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Swanky case turns your iPhone 6 into a Tim Burton Batmobile


That state-of-the-art iPhone 6 you stood in line for is practically the size of a small car, so it might as well be a stylish car. Say, the Tim Burton-era Batmobile?

For $50, you can by a case that not only protects your smartphone but also transforms it into a detailed replica of Michael Keaton’s sweet, sweet ride, complete with LED lighting … and a projector that actually casts the Bat-Signal! As Gizmodo points out, a little utility belt covers the phone’s home button, while pop-out front wheels give access to its camera lens.

Don’t think of it as something that makes your bulky iPhone 6 even bulkier; think of it as a conversation starter! “Excuse me, I think that Bat-Signal is for me …”




batphone 4




This is cool. But why no love for iPhone 4 or iPods (Classic or not)?

No iPhone 6 Plus version? But I want one!

How do I order one?

The only ones I see on Ebay are IPhone 5 versions

i just checked the price where did you get $50 from?
It’s a lot more expensive than that.
2150 yuan is $343.51

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