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Oh my glob, Dr. Martens is releasing ‘Adventure Time’ boots

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Venerable British footwear company Dr. Martens has collaborated with Cartoon Network on a line of limited-edition Adventure Time boots for men and women.

Called, appropriately enough, “Dr. Martens x Adventure Time,” the collection of Finn and Jake boots — there are three designs — is limited to just 1,460 pairs, ranging in price from $130 to $150. They’re available for preorder now for release on March 3.

(via Laughing Squid)



I think you should do it in more characters

They’re kinda girly, eh?

What about a Flame Princess, LSP, PB or Marceline boot?!!

Spider Jerusalem

February 18, 2015 at 5:09 pm



Yeah, as in they look like they were made for girls or only girls would wear them. Even my girlfriend says they look girly.

aaaaah no Adventure Time Dr. Martens for you boys :P


That’s because, they’re for woman.

chelsey ackerman

February 18, 2015 at 7:07 pm

Lady Rainicorn boots would be badass!


“Dr. Martens has collaborated with Cartoon Network on a line of limited-edition Adventure Time boots for men and women.”


Also WTF would a men’s adventure time dr. marten’s boot look like other than exactly freakin’ this?


Abandon your patriarchy.

Words like manly and girly are only used by men who lack the leg definition to pull off a dress.

Boots are 10/10 will buy.

As a guy, I would buy Jake ones… Maybe Cosmic Owl, Lich or even Prismo themed boots would be awesome…

Why would you think these are intended only for girls when they’re yellow and white and have male characters on them? I don’t get it.

I want black ones with Marceline. Or white with Fionna.

Just bought my pair of these in Both Jake & Finn! Will be wearing them side to side lol

Oh, forgot to mention. I’m a straight guy, and chicks dig these, might have to do with the fact I’m Asian :p

Omg who cares whether they look girly or not! As if being girly is a bad thing? They’re adventure time boots for goodness sake! What else would they look like?!

I’m gay so if they look girly I really don’t care. LOL

I want the Jake ones . . . everyone would be totally jealous.

Ohhh- I would buy several pairs if they had Marceline, Lemongrab, Ice King and LSP.

If you go to the actual preorder website they have options for men and women’s boots.

Why does it say they won’t ship until March 31st but they sent me an email saying my boots are on the way…?

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