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Pizza Dog gets his own Marvel Select figure (Hawkeye included)


Fans of Hawkeye by Matt Fraction, David Aja & Co. at long last can get that figure they’ve been longing for: Pizza Dog. OK, sure, Hawkguy’s included, but … Pizza Dog!

Apparently, this Marvel Select Avenging Hawkeye figuring has been cropping up in Disney Stores, but now it’s available for order online from the Marvel Shop. Fully poseable, the 7-inch figure features “his classic black costume,” a bow, six arrows, a gun, interchangeable left hand, and two interchangeable heads (one with sunglasses, the other with a bandaged nose, of course).

And did we mention Pizza Dog? Lucky can be yours for $24.95, with Hawkeye thrown it at no extra charge. Marvel Toy News has a closer inspection of the figures.






Lucky only has one eye tho. That’s what makes him endearing.

Why is Clint roided out? Nothing like Aja’s version.

How does Pizza Dog not come with his signature slice of pizza?

Why does Lucky have both his eyes?

Where are the X-men action figures?


I want to buy this and promptly throw away the pistol.

I think that pistol might actually be a hand crossbow.

Uh boy.
How do you ask for a dog’s eye to be removed without sounding like a sadist? :(

Other than that and the overabundance of super muscles it looks good.
No chance that this is a prototype and they’ll fix the actual version?

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