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McFarlane reveals abandoned Spawn/Batman crossover plans


Todd McFarlane has unveiled a glimpse of a planned Spawn/Batman crossover that never saw the light of day. In what the Image Comics co-founder characterizes as “a bit of fate,” the project was to have been drawn by current Batman artist, and longtime McFarlane collaborator, Greg Capullo.

“Years ago there was a deal for DC Comics and myself to do a cool Batman/Spawn cross-over book (for those not hip to comic lingo, that’s a book in which both characters are in the same issue),” McFarlane writes in a Facebook post accompanying the long-lost cover. “I [was] to have written and inked it, while a talented penciller, Greg Capullo, was going to draw it. For a variety of reasons (mostly on my shoulders) the book never got off the ground, but a few pages and promo pieces were done for it. Below is one such piece drawn by Greg and inked by myself.”

DC Comics and Image Comics published a Spawn/Batman one-shot in 1994 written by Frank Miller and drawn by McFarlane, but the artist notes the abandoned collaboration with Capullo came later.

Check out the full cover by Capullo below.




Capullo’s at DC on Batman now can we swipe out Miller for Snyder and still make it work?

Interesting, mostly I would gave guessed a second part of this crossover would have taken place much earlier, but the cover is dated 06. I am intrgued to see the remaining pieces.

I remember Image published the Miller/McFarlane “Spawn/Batman” issue and DC published the completely unrelated “Batman/Spawn: War Devil” one shot written by Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, and Alan Grant, with art by Klaus Janson. The Spawn series skipped two issue numbers, resuming with an allusion to the Image crossover story, then later publishing the missing issues substituting Harry Houdini for Batman. I liked them both but remeber enjoying the DC version more, probably because I never really cared for Miller’s Batman.

The two Batman/Spawn books that came out 20 years ago were pretty crummy IMO. I was hoping that a third might redeem them :p

Was this “Inner Demons”, or another project?

I assume this is just previously unreleased art to the series that was announced in 2006.

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