Robot 6

This adorable Baymax will be your personal nighttime companion


It turns out the lovable healthcare robot from Disney’s Big Hero 6 can not only diagnoses illness, disinfect cuts and pet hairy babies — he can also keep you from stubbing your toe at night.

Brando is accepting preorders for this Baymax LED lamp, which boasts multiple modes — fade, smooth breathing, flash, multi-effect and soothing sleep — and brightness control. It even has movable head and arms. So, yeah, it’s perfect as a nightlight for children … or, y’know, adults.



(via Gotham News)



This Baymax.
I like it.


How much ?

Lea Del Rosario

March 14, 2015 at 9:16 am

Where can I buy this adorable thing? :(

Where can I buy one of these? My wife would love it! <3

Please let me know the price and how to order!


NOTE: do you have stuff toys too of Baymax?

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