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Superheroes reimagined with realistic body types

bulimia-power girl

Fans and critics have long discussed and debated the unrealistic bodies of comic book superheroes, from gravity-defying breasts and tiny waists to bulging biceps and washboard abs. However, now has done what it refers to as “reverse Photoshopping of comic covers,” and given the superheroes bodies that reflect average American body types.

“Today, 33.7% of men and 36.5% of women in the U.S. are considered obese, and more than two-thirds are overweight,” explains the website, a resource for people with eating disorders. “Weight gain has put millions of people at risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other preventable conditions.Meanwhile, comic books depict vastly different figures: men with massive biceps and shoulders and women with toned abs and tiny waists.”

In these versions, Batman likely has to add a few notches to his utility belt, while Catwoman’s breasts aren’t quite so large, and her waist not quite so miniscule. Other characters, from Iron Man and Rogue to Power Girl and Black Widow, undergo the same treatment.

“We didn’t intend this project to be a commentary on whether or not comic books send the wrong message about body image,” a representative told The Huffington Post. “Rather, our hope here is to show the extent to which superheroes’ body types (as is the case with their super-human abilities) are fictional. Our hope is that when viewers see these superheroes visualized in such a manner that they can identify with, they may feel better about themselves and realize the futility of any comparison between themselves and the fictional universes of Marvel and DC Comics.”



On the original cover, Supergirl has the shoulder-hip ratio of a guy. A guy with bulbous breast implants.

I grew up reading superhero comics. I found they were a good motivation for physical fitness and are probably one of the main reasons I value health and exercise.

It would work much better as a criticism of obesity in USA

Now this is just ridiculous ! Of course they are not average! They are Super heroes!! We are not supposed to identify with them physically.
This looks like that old greeting card that reads “Lord, if I can’t be skinny please make all my friends fat!”
It becomes more humorous than anything.
What next? Repaint the Sistine Chapel to make “average people” fell better about themselves?
What about ancient greek heroes ? Make Hercules short, tubby and balding? I think has got it wrong.
Tearing down how someone looks ,fictitious or not , is not a way to make one feel better about themselves.

I don’t approve. I like to look towards the peak of physical fitness; Not the average.

TONY C – That’s Power Girl.

This might be getting out of hand, considering all of the magazines that young women read that are chock full of air-brushed skin and photoshopped bodies of REAL women! These are sketches of fictional characters. Most of the time I cannot identify the celebrity on a magazine cover because her face and body have had so much work done, it doesn’t even look like the person.

Next some engineer will be drawing a realistic Iron Man suit, telling me the Mark VII can’t possibly hold a sufficient power supply, communications, and all that ordinance in a suit that appears marginally larger than Tony Stark’s actual body.

I find that a lot of these fixes actually aren’t even realistic for the kind of activities the character’s get into. Also, it’s an interesting experiment, because it shows how changing body-types on pieces retroactively to make them “realistic”, actually harms the composition of the image, particularly in the case of Power Girl and Storm where the main figures of the image lose a lot of the rhythm in there posture by this change in body type.

captain america wouldnt be average because he is basically on steroids and as far as ironman goes hes in a suit so why would that change his frame any?

so, whats to learn from this. that everyone is fat? and we should be ok with that?

I’m OK with most of these but disagree on the Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow ones. Captain America was given a serum to bring him to the peak of human potential – he should have a muscular/athletic build. As far as Black Widow, since she was previously a ballerina, it would be more appropriate to illustrate her as slim and athletic with a smaller bust (instead of making her thicker to account for her bust line). I think that since Tony Stark is wearing an armored suit (and since he’s an egoist) it would make since that he “bulked-up” his look when he’s in his armor.

While an interesting artistic license and topic for discussion, this is kind of…stupid, I guess.

This would be like taking photos of bodybuilders, Olympians, or elite athletes and making them more “relaistic.” The point is that these characters are supposed to be in peak physical condition.

While I agree that much of comic art leans towards the oversexualized, the fact remains that Black Widow, as a character, is supposed to have long legs and a smaller waist. Captain America is supposed to be well-muscled. And -spoiler alert- some women really do have large breasts that actually look large when they’re wearing tight clothing like Power Girl wears.

The whole idea of enterntainment is to be escapist. Most soldiers don’t look like Channing Tatum, and most astronauts don’t look like Charlize Theron. Should we cast only “average” looking actors in movies and television?

If the intent is to generate discussion, then these are great. if the intent is to make the characters realistic for realism’s sake, then knock it off.

They don’t need to be reimagined with “realistic” body types. They’re freaking superheroes for God’s sake.

Nice job, Psylocke is still hot and that Iron Man cover makes more sense now that it ever did.

Okay. I’m as against the more ridiculous extremes of some modern comic art as anyone, especially when it comes to the oversexualization of teen-aged girls (e.g., here for just one example I’ve commented on:, but frankly some of these “fixes” are ridiculous in and of themselves — most notably the Wonder Woman cover.

I unfortunately think this misses the mark. Not trying to put down, but offer some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism for the organization.
I think what would have worked better is having the women with more realistic proportions, i.e: smaller breasts, wider shoulders, larger thigh muscles, etc.
But you have to understand, that these characters are supposed to be in peak physical condition. So, while their proportions are inarguably so far off the mark from a human being, their body shape is still that of an above average, physically fit human being.
I am not an above average, physically fit human being, but I enjoy seeing these characters, because it is a world of fantasy, and takes me out of my daily doldrum with excitement, and physicality that I never experience first hand.
And although maybe not the top tier Marvel and DC superheroes, but there are more “realistic” type comic book characters out there. In fact, more available than ever for those looking for that. And you know what, those comics are great too!

Sorry, but of these “realistic” changes makes most of the characters look worse, not better. Maybe one or two of the female characters look okay like Pyslocke or Black Canary. But mostly, the changes make the characters look unfit and not healthy. I expect superheroes and heroines to be in shape. They’re supposed to have toned muscles and mostly flat stomaches! (Though I do admit, Rogue did look a little anorexic.) Not to mention skin tight outfits don’t look as good on someone with a little pudge. So yeah, not really an improvement in my book.

Also, just wanted to add I am woman who is admittedly overweight and I have no problem with the original character designs.

PC- who Do you think Power Girl is? She is Supergirl from Earth-2 (pre-crisis)

Pointless, boring, yawn, zzzzzzzzzz…

So to recap: This was a complete waste of time for everyone involved.

If a person looks at a fictional character and thinks negatively of their own body image, they deserve to be slapped. People identify with heroes because of character flaws, how they deal with every day things that we go through… not because they’re out of shape and featuring love handles.

I see the point, but my questions, why do they try to do most of them fat?
I know they are trying to do it more “realistic”
But if we keep track that they do a lot of exercise as they fight crime and so on, they wouldn’t have that complexity or be fat like in the majority, they would be slimmer but not like in they were origanilly drawn with that kind of waist and so on. In reality they would be thin but if they are criticizing that the average is fat and so on, well I see it reasonable, but if you put that they are healthy and so on, they would not be as fat as they were put, and that’s my opinion.

Those Iron Man and Captain America ones are great. They look like they were drawn by Steve Ditko.

It doesn’t make any sense to me that the person mentions the health-related issues concerning being overweight in the same breath as altering these super-hero images to make those people “feel better.” Wouldn’t it be more helpful to motivate those people to lead healthier lives somehow?

You know I see a lot of women in the street every day and most of them aren’t actually overweight, for some reason it seems the concept of ordinary person and fat person are interchangeable and that anyone who looks fit and healthy is so unusual there must be something wrong. In reality women come in all shapes and sizes, some are thin, some are fat, some have small breasts, some have large breasts, deciding that the average woman is flat chested or a few stone overweight is as much of a false value judgement as the idea that all women in the media look like porn stars.

This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen.

Get your “realism” out of my comic books.

Yeah, realistic in America. I agree with those that say superheroes should be like athletes…and be in great shape. :)

MEN and women heroes are shown with these incredible bodies. If you want realistic bodies…read Cathy.

Realistically if you climb buildings, swing around the city, fight evil aliens…you are going to have a pretty amazing body.

Anyways, the pics are pretty cute anyhow.

Pointless. All body types are pretty well represented in comics outside of the Superhero genre, and anyone ever arguing otherwise is talking bullshit. Superhero comics present, and have always presented a heightened, stylized, emphatically idealized version of both genders physical forms. They’re not supposed to be realistic, and nor should they have to be. Comics ONLY responsibilities should be to be well written and to be fun and entertaining. People who don’t like the exaggerated physical forms of the superhero genre have a choice: Don’t read superhero books. The genre isn’t for you, find a genre that is. You wouldn’t dislike a genre of music and go online complaining about how un-inclusive it is because YOU can’t see yourself represented by it, right? Complaining about exaggerated body types in comics is like complaining about going to a Tarantino movie and complaining that it’s too violent, or reading a Nicholas Sparks “novel” and complaining that it’s sickly, formulaic dross. People have choices. If you don’t like it, find something else.

This is just… stupid. They’re comic books. NO ONE should aspire to ever be as physically perfect as super heroes. This is just pandering to fat people (and yes I’m a fat guy).

If The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was founded today, The Blob would have the codename “The Average.”

Seriously, though, I can’t say this was poorly done, but it isn’t super-exciting or clear in its message. It makes sense as a critique of expanding American waistlines, but I’m not sure that it succeeds as a way of improving viewers’ self-images at all.

I don’t read comics for “average.” If I want to see average I’ll go to a mall.

Is there anything stupider than “reverse photoshopping” comic covers. They’re not photos you ninnies.

Nobody was proposing to change superhero comics so that these would be the actual covers, folks.

If you read the article, you’ll see they were trying to make their point by showing the comparison, not to change what gets printed in comics. It’s a promo campaign for their message, not a call to change the content of comics.

[Nor are they trying to shame obese people. Does anyone really, honestly think would be out to fat-shame people? They’re not advocating FOR bulimia.]


This article makes me want to puke. People can draw superheroes however they want to. It might motivate some people to stop stuffing their faces and actually get some exercise.

This is so crazy and stupid! Even if we ignore their superhero abilities, these guys and gals are like olympic athletes! They work out constantly and use martial arts all the time! People look at superheroes for inspiration, every time I go to the gym I imagine myself training to become a Green Lantern recruit. I want to be as fit as them and lead a healthy life style. Making them fat only damages society.

“They may feel better about themselves and realize the futility of any comparison between themselves and the fictional universes of Marvel and DC Comics” yeah, nothing will cheer geeks up like reminding us we’ll never be Batman. Thanks for that.

Did these morons stop to consider that when we read comics we don’t actually want to be reminded of real life? They are fantasy, escapism; the reason they are all drawn as unrealistic ideals is because that is exactly what they are supposed to be.

Or maybe I’m wrong and there were people out there who really did believe, after watching Avengers Assemble, that if they just benched enough they would eventually be the size of the Hulk.

What a waste of time. If you really want to see realistic (i.e. fat, pudgy, unfit, etc.) superheroes, just go to a local con… I’ve seen that real life black cat at every south Florida con I’ve gone to. And I’ll tell you what A) she’s hot, nothing wrong with some meat on the bones, and B) she should still be drawn as stylistically as possible. It’s laughable that this is being singled out. Anybody watch the Oscars??? How is that a reflection of society? It was an endless parade of malnutritioned women who are overly skinny with little to no body definition. For the life of me I can’t understand how being a sack of bones is supposed to be attractive.

Um, these figures are below average. I mean it’s not hard to s average people in cosplay, and they are not hilariously pudgy like this

Terrible piece.

This page jumps around too much.

The point of this seems to be: Hey America. Don’t forget you’re fat. Interesting that you like perfect heroes. Oh by the way: You’re fat. Did we mention you were fat? This is what Wonder Woman and Captain America would look like… Ya know.. if they were FAT. Like you. Fatsos.

I don’t see how washboard abs are unrealistic, everybody that actually did sports in high-school had them.
But lets be honest, it kinda makes sense for them to have bodies like that since they’re constantly working out. Fighting crime, running from danger, and saving the world must burn a lot of calories do wonders for you glutes.

Remember the guy from earlier in the week that mentioned being tired or “Activism” in comics? This is the kind of thing I’m hoping he was talking about.

I’m so sick of comics having to be realistic. They are a form of escapist entertainment. That’s it.

They’ve just been made fat

Absurdity. What a waste of time. Just look at the men and women who compete in MMA or boxing and you will see examples of people with super hero(ine)-esque bodies.

This will inevitably lead to more advertisements in comics. Not because of compelling art or writing, but to give these out of shape heroes and villains a chance to catch their wheezing breaths between scenes.

I understand that the purpose is to make a good majority of the public feel better about themselves, but one has to understand exactly WHY Superheroes are slim and trim. For one, I think it would be a lot easier to catch a bag guy if you’re a slim and trim 135 pounds (for a woman) and a good solid 220 (for a guy). I write stories too and I find it hard to find a niche for the Plus-sized women (as far as being active) and skinny stick figures of guys. Superheroes weren’t created to make everybody else feel bad about themselves. They were created to give something to aspire to, a reason to motivate people to DO something about their lives.

When did realistic become a synonym for McDiet? this does nothing to put the characters in actual human proportions, instead doing some grotesque ballooning (in most cases). I also agree with other people what’s wrong with having super heros in a form for people to aspire to? It IS realistic to eat right and work out after all.

Long story short: There’s reason that it’s called FANTASY. It is merely a diversion from this hum-drum (as well as BORING) real life junk.

I have no problem with the idea, but is seems like a ‘fail’. For the most part, it is not showing different body types, just out of shape people. Superheroes shouldn’t look like middle aged men with desk jobs. That is not realisism. (Although it does hit home how immodest many ladies supersuits are)

Utter bullshit. It’s fantasy. What’s next? Criticizing the super powers? If someone takes my comics as being a documentary they should aspire to they need more help than anything beside divine intervention can provide…

The message I’m getting is that working out and staying physically fit is unrealistic according to this artist.

Im getting sick of these lazy people picking on iconic design and thinknig they can improve it. theres been some Disney ones recently, now these. You cant just move some lines around. it throws of the design of the whole character, or even the entire page.

Plus how can you average out Captain America? whats the story there? Ad iron man? Average proportions on an iron suit? that makes no sense.

I’m all for more realistic representations of characters, especially females, but that doesn’t mean just blanket adding love handles to everyone. That’s as ignorant as actual sexism.

Personally, Dark Phoenix looked painfully stick-thin in the original cover. And she just fed on the D’bari star.

These weren’t made realistic, they were just turned into fatties! There is not a single one of the original covers that I would say is an unrealistic depiction of a fit person. I’m pretty sure characters that are supposed to be athletic shouldn’t look like lazy slugs.

I didnt know non-fat was a fictional body type. Keep the good work america.

I love the modifications to body details like breast size and waist diameter; Power Girl in particular looks a little more realistic. However, almost all the characters shown have been given the approximate body types of the average Western citizen, when their occupations and powers would demand that they end up lean and heavily muscled (Captain America in particular is hilarious; his perfect physique IS his superpower.) This is actually my argument against large breasted female heroes, besides the biological and physical impossibility; most women at the level of physical activity portrayed in the comics would have very small breasts, since they are primarily made up of fatty tissue. Most (but not all) female bodybuilders, for example, have small breasts.

Why does fat equal realistic? Underweight people also exist in reality.

Superheroes require to be physically fit unless they have a power that allows them not to be. In the case of Batman it is a literal part of the character. The book would feel less realistic if there was any doubt that this man was the peak of physical conditioning.

I wonder if Michelangelo had to take this kind of shit the first time he showed his statue of David.

Glenn McClanahan

February 26, 2015 at 8:14 pm

as superheroes they ethier train a lot to be peak human, have a suit of armor, geneticly altered to be peak human, and wonder woman is an amazon and power gir is an alien so none of these images make any sense

Are they just implying that super heroes don’t work out nor eat healthy? just go watch the WWE roster and tell me there isn’t someone that could easily portrait Batman’s body

Please stop with this fat positive/more realistic body types rubbish please. They’re called “super” heroes for a reason, not “average and overweight body” heroes.

Why should we change art to reflect real life if we dont want to? isn’t that the beauty of art?

Angelina Elisabeth McKnight

February 26, 2015 at 8:52 pm

It’s interesting but kind of stupid. Comics and the characters in them are fantasy – they aren’t real, so to compare them to real life is stupid. Their proportions vary according to artistic style, and besides, people don’t read comics for realism, they read them for fantasy and escapism. seems to not know the difference between “realistic” and “fat” or “non-muscular”. The body types on the right side of each image are ONE type of body type, but to say that they are “realistic” and that the ones on the left side of each image are not is false. The body types on the LEFT, in general, DO exist. Scarlet Johannson, for example does indeed look more like the left side Black Widow, and not the right side version. If wanted to make the point that people like Scarlett Johannson are idealized, and don’t always look that in real life, have blemishes that are often covered up in photography, that men like Chris Evans aren’t that muscular outside of filming season, etc. that would’ve been a valid point, but instead, they claim that because a third or more of Americans are obese, that therefore, images representing the idealized other third are somehow not “realistic”.

By calling the right side images “realistic”, is implying that NO ONE has Captain America’s physique, that NO ONE has Wonder Woman’s, etc. Their case is also a bit overstated, and indicative of their own lack of anatomical knowledge: Are we to understand that women with “realistic” body types do not have visible clavicles, as seen in the right side image of the Wonder Woman cover? If you look even at a plus-size woman’s clavicle area, you’ll see that it is indeed visible. The greater amount of body fat needed to effect that right side WW does not turn the clavicle invisible.

So to make women look more “realistic” they have to look two months pregnant? Not sure how this is supposed to help people feel more comfortable with their bodies. Women can’t be heroes without having what looks like a baby bump, makes less sense than an extremely athletic look, and a “super soldier” formula turns a s crony tooth pick of a guy into a guy with a beer belly… Honestly which is more believable super fit super heroes & heroines, or fat heroes, and pregnant heroines? By taking something embellished and trying to make it “realistic” it was more successful at making them even more unrealistic.

Since when does “realistic” mean ¨fat¨. This is totally ridiculous.

I’m all for drawing both men and women naturally appealing in superhero comics (ie. actual junk definition on guys and no back breaks on women), but this is ridiculous. They just stated that Americans are getting fatter (duh), and now they want superheroes to be fatter to so fatties can look up to them. But, all that action and movement doesn’t make them fat, it makes them lean and defined. This is dumb.

You know, I would not mind at all if Power Girl was drawn with a little meat on her bones. IMO she looks really good without giant boobs giving her a backache because of her unrealistic body size.

And frankly, I think she looks more attractive that way (but then, that’s just my preferences talking).

@Poe Ghostal

That’s funny. I remember in art history that David is mathematically perfect for the times. Everything from the distance between his belly button and genitals to their actual size to the longer second toe on the feet.

So basically they just made Captain America into pre-super-soldier-serum Steve Rogers….

I guess I understand what they were going for, but they just completely fail at execution.

Also, “thick” Poison Ivy is still hot!

Oh, and just because they’re making people “less appealing” instead of more like in fashion magazines, it doesn’t make it REVERSE photoshopping, it’s just plain photoshopping!

“That flying man shooting beams from his eyes needs to be a huge tub of goo! It’s more realistic!”

That Iron Man is total bullshit. That’s not a skintight set of clothes on shellhead, it’s fucking armor.

Have we become so PC that we can’t even remember what superheroes represent. High fantasy, Mr. Siegel and Shuster said themselves they never wanted to make a superhero that reflected them realistic but their fantasy selves… this is just, silly. It feels kind of disrespectful and mendacious to the legacy of superhero comics.

This is the lamest article ever. If comics went by these rules, Prof X would be an insanely fat bald guy riding around in a power wheel chair with a freaking bald eagle on his shoulder while eating a big mac and Cerebro would instead be a Wal-Mart filled with nothing but trailers of people equally as disgusting instead of an increase to his psychic abilities.

Well. That’s pretty asinine. Instead of aspiring to make themselves better, they would rather literally bring others (fictional or not) down to their level.

We always end up celebrating the opinion of people that hate super-heroes as the most mature view of super-heroes! Why is that? Sure, I’m all for stopping over-sexualization of women characters, but I’d rather keep on cheering for Marvel’s Kamala Khan or the new Batgirl instead of listening to someone that believes a greek super amazon should be plump to be “realistic.”

If you want to identify more with super-heroes… uh…

Why not take away their super-powers and give them annoying desk-jobs with bosses they hate where they have to process endless stacks of paperwork?

I’ll tell you why… because you don’t read FANTASY in order to feel like you’re identifying with ordinary people.


I don’t know if fictional characters in visual media with perfect body types ever did affect me much, one way or the other. I agree that our society values physical appearance too much, but that is a much larger issue than just superheroes. Action-oriented movies and TV shows also mostly have characters with perfect bodies, with one or two supporting characters that are more “normal”.

Also, and I am sure this is not a popular opinion, but in my opinion the obsession on the physical aspects has a lot to do with modern life being more and more devoid of spirituality and deeper meaning. This is not an issue you’re going to fix just by making fictional characters more realistic.

But people need to relax. This is just a thought experiment. Nothing to get so passionate about. Also, it’s the average, folks. They don’t mean to say all Americans have bodies like those. Avegares. That wonderful math that says that, if I had 3 meals today, and you had only 1 meal, then we each had 2 meals today.

This is stupid. I thought when this said “realistic” I assumed it meant less steroid jacked dudes and super breasts. I want to know in what world where athletic people can double for no activity having, allergic to a dumbbell, don’t own a pair of cross trainers folk? This isn’t “realistic”, its foolishness. Here I thought we’d be getting an article worth reading about the over exaggeration of the human body in comics (especially women’s breasts), but instead we get soccer moms and dads in Halloween costumes. This is a gag? Right?

How about this..? If you have love handles, you can still be sexy and attractive but don’t fool yourself by pulling on a skin tight spandex suit. America… The land of delusion.

I understand the broad point of the article; but how can these characters, with these huge physical activity requirements, be less physically imposing than MANY of the men and women I see in my gym every single day. Again, it’s a commentary on perception, but completely unrealistic.

What they’ve managed to do is replace your average superhero body with your average cosplayer body.

The problem isn’t that cartoons aren’t realistic. The problem is that some people don’t understand that cartoons are not supposed to be realistic.

This article should be called… “Superhero re-imagined by bitter people who have just given up on any possibilities of losing weight or trying to better their appearance n any reasonable way possible!”

Um, these are “SUPER”-heroes. In the stories, they have powers; train extensively; are GOD’s, ninjas, “SUPER”-solders, and highly-trained/conditioned crime fighters.

They are NOT supposed to be “NORMAL” or “REALISTIC” — they ARE supposed to be “SUPER”

I can go the the gym right now and find 20 people (men and women) who look similar too, or superior in some cases, to what is pictured here.

We “get” the point of this exercise; however, it misses it’s mark.

Umm.. some of these hero’s are aliens and mutants… you should be glad they have 2 arms and 2 legs…

I realize it’s been lost to time, but Power Girl was originally a fun poke at sexism. The whole point was this hot self reliant woman was gonna pop you in the face if you made a sexist or dirty comment. A gal could be a hot blonde and not be an airhead damsel in distress.

it always made sense that super hero’s were super bulky,they must workout constantly they are fighting inhuman people and some hero’s are inhuman themselves

Some are fine, but the Wonder Woman one is ridiculous. It’s just fatter. Lynda Carter didn’t look like that in the 70s, and I don’t think anyone sane would argue she was some anorexic waif example of womanhood.

Some of them make sense while some don’t. Christian Bale already showed us that Batman kind of physique can be attainted with insane amounts of workout! Also I have a problem with the WW….why can’t a girl be mean and lean? Whey does she have to have massive thighs and forearms??

In short, this is lame!

So wait… superheroes should be chubby? If superheroes were real they would be physically fit athletic people. They’d have to be to do the things they do. They would not look like bad cosplayers. The only argument that has any merit whatsoever might be the boobs, but even then, have you seen the cosplayers? Google it! T n A galore!

“Doug Briel
February 27, 2015 at 8:57 am

I realize it’s been lost to time, but Power Girl was originally a fun poke at sexism. The whole point was this hot self reliant woman was gonna pop you in the face if you made a sexist or dirty comment. A gal could be a hot blonde and not be an airhead damsel in distress.”

Exactly. The point also being that a person’s character shouldn’t be defined by their appearance. You’d think feminists would be all about that, but no; women w/ big breasts = slut, even in real-life there are plenty of women with big breasts, big asses, thick thighs, etc, and all that with relatively moderate to thin waists. It’s whoever did this has apparently never seen a lot of college women, or been to the club, because there’s plenty of very fine normal people.

Power Girl is fine with her fine-as-all-hell, thick and strong farm girl physique. She’s my kind of woman; much more so than the rest of the other heroines displayed here. If anything PG being more on the thick side as it is makes her more “average” than the rest.

Also, this people are super heroes….anybody doing what they do, as frequently as they do, and at the scale they do, would HAVE to be in super physical shape. Average people can’t do what they do.

That Iron Man pic is just embarrassing.

The only thing I get from this is that the American average is FAT.

Leave my wife’s artwork alone. ;]

The main issue of this is that it isn’t Realistic. Neither is the original. This is one single body type applied to every single cover. That’s the exact same thing the original covers did. Bodies have dents and curves, some people have no body fat, others have a ton.
The original had to little fat to many muscles extreme angles, Women were sticks with orbs.
The “reimagined” (read, photoshop liquefy tool) you took all dents and shapes out of the bodies. Bodies don’t look like that! They aren’t shaped like a perfectly smoothed sausage! Only Powergirls and Phylocke looks ‘realistic’, , you can see were their hip becomes her leg and were their rib cage becomes their stomach. Everyone else looks terrible. Captian America looks like a tissue. Ironman looks broken. Just about every other girl looks deformed considering you didn’t fix their spin angles and only “”fat dispterbution”” (which is painfully obvious you have no idea how that works.) Before you try to make a body positive piece, please learn how the body moves and holds fat and muscles. Or it just will look bad.

Also, just a disclaimer. I’m a art student, hoping to eventually get into the comic book industry. You learn a lot about how bodies move and hold fat and muscles in life drawing classes.

I believe in a universe where an alien baby gets sent to earth as his planet is blowing up, and then gets super powers from the radiation of our sun, trust me I really do. But the body proportions they use to illustrate this are just absolutely unrealistic.

“Realistic body types?” My wife’s got the body of Power Girl and she’s damn realistic to me!!!

Realistic? It is only relative to what is normal, normal is relative to ones frequent surroundings. If i spent my days break dancing and latin dancing then for me it is Normal and Realistic that the majority of people I know will be an athletic or healthy body type. Or better said is it normal to be Athletic.

So i guess if you’re a super hero, hanging out with other super heroes, doing super hero things on a regular basis, with super Hero metabolism and cellular regeneration then it will not be normal to look like 60% of Americans and in fact will probably look like the left.

If the Fans and Critics got of their butt and actually didn’t something super hero like everyday, had super hero metabolism and cellular regeneration. Then you know what? the silly fans and critics may actually look different to the 60% of other americans. Maybe if they even just got off the couch and stopped ready comics they would become not their normal self.

Um. Why is Iron Man chunky? IT’S A SUIY OF SCULPTED ARMOR!!!!!!!

Leandro Alves

March 8, 2015 at 8:04 pm

Why realistic? I’m thin. Am I not supposed to be real?

>> “Why realistic? I’m thin. Am I not supposed to be real?”

I hear you. It’s just as annoying to me when people tell others (especially me) “you’re so thin/skinny!”. Well, I’m fine thank you. Thing is some humans often don’t even realize that they’re judging others by their own perceptions of how things should be.

I understand what they’re trying to do but what I likeeven more is how the reverse-photoshoppers completely ignore the fact that these characters are physically active on an insane level. Also giving the Ironman armor a belly is just fucking stupid

When did “realistic” become a synonym for fat women and scrawny men? They’re supposed to look fit and beyond average, they’re SUPERHEROES, for pete’s sake. Besides, it may be a shocker to you but fit people are real too!

I guess whoever makes those stupid “realistic” photoshops also expect professional athletes to look fat and flabby.

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