I don’t wanna look like the treelike humanoid dude LOL. Wouldnt go into a cosmetic surgeon and ask him to implant some tree bark on me or drive sticks into my skull or anything. This is just taking cosplay and your obsession to a whole new unexplored level. Dude needs help and fast. Jesus Christ LMAO

He looks like if Red Skull and Trevor Slattery had a baby…

That is so messed up!!! Why would anyone do that to themselves. A sex change seems odd enough as it is, but deliberately making yourself looked deformed goes beyond disturbed. My brother told me that it hurts like hell to tattoo your eyeballs. Did anyone hear about the one fan in japan who made himself look like Superman with the help of plastic surgery? Someone commented about what would happen if someone got plastic surgery to look like Jonah Hex. That now seems like a possiblety.

PS- He doesn’t even look like the Red Skull. He looks like a monster.

This is prolly just some guy whos way too into body modding. I highly doubt hes trying to look like the red skull.

I honestly don’t see the problem…. He seems happy, he’s married so I’m assuming his wife is all for him expressing himself. I say let him be… And for all those saying he needs to be punched…. Why? It’s not like he’s forcing any of you to do it, he didn’t even force any of you to read this article, you did it out of your own free will, just as he has done what he wants with his body.

Also I don’t think he’s trying to look like red skull, I think he just like body modification and someone figured it was what he was trying to do since there are a few similarities…

ok so this guy may be healthy and all but i guarantee you he so doesnt look like the marvel character!! sorry dude try again. oh wait they cant put your nose back on!
oh and you look like your sick

Butt, butt, butt, can he moonwalk?

one difference between fascism and communisim?
communist under Stalin killed SO many more people than fascism, not even close.

democracies, monarchies, and fascists had one thing in common, they were all terrified of communism.

just so you know.

Red Skull?? I mean, seriously????? Beside this guy, Red Skull would look downright handsome…

Well…he certainly looks…different?

Ok the really sad part is…..HE DOESNT LOOK ANYTHING LIKE RED SKULL! He looks like a demon spawn!

“Punch this guy?”? I’d rather punch a Tea Party Republican who talk about liberty and freedom, yet support the most oppressive laws against women and gays ever. And anti-vaxxers deserved to be punched as well.

Everyone’s an idiot

Hail Haldol!

Gone, gone the form of man.
Rise the demon…. ETRIGAN!!

he looks like a big ASS!!!!!!!!

nothing like the character he is trying to emulate!

how are people so dumb? get an education, a job and live a better life not be a 12 year old lil girl obessessing over beiber.

big stinking man like that.

better yet he looks like michael jackson, just know his nose would rotten off.

You can’t fix stupid

Humanity at it’s very last moments.Google BME and see what i mean..Stupidty travels with speed of light nowdays :c

Hey it’s his body. Being a dick to him isn’t going to change his mind. I’m pretty he sure he doesn’t care what any of you people think. You guys just want to insult someone and he made it easy for you. Good job. Maybe next time you can go kick a puppy.

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