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Watch Chris Evans & Chris Pratt photobomb fans at Super Bowl


Chris Evans and Chris Pratt didn’t attend Super Bowl XLIX merely to root for their home teams and settle their friendly (and charitable) wager. No, the stars of Marvel’s Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy also went to Phoenix to photobomb unsuspecting football fans.

Host Jimmy Fallon enlisted the actors for an installment of “Tonight Show Celebrity Photobomb,” in which the trio stealthily — and sometimes not so stealthily — crept up behind fans posing on the NBC Super Bowl Red Carpet. What began as simple solo pop-ups quickly escalated with the addition of stunts and props, including a seemingly innocent hoagie that Pratt turned somewhat obscene (see below).

And if you had any doubt about Captain America’s athletic prowess — or Star-Lord’s trust in that athletic prowess — skip to about 1:53 in the video below.




I love these guys so much.

Too hilarious! They should do this more often!

Gunn keeps denying it–but the Guardians had DAMN well fight with the Avengers in the Infinity War as partners and not just cameo–and Star Lord and Captain America should lead the charge and distract Thanos with an epic two man dance off while Rocket sneaks the gauntlet off Thanos and tosses it to Iron Man!

If Marvel is smart and wants to make 2 billion dollars, then do a movie mashup/teamup of those two super camps. The joy that people got to see the Avengers would only increase by seeing the Guardians in the same movie. Plus it would really make the Marvel Universe one big playground.

SO FRIKKEN’ FUNNY!!! Love those guys!

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