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Scribd launches its ‘Netflix for comics’ with 10,000 titles


Popular digital subscription service Scribd, often referred to as “Netflix for books,” this morning launched a comics section, giving users access to more than 10,000 titles from such publishers as Marvel, IDW Publishing, Archie Comics, Top Shelf, Top Cow, Valiant and Dynamite. The expansion brings the Scribd library to more than 1 million titles.

As part of the $8.99 flat monthly fee, users now can move beyond Scribd’s prose and audiobook offerings to read comics ranging from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and March: Book One to Afterlife With Archie and Ultimate Spider-Man.

“We are very excited to take this step in expanding our subscription service beyond books,” Trip Adler, Scribd co-founder and CEO, said in a statement. “This addition gives comics readers the freedom of unlimited reading, while also giving our ebook and audiobook lovers the opportunity to discover comics and graphic novels.”

Readers will be able to browse comics by character, by series, or by curated collections such as “Classic Marvel Moments,” “Incredible Team-Ups,” “Welcome to Riverdale” and “Funny Women.” Scribd also includes a “binge button” at the end of each comic that allows users to jump to the next issue in the series.

“Our partnership with Scribd allows some of Marvel’s greatest stories to sit alongside Scribd’s already vast and eclectic catalog of content in an effort to reach readers who normally wouldn’t find themselves inside a comic shop,” Daniele Campbell, Marvel’s vice president of digital, said in a statement.



Good concept and gets my curiosity. Not signing up right now, as I have more than 10k comics in my personal collection, but certainly something I’ll think about as it grows.

That price point seems awfully high for what they are offering. But then, I’m probably not the target audience.

I’m a Scrib’d member — was lucky enough to get a 3-month trial subscription that let me really dig into it and I had no hesitation about continuing once that was up. I wouldn’t sign up for it if comics are the only thing you’re going to read. But if have the usual available cash vs. the want to read pile problem, I’d grab a 30-day trial and give it a look. For me, it’s the history/biography list that swung me. The current book I’m reading costs $12 on Kindle/$16 in print. So, for the 8.99, if that’s the only book that’s being read this month, I’m saving money — and it’s definitely not the only book, since my husband and I are sharing the account.

Basically, it’s a library on your digital device. Great for fiction and research. Comics — maybe you’d find some new stuff you weren’t aware of, but definitely not its main thrust.

Is it same day digital release or like Marvel Unlimited, 6 months behind?

There would be no reason for Marvel to have same day digital on here. They would be cannibalizing their own app and service.

Marvel Unlimited is $9.99 per month, in comparison, Scribd may not as well stocked, but price only seems high if you are only reading comics. If you love books in general, this is a great service, if you have small children in the house, that’s even better, there are lots of Children’s books to read for kids, if you ever bought Children’s books, you know how much they cost per copy with so little content.

Not really worth it for the comics, considering you could get access to 10,000+ comics via Marvel Unlimited for 10 bucks a month.

Can the comics be downloaded where you keep them or just all you can read each month? And is it unlimited each month?

America / Bucky / Russia

February 10, 2015 at 2:16 pm

video ray – They can only be read on the site/app. And yeah, all books are available.

If you’re just looking out for essential Marvel – including a lot of popular complete runs, but also some older and out of print stuff e.g. New Mutants – I don’t see it as too much of a detraction compared to the Marvel Unlimited app. That said it doesn’t seem to be the best resolution, although decent enough. The benefit of Scribd is a) it doesn’t just feature comics b) it doesn’t just feature Marvel, but complete runs of Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, IDW, Top Shelf etc. I’ve added a lot of books to my shelf, although I know I won’t read them for a while. My only issue with these ‘all you can eat’ services is exactly that – it’s hard to choose when everything is handed to you on a platter. The optimist in me hopes this will curtail piracy, although the realist in me knows that it won’t.

Scribd is cool but just as a warning, I tried viewing some comics on a kindle firehd and they wouldn’t work. Some do, some dont.Be prepared for some bumps in the road I guess

$8.99 seems worth it when you consider that a comic costs $3.99 these days. Read 3 and you more than break even. Waiting six months isn’t a big deal for me.

I was mostly curious about indy or alternative titles, and browsing their library, it’s pretty decent. I think I will sign up when I’ve got the extra money. Plus being able to download them dmr free as pdf’s is pretty cool too. And I can get access to a bunch of other literature for the $9. Pretty cool.

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