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Ride in superhero style with these custom motorcycle helmets


Last year we spotlighted a pretty stylish Dark Knight-inspired motorcycle helmet, but what if you prefer, say, The Punisher, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Wonder Woman to Batman? AirGraffix has you covered.

The Mattoon, Illinois-based company specializes in custom-painted helmets that can transform the rider into everyone from Goku and Deadpool to Iron Man and Spawn. It’s not all superheroes or comic books, either; there’s an assortment of Star Wars, Transformers and Power Rangers designs, for starters.

They range in price from $460 to more than $800, and I can’t attest to their legality (I don’t see any boilerplate text regarding the rights holders). However, you have to admit you’d looking pretty cool cruising around in that War Machine or X-Wing pilot helmet …



OK, these are definitely bad ass. Well, I don’t know that I’d call the Hello Kitty helmet “bad ass,” but even that one is cool!

they are really awesome but come on, no Deathstroke helmet? It would look so effing badass

Schnitzy Pretzelpants

February 17, 2015 at 9:42 am

These are all pretty cool – the Boba Fett, and black spider-man ones would be the ones I’d opt for – something too freaky about a full face painted on the helmet, and I still like my helmet to…well…look like a helmet.

The issue is that very likely, unless they have some agreement with the helmet manufacturers, these will invalidate the DOT rating and most certainly the warranty on a helmet – even having the wrong kind of sticker on your helmet can invalidate your warranty.

the question is where the hell can i buy one lol

These are cool. I myself have been making full face superhero and genre helmets for many years. I have done Predator and Batman. Power Rangers and Ghost Rider and many many more.
I think it is cool that CBR showcased this guy. If anyone is interested in an alternative, just go to deviant art and type in my last name. I have many samples.

This Red Kitty helmet is awesome :)
I searched this on Amazon and Ebay but couldn’t find any such designs.
Can you please let me know where can I get this?

As a Star Wars fan I love the Bobba Fett helmet, however, the Leonadro TMNT helmet is my favourite.

Seeing one of these Superheroes style on the road would be so very cool. Thanks.

These are all pretty cool. I like the black spider man helmet, it matches my black motorcycle. Great post Kevin.

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