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Brian Bolland’s ‘Joker trophy wall’ brought to unsettling life

joker trophy wall2

Never let it be said The Joker isn’t the sentimental type. After all, he maintains a trophy wall, as depicted in a 2005 commission by Brian Bolland. With a lot of work, and some help from friends, cosplayer Anthony Misiano (aka Harley’s Joker) has brought that illustration to life in an unnerving homage.

“Believe it or not, altogether roughly 45 photos were used in the final composition, 16 of which just for the Joker alone,” Misiano wrote on Facebook. “You’d never guess how much work really does go into it all.”

Revealing that the piece took 50 hours to complete, he added, “Nothing was plain and simple, honestly. But totally worth it, I’m very happy with the final result.”

He’s offering “Trophies” as a limited-run poster, available on his website.


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Pffft . . . where’s the attention to detail? The Joker in the original Bolland commission is drinking white wine, while Misiano is clearly sipping a rosé.

and why arent the buttons on his vest green? fail.

I love it! It really shows the spirit of the original piece.

America / Bucky / Russia

April 2, 2015 at 11:24 am

This is terrifying.

Whoa… That’s… Yeah, it’s creepy in awesome way. Or is it awesome in a creepy way? :p

that is cool and terrifying how he took the thing straight from the pages of the comic. almost as creepy if some one would do a real life version of the fun house from the killing joke.


April 2, 2015 at 1:29 pm

Wholly Trophy Wife Bats, Wonder Woman looks like she enjoyed her first colonic!! Seriously, this is amazing work of live art.

Well done. Also I now know what Jeff Goldblum would look like playing the Joker.

This is a great effort that was diminished by poor lighting and post.

I guess our new beloved overlords -the League of the Social Justice- will aprove this depiction of Batgirl and Wonder Woman. Or perhaps not. I mean, those smiles seem suspiciously forced! Censor the damn thing! I smell non-consensual murder!!

Okay really why would you guys critic this so hard I mean it’s an amazing cosplay photo so what it’s slightly flawed but Jesus give him some credit or let me see you guys do it better. I think this was amazingly done


April 2, 2015 at 3:33 pm

That…is…A-mazing. Great job to everyone involved in this, it takes a lot to get something *that* picture perfect.


Am I allowed to like this, or is all Bolland-themed Joker taboo now? I’d hate to accidentally be insensitive by thinking this is cool.

Pretty sexy if you ask me.


April 2, 2015 at 7:12 pm

holy hellfire! I am gobsmacked and amazed at this Cosplay!
I cosplay Duela Dent, and have used this man’s face to do my burlesque Joker makeup
Fantastic effort all around! wowzers!

His photo makes even more impact on me than the orig. It’s all in the eyes! Ouch!

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