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Marvel editor and ‘Ms. Marvel’ co-creator Sana Amanat gets new position


Marvel Executive Editorial Director Ryan Penagos announced today on Twitter that editor Sana Amanat has moved up the chain to become the publisher’s director of content and character development:

Amanat is one of the minds behind Ms. Marvel — the No. 1 comic of this past year’s CBR Top 100 — and co-creator of series lead Kamala Khan with the book’s creative team G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona. She also edits Captain Marvel, Elektra, Daredevil, Hawkeye and Rocket Raccoon. Her duties in the new position haven’t yet been specified.

CBR wishes Amanat congratulations in the new job.



*Very* cool news! Congrats to her for kicking butt!

WOW, that’s huge! Good for Ms. Amanat, and congratulations!

Wow that’s awesome! Seems well deserved. What does it mean?

Was this already a position or was it created for her? I hope it means she’s the boss of everything now.

Things are changing for the best. What a great times for women!

hopefully she will continue in this position and higher positions for many years and will help steer Marvel to cultivate gender, thematic, and racial diversity among Marvel’s ongoing list of characters- heroes, villains and supporting characters.

Congrats to Sana.

now make Content and Develop the return of Wolverine.

The best way to diversify the Marvel Universe and keep it looking current, instead of everyone genuinely looking identical, is to diversify the company behind it. Congratulations to Ms. Amanat for her accomplishment.

Hopefully she’ll have a lot of pull over future titles. This can only be good news

Well, seems it’ll go against all the comments so far but can’t say I’m happy about this.

Don’t care for Ms. Marvel or diversification but if Marvel deemed this is what’s necessary to boost the company forward then I hope it works out for them and has a positive effect on the heroes and stories I DO care about.

Cheers everyone.

^Cain, maybe you have bad taste? Someone has to.


This is a sociopolitical gesture at best. Marvel is already plenty diverse across all fronts. Now they’re just trying to cater to Muslims to offset ire against radical Islamists. Ms. Marvel is doubtfully the No. 1 book among readership. If they were truly after diversity, they’d have more Latinos. Better yet, they’d use the established Latino characters they already have…Firebird, Living Lightning, White Tiger…

@Burt Bacharach

Ghost Rider, Spider-man 2099, Ultimate Spider-man and Nova all star Latino characters. Spider-man and the X-men, Avengers, Avengers World, Mighty Avengers and Uncanny X-Men all feature Latino characters. Young Avengers, X-Factor vol 2, New Warriors, Avengers A.I and Avengers Undercover all recently featured Latino characters.

I don’t think Marvel is pushing Muslim characters at the expense of any other group.

To be completely honest, when it was first announced I thought that the series was an attempt to pander to and grab a type of audience that wasn’t myself. There’s nothing wrong with that. They pander to EXACTLY me all the time.

But once you read the series, I feel like you have to be incredibly stubborn to still believe that it’s only that.

And yes it’s INCREDIBLY popular. Especially among my friends who downloaded the Marvel app specifically to read that series.

Many congratulations. Ms. Marvel was proof you can take an old concept and breathe new life into it while feeling like an organic part of the universe.


Hm, no, I don’t think so. Taste is a subjective thing, right? Comics are not my primary hobby so I only focus on stuff that really pulls me in. I have no interest in this character nor can I relate to her, so I do not want to see more series in this vein. I’d also tend to lean towards what Burt Bacharach wrote.

But hey, I don’t have to read it, right? Like I said, if this move is for the good of the entire (Marvel) universe and the characters I am interested in remain and flourish, then it’s ok.

Currently I am most excited to see where the Star Wars franchise goes.

Zer0n Huggins nailed it. The comic may have felt like a stunt when it was announced, but it’s great comics and those involved deserve the accolades they’re getting for its success.

“I have no interest in this character nor can I relate to her, so I do not want to see more series in this vein.”

I know. Imagine how frustrating it must be for everyone who ISN’T a white guy, and who feel this almost every time they look at a Big Two comic.

Exciting new times ahead for Marvel! :)

If this means more books like Ms. Marvel and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, that I can buy for my daughter and not feel ashamed, then I look forward to Marvel’s future…

“I know. Imagine how frustrating it must be for everyone who ISN’T a white guy, and who feel this almost every time they look at a Big Two comic.”

I wish I had a No-Prize I could send you for saying this :)
Comics are read by people of varying ethnic/racial backgrounds, diverse genders (and no gender), diverse sexualities, and more. It’s long past time the Big 2 stopped catering predominately to a narrow segment of comic book readers. No, this doesn’t mean that all of sudden books featuring white, heterosexual, cisgender men will stop being produced. It just means that these companies are making efforts to appeal to *other* comic book readers.


Like Will M, I’m curious if this is an already established position, or was it created for her? Either way, I’m happy to hear it.

Excellent! This is exactly who we need in charge of “Character development”. I love all the titles she’s worked on!

At this rate, she’ll climb above Tom Brevoort on the corporate ladder in no time. lol

Now let’s move the spotlight away from NYC and show Marvel heroes based in other areas of the world . . .

As a middle-aged white guy… I am absolutely THRILLED to see a major company make a move like this. For @Burt Bacharach, who obviously likes to quote Fox News talking points; a company reaching out to non-white, non-male, younger customers is a company that knows how to do business. They’ve just exploded their potential market share.
If a company makes moves like this and it loses them the business of close-minded bigots… oh well… there’s enough conspiracy websites and crazy conservative podcasts to keep them happy in their own little make-believe world. I guess the saddest thing is that they think THEIR make-believe world is the REAL one.

Oh well… (shrug)

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