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Cayman Islands police end active search for comic book inker Norman Lee

Gary Higgins/The Patriot Ledger

Gary Higgins/The Patriot Ledger

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service have called off their search and recovery mission for missing comic book inker Norman Lee.

The 44-year-old Lee, a resident of Weymouth, MA, and a frequent contributor to Marvel comics such as Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man and Wolverine & The X-Men, went missing the morning of Thursday, March 5th while snorkeling with his wife near their hotel, the Reef Resort East End. About 250 yards from shore, the couple became separated, and Lee’s wife immediately filed a report upon returning to shore.

Though we initially reported a rescue operation was underway into Saturday based on a story from Boston’s WCVB, Cayman 27 (via reports that search and recovery operations began and ended late Friday afternoon.

“We put all assets available to us, both law enforcement and privately owned,” said Police Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks. We thank all those who assisted us in this time of need. Unfortunately we were unable to find or recover Mr. Lee.” The Joint Marine Unit, a team combining Police, Customs, and Immigration, sent two vessels, while three were sent by the Department of Environment. A dozen volunteer divers joined the search along with the Marine Enforcement Unit, Cayman Helicopter, and a handful of local water sport operators.

“The currents in that area are strong and it is unlikely that we will make any recovery at this stage,” the police said in a statement. While Marine enforcement vessels remain stationed in the area, active search and recovery orders were withdrawn at 6:00pm local time on Friday, March 6th. Authorities are also still encouraging people in the area to call in any sightings of interests.

According to NECN, Lee’s wife has given her final statement on the incident and has departed the island.



So sad.

That’s unfortunate. I hope he turns up alive.

that is so sad though still hope that some miracle happens and he turns up alive but sadly as more and more time passes and the tide against the rescue workers. odds are more and more sadly he is lost and dead in the ocean now.

Please say you are joking when you say his wife has already left the island? It’s only been a few days. If someone I love is missing and may still have a chance to be found no power on earth could make me leave a mere 3 days after the accident. I felt so sorry for her until I read that, now I am suspicious. This is just so sad. What if he turns up alive tomorrow hung up on a reef and finds his “loving” wife isn’t even there?

Perhaps, fearing the worst, it was too painful for her to remain at the island. She may have wanted to be with family and friends, or vice versa. Everyone deals with loss and grieves in their own way, so don’t be too quick to judge.


March 9, 2015 at 4:43 am

That’s a very sad turn of events. A failsafe should be put in place for something like this, changing sea currents can easily put anyone in danger so a form of tracking would be invaluable.

I wish their family the best during these hard times.

You know what, Vikki, go screw. How dare you? Seriously!
The police called off the search, they called off the recovery, they have children, a family? Take your “Suspicions” and shove them up your keister!

Ben, take a deep breath, Vicki has every right to her opinion… and yes, it is a bit odd she left already… I mean really odd… it makes me think of foul play though…

tony macaroni

March 9, 2015 at 9:08 am

Well I understand the wife leaving strictly for financial reasons. I dont know what she does for a living, but i dont imagine she could afford to stay in the Cayman Islands indefinitely on a prayer that he turns up alive.
Unless someone is going to ‘host’ her, not only is her husband dead but now she’s racked up a massive expense on top of that.
And if they eventually find a body thats a large sum for a funeral fee….

@tony macaroni and @Vikki

I thought about the situation and I have to agree with tony. At this time there is no reason to think that the wife leaving when she did was a financial decision. This was a vacation, but people are on a budget and overstaying even in a difficult time like this is just not possible. Can it be another reason she’s leaving suddenly? Sure, anything is possible, but we shouldn’t rush to quick judgement when we don’t know the parties involved.

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