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DC says goodbye to New York, Marvel responds perfectly

dc vs marvel

When DC Comics bid farewell this morning on Twitter to New York City, its home since the founding of National Allied Publications in 1934, it may not have expected the touching reply from its biggest competitor.

“Thanks, NYC, for being part of DC Comics’ history for so many years,” the publisher tweeted as the last of its staff makes the move to Burbank, California. “And special thanks to everyone who’s worked here over those years.”

In response, Marvel, which will remain in Manhattan, posted an appropriately tearful GIF from Guardians of the Galaxy:

Formally announced in October 2013, the move sees DC’s editorial operations join its digital and advertising divisions in a swanky building nestled beside Disney/ABC, and less than a mile from Warner Bros. Studios. The other departments were relocated to Burbank in 2010.



The past tense of “bid” is “bade,” Kevin.

Maybe they’ll repost the Rocket image when WB goes bankrupt from making ten expensive terrible superhero movies.

How many jobs were made available in the transition to the West Coast?

Snoogins, the English language changes; “bade” is fading from use.

So long era.

Rocket Raccoon is so 2014………Marvel is behind the times as usual.

Kevin, you’re right that the English language changes. The English language changes because of ignorance.

People use “discrete” when they mean “discreet”.
People say “butt naked” when the correct term is “buck naked”.
People use “decimate” as if it means “obliterate”, without understanding “to decimate” means to kill ONLY one-out-of-ten (the same root as decimal) — the Romans were being LENIENT when they captured an enemy army and decimated them, killing ONLY one out of ten enemy soldiers.

When the majority of people don’t know how to speak or write, the English language gets dumbed down. But dumber and dumber seems to be the trend with humans, if you look at today’s music, today’s television shows, today’s politics, and today’s comic books. (Sure, you can always find a few exceptions!)

You mean it’s fidding from use

“Kevin, you’re right that the English language changes. The English language changes because of ignorance.”

This, of course, being the only reason the English language changes. I’m sure you’ve evidence of this to back up your assertion and you’ll be providing it at some point in the near future?


April 10, 2015 at 12:54 pm

They might take potshots at one another from time to time.

But DC and Marvel are still brothers in the industry.

Language changes for many reasons. Regardless, I think we’ll be okay not using “bade.” Same with “whom,” that pretentious twit.

English wasn’t even standardized until the 18th century it’s an amalgamated language from Germanic, Latin and Celtic languages among others One of it’s strengths is that it is always evolving brining in new words and phrases as needed. A static language is a dead language.


It is true that English is a dynamic language! Everyone who insists on the modern form of English would really be surprised at the forms of Old and Middle English. If you ever have the chance, read Chaucer’s “Cantebury Tales,” a key text of Middle English. It’s written in English, yet it’s almost unrecognizable by today’s modern standards. This didn’t change due to ignorance. It changed due to changing historical-cultural contexts. It’s amazing how we totally went past the point of the main topic here, LOL (BTW, the “lol” and “btw” are other forms of the changing nature of language!)

Da Bane of Dane

April 10, 2015 at 1:19 pm

@ Paul, Lol. You Marvel fanboys really get petty and insecure don’t you? What’s wrong with both companies being good? As a consumer it means we get more choices, or we get to enjoy more good movies, either way we are ones getting the benefits. Sticking to one particular brand is beyond stupid. Oh, and Paul, same concept applies when dating girls. It’s ok to date girls outside of your own family.

Roquefort raider

April 10, 2015 at 1:26 pm

Hum, Jake, the Romans didn’t decimate the enemy’s ranks; they decimated their own ranks as a disciplinary measure. But you’re quite right about people using it as a synonym for “killing an awfully large number of folks”.

And so, Warner completes the final stage in the transition of DC from a comic book publisher to R&D for video games and other media platforms. So, where are the DC offices in the new West Cost digs? It has to be somewhere fitting their status within the company hierarchy; like the janitor’s closet.

I have never before commented here, but I have to for this reason entirely unrelated to the article: ‘whom’ is not an archaic or old way of saying ‘who’. It’s an entirely different word that is used when the word for which it is standing as the pronoun is the object of the sentence. ‘Who’ is when it’s the subject. Not using ‘whom’ is not being with the times, it’s being, pure and simply, incorrect.

Buckethead Baptist

April 10, 2015 at 1:44 pm

I like how this news item has devolved into a language nazi dweeb flame war.

Da Bane: Wrong, I am a DC comic fanboy and despise their shitty movies. I don’t read Marvel at all, but I go see Cap, Thor, Avengers and Guardians because they are great movies. Your straw man argument is ridiculous.

I, for one, think that when DC movies are on fire (IMO Dark Knight Trilogy, Watchmen, V for Vendetta and Man of Steel were all very good) they crush anything Marvel has ever done. I enjoy most Marvel movies, but the action comedy style is becoming boring to me. Anything DC has planned for their next movies excites me, while Marvel is slowly boring me to sleep. Age of Ultron looks like the same movie we saw in 2012. Yaaaaaawn

jake earlewine, I always enjoy your posts. Please start a blog if you haven’t yet.

Awwww, that’s sweet. It’s like when two neighbors who are rivals in a lot of stuff, when one gets sick or misses something the other is usually one to show up to check in on them.

Also since when did this turn into a discussion on the history and evolution of language?

I don’t follow DC much, or at all really, but I do watch just about any comic book movie i can get my hands on.

That being said, it’s tough to call out Marvel on any movie except the recent Avengers line (which are all beyond awesome IMO). Sony did a horrible number on the X-Men franchise, and whoever the hell takes credit for Daredevil should be taken out and shot.

But now that Marvel Studios is its own entity, I think they are taking things is a great new direction.

If Man of Steel is any evidence of DC’s future plans, then I think they might just have as bright a future.

People are much smarter and better informed in 2015 than in the past. Jake would realise this if he wasn’t such a stupid old fart.

Nothing says “much smarter and better informed” than calling someone “a stupid old fart.”

If you really think that Marvel is being “classy”, you all need to learn to read between the lines. This is just another petty jab at DC, the same kind that Marvel has been doing for the past 15 years, and that they think make them look “cool”. And it worked.

@Flavio – No, no one really needs to read between the lines to understand this as a jab… What purpose does it serve to always be on the lookout for offenses and putdowns that you really can’t prove to anyone else? I know that I’ll have lower blood pressure and less ulcers if I just take it as it appears and move on. There’s bigger conspiracies and ulterior motives for me to speculate on than the real meaning of a Rocket Racoon gif.

Maybe Marvel is being genuine, maybe they are being jerks but I can buy it as mostly real for a couple of reasons. It’s easy to think about it as Marvel vs. DC but pretty sure at the personal level, Marvel staffers and creators have close friends and former co-workers in DC that are either leaving New York or leaving the industry because of DC’s move to the west coast. Marvel doesn’t really win any huge financial battles by DC’s move to be closer to the media empire’s west coast heart; it does lose an industry peer that is in close proximity.

FYI I still use “whom” because it has a proper use grammatically.

Marvel Comics has done quite well based in New York, with films made in Hollywood. While I respect change – change is the only constant – moving Comic Books out of New York is like moving Country out of Nashville. That would be like moving Hollywood to Des Moines. I get consolidating production to one time zone. West Coast, though? Really?

@ Other Chris

I’m sure there’s a bus stop somewhere where you, Jake and Grandpa Simpson can reminisce about the good old days when everything was “so much better…”

I’m going to say Butt Naked, I have always heard the term butt naked, it makes sense to be butt naked. I’m not even going to waste time pursuing this buck naked, if this guy/ or girl wants to waste his/her time and explain it. Go for it, for the rest of us, we’re moving on.

Bye DC. I think you are making an awful move and have no idea what you’re doing in the movie realm with this new Universe. I am tired of Grim and Gritty, so please change your mind. I miss the old DC, which strangely EVOLVED as well. Now where does that mean something? Does it CHANGE anything? Oh hell, this was pretty entertaining. Wish I had something else to do at 12:30 am besides read a flame war.

Pretty much any time some wet fart of a Internet commenter says that a language is being dumbed down, you can safely ignore that waste of space. Hardline prescriptivists are no better than religious zealots. Giving them attention is akin to feeding trolls. Don’t bother.

What's in a name?

April 10, 2015 at 10:50 pm

Am I the only one who actually enjoyed and appreciated jake’s English lesson?

No, i enjoyed Jake’s English lesson as well.
i actually read the English Nazi posts more than the comments on the article.
And as for DC… Hey, the world is getting smaller.
But Marvel was classy with that tweet.

i’m an English Nazi myself.
For one, it grates on me how the abbreviation/truncation of “Until” to “’til” has been transformed into “Till,” which is what people do to soil. And even worse, i’m still trying to find that place in the history of the English language when “fail” officially turned into a noun.

The more businesses that leave the pit of insanity that NYC has become, the better. Maybe the armed sociopathic extortion gangs with badges will have their standards raised when people stop spending their money in a city known for its corruption.

Hi guys what’s going o…what do you mean take out my English note book and prepare for a test???

Jake is completely wrong about how languages operate. Like it all you want but languages evolve. English is a relatively young language that grew out of the mingling of Normans and Anglo-saxons in Britian and English has changed a great deal since it came into being. One of English’s strengths as a language is that it is mutable. A static language is a dead language.

TickTockin is rockin. You get how language works and know your history.

Summer journeys to Niag’ra
And to other places aggra-
vate all our cares.
We’ll save our fares;

I’ve a cozy little flat in
What is known as old Manhattan,
We’ll settle down
Right here in town.

We’ll have Manhattan,
The Bronx and Staten
Island too.
It’s lovely going through the Zoo.

It’s very fancy
On old Delancey
Street you know.
The subway charms us so,
When balmy breezes blow
To and fro.

And tell me what street
Compares with Mott Street
In July?
Sweet pushcarts gently gliding by.

The great big city’s a wondrous toy
Just made for a girl and boy —
We’ll turn Manhattan
Into an isle of joy.

We’ll go to Greenwich,
Where modern men itch
To be free,
And Bowling Green you’ll see with me.

We’ll bathe at Brighton,
The fish you’ll frighten
When you’re in,
Your bathing suit so thin
Will make the shellfish grin,

Fin to fin.

I’d like to take a
Sail on Jamaica
Bay with you,
And fair Canarsie’s Lakes we’ll view.

The city’s bustle cannot destroy
The dreams of a girl and boy —
We’ll turn Manhattan
Into an isle of joy.

We’ll go to Yonkers,
Where true love conquers
In the wilds
And starve together, dear, in Childs’.

We’ll go to Coney
And eat bologny
On a roll,
In Central Park we’ll stroll
Where our first kiss we stole,
Soul to soul.

And South Pacific
Is a terrific
Show they say,
We both may see it close some day.

The city’s clamour can never spoil
The dreams of a boy and goil —
We’ll turn Manhattan
Into an isle of joy.

We’ll have Manhattan,
The Bronx and Staten
Island too,
We’ll try to cross Fifth Avenue.

As black as onyx
We’ll find the Bronix
Park Express,
Our Flatbush flat, I guess,
Will be a great success,
More or less.

A short vacation
On Inspiration
Point we’ll spend,
And in the station house we’ll end.

But Civic Virtue cannot destroy
The dreams of a girl and boy —
We’ll turn Manhattan
Into an isle of joy!

DC leaving the Big Apple to be nearer to its WB film and network owners across the coast? Well, it leaves superhero™ing in New York City safe for MARVEL at least, and altcomix in the buroughs…

Maybe the fact that DC was in 666 5th Ave. helped explain I was more into their ‘distinguished competition’ growing up than them— THEIR COMICS WERE THE ANTICHRIST!!11! !1!!! Not reallly, I got more into Pekar, RAW and their ‘adult’ ilk (ah, the ’80s getting into comics) and somehow, the MARVEL characters seemed grimmer and grittier even telling stories about spaceknights, toys or Japanese robots.

RIP New York DC.

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