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Student, parents want college to ban ‘Sandman,’ ‘Persepolis,’ more

sandman-dolls houseCollege student Tara Shultz is the latest in a long line of people to be shocked to find that Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi’s graphic memoir about growing up during the Iranian revolution, contains violence.

A 20-year-old attending Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, California, was so dismayed by the graphic content in four of the graphic novels required by her English 250 course — official description: “the study of the graphic novel as a viable medium of literature through readings, in-class discussion and analytical assignments” — that she and her parents are seeking to have them banned by the administration.

In addition to Persepolis, Shultz took exception to Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, the first volume of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s Y: The Last Man, and Neil Gaiman, Mike Dringenberg & Co.’s The Sandman: The Doll’s House, due to the depictions of sex, violence and “obscenities.”

“I didn’t expect to open the book and see that graphic material within,” she told the Redlands Daily Facts. “I expected Batman and Robin, not pornography.”

Associate professor Ryan Bartlett, who has taught the course for three semesters with no previous complaints, defended the books.

“I chose several highly acclaimed, award-winning graphic novels in my English 250 course not because they are purportedly racy but because each speaks to the struggles of the human condition,” he said. “As Faulkner states, ‘The only thing worth writing about is the human heart in conflict with itself.’ The same may be said about reading literature. The characters in the chosen graphic novels are all struggling with issues of morality, self discovery, heart break, etc.”

Don’t tell that to Shultz and her parents, who protested Thursday outside the campus administration building, asking that, at the very minimum, the college slap a warning label on the class. However, Shultz would like them to go further.

“At most I would like the books eradicated from the system,” she said. “I don’t want them taught anymore. I don’t want anyone else to have to read this garbage.” And her father trotted out the who-will-think-of-the-children argument, saying, “We haven’t gotten into the issue of these books being sold in the bookstore and there are under-aged kids here at this campus.”



It’s nice to know that idiots like these people still exist…I wonder if they’re related to Frederic Wertham? Let’s bring graphic novels back to the stone age where they belong!!

America / Bucky / Russia

June 12, 2015 at 3:45 pm

She’s studying an English course and expects Batman and Robin. Why is she studying English?
Because naked women and the existence of lesbians equals pornography.

“I expected Batman and Robin, not pornography.”

…Wait, this isn’t The Onion?

I wish her and her parents good luck in eradicating from the face of the Earth all existing copies of the collected Persepolis, the original French edition and all translations. Its shocking gore is beneath us all and lures us to the gates of Hell.

In fact, I was thinking that maybe Garth Ennis should give Satrapi a call: she seems like a good fit for his next Crossed arc. I mean, SHOCKING VIOLENCE, guys.

Hummm, (warning ; some sarcasm and possible godwin up ahead) perhaps they should also ban ‘Maus’ as it gives a false depiction of the second World War (nazi’s were never cats !!!)

What an incredibly sheltered 20 year old adult.

Thank you for posting this. As a 66-year-old retiree who has three of the four graphic novels that so concerns this obviously over-sheltered young lady, your article has inspired me to now go purchase the fourth one.

I say give her some Batman & Robin. The Killing Joke, The Dark Knight Returns, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth, The Cult, y’know, the classics.

Wow…I can’t begin…just, wow. What year is it?

If anything, this has piqued my interest towards these series. haha

Also, I think she’s trying to get them banned from being in the classes on campus. Not from the face of the Earth.

If, at age 20, she’s running to her mom and dad because something she saw at school offended her, then maybe she’s got bigger problems than just being ignorant and close minded.

Though, yeah, she is that.

“Oh my, there are naked people and torture and other bad things in these how on earth could I possibly survive this terrifying ordeal?” Why exactly is a 20 year old running home to mummy and daddy because someone in a graphic novel said a bad word?

This is crazy. I am 15 years old and I’m not offended by those books. I’ve read two of them! This student isn’t very open minded.

Why didn’t she just drop the class and take a different English course? There has to be an alternate class that would satisfy the requirement. She rather play word police and ruin it for everyone else.

Seems par for the course in college life these days. There’s little tolerance for anything that might offend, or be different from the accepted sensibilities of the day. The only difference here is, the person wants to sensor content that’s accepted by those with a liberal bent. I do notice that it’s rare to see the names plastered of those who protest conservative speakers on campuses, unlike the young lady here, but that, again, is par for the course.

Calling these books pornographic is a misleading and intellectually weak way of saying “I don’t like the content.” The books are acclaimed for a reason and they were chosen as course material for a reason. Provide a coherent and intelligent counter-argument supporting your belief on why they should not be used. Otherwise drop out of the class or be upfront about your intolerant and backward beliefs.

This just gives more fuel for the “level-headed” folks to point out how absurd some beliefs are. If this person is fearful of anything that contradicts her world view she should just drop out of college or attend one that doesn’t challenge her beliefs. She’s wasting her time at this school.

Wow, offended by Sandman, and Y The Last man, even Batman has his darker episodes. what with The Killing Joke, and The Long Halloween. But that being said let’s take a trip through English Literature shall we? Ray Bradbury talks about genocide in the Martian Chronicles, Dostoevsky wrote an entire novel about an alcoholic who contemplates killing his landlord. And gods-damn Shakespeare killed off his entire cast of characters before George RR Martin made it cool.

So if she wants to ban a particular book because it is offensive, she might as well destroy the history of the written word.

The very idea of college students trying to get books ban is sad and depressing.

If you are studying art but can not stand depictions of nudity, why are you studying art then?

I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be this girl’s parents.

“Mom! Dad! Come help me! I saw something I didn’t like… in a book!”

Maybe she should start a hashtag.

She wants to ban Persepolis? Yikes. Grow up. That’s real life. And a great book.

College is supposed to be the time and place to challenge your previous assumptions. You are supposed to explore new ideas. I love super hero comics as the next life long comics fan but it is rare that I find one in the super hero genre that challenges me on that level. Oh sure, Watchmen, the latter half of Zot, almost any run on Animal Man (Morrison, Delano, Lemire- take your pick). Giffen and the Beirbaums run of Legion of Super Heroes.

Something by Will Eisner should be required reading for that course. So should Maus. And yes, while it might appear more to that family’s sensibility, Bone should be included. Not as a alternative to appease the political correctness police because this isn’t a high school. It should be taught to show you can use a deceptively simple art style to tell a long form story that in many ways subverts the expectations of the audience has for the ‘kiddy’ genre and do something daring, deep and quite adult that an older child could still appreciate.


June 12, 2015 at 4:27 pm

A quick checking on FB revealed her wallpaper to be a motivational photo with the phrase: Don’t limit your challenges, Challenge your limits.

Perhaps she should heed her own advice.

“Please, don’t make me read books ! Books are horrible and I don’t want to study english at all”.


June 12, 2015 at 4:31 pm

Alright, prep the cross, we got another self-declared martyr in the making. This lady’s going to be looking for something to climb up on, we might as well just save time and let her get it over with quickly.

Because if my college experience is any indication? Not only will she not get her way, but a large majority of the student body is going to treat her like the laughingstock she is. There was sort of an unwritten rule at my university, and it’s likely common across the board:

It doesn’t matter what you believe, so long as the following conditions are met:

-You don’t try to ruin things for everyone else just because you don’t like it.

-If you insist on setting up a soapbox, at least behave yourself and be sure to have a good argument.

-Don’t ever run to parents or the media just because you don’t like that you had to read / see something.

-Avoid using hyperbole and colorful language as substitutes for facts.

Our friend here failed every one of those points in a spectacular way. And there’s gonna be fallout, I guarantee it.

Zor-El of Argo

June 12, 2015 at 4:34 pm

Why is she in college? She doesn’t seem ready to leave grade school yet!

Maybe she should read lolita instead, or othello?

I work at a university. This is what passes for the average student these days: sheltered and perpetually aggrieved intellectual lightweights. Contrary to what the general belief is, these would-be censors are more often on the political left.

Prudes come in all political categories.

Spider Jerusalem

June 12, 2015 at 4:46 pm

Yes. While we’re at it, let us burn all the copies of Maus we can find, as it depicts things that make people uncomfortable.

The college should just refund her all of her tuition and point her to the door. Problem solved.

El Bearsidente

June 12, 2015 at 4:48 pm

So, a book dealing with the Iranian revolution contains violence.

Color me shocked.

Better not let these people read any books about WW2. Or WW1. Or real life.

She’s transphobic, homophobic, and a neo-con too. Lovely…

I can’t even comment. I don’t know where to start.

Wow. Somebody bring her and her family to Free Comic Book Day, and to a LCBS.

I hope they never get a hold of the book called The Bible. Talk about torture, rape, and murder. That book makes Game of Thrones look like a kids book.

Spider Jerusalem

June 12, 2015 at 4:59 pm

Yes, there are ‘activists’ who pounce if you use (gasp) the wrong word out loud, but this young lady does not sound like a liberal with a left wing bent. Not that it matters – banning books is a terrible idea, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum. She’s too sheltered and tragically unfamiliar with history. What’s next – a public book burning?

meanwhile colleges are banning the american flag claiming it represents oppression and colonialism, LBGT campus groups claiming that using the wrong gender pronouns are acts of violence, teaching any criticism of anyone except white people is a micro-aggression of racism and lastly if accused of rape the victim will be believed at face value and simply because of their gender while the accused will be denied the most basic of due process.

all in all these people have their priorities mixed up.however, from the sounds of it this girl and her family are quite at home with becoming offended over material that causes them a minuscule amount of discomfort. just evidence that progressives end up eating their own. long live political correctness!

Zor-El of Argo

June 12, 2015 at 5:19 pm

If she wants Batman and Robin, the professor should have her read “The Dark Knight Returns.”

You know what’s offensive? This: “At most I would like the books eradicated from the system. I don’t want them taught anymore. I don’t want anyone else to have to read this garbage.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what a coddled Neo-Con looks like.

I would have killed to have been able to read those books in an English class, in college, especially instead of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. Unfortunately, they hadn’t been written yet and the graphic novel/comic book revolution, that would lead to mainstream academic acceptance, was just beginning to occur.

My advice: suck it up, drop the class and take another. Otherwise, disenroll and go to someplace like Liberty University or Bob Jones where they will ban books to your heart’s content.

I see that a few people are trying to say that she is just doing the same that evil liberals do, being overly-sensitive to small discomforts.

To that I respond with this: any reasonable person knows that certain institutions have biases. A lit college will be liberal and have risque texts. Duh. The army or a Baptist Church will likely be conservative. Duh. When I went to study history in college I knew that I was going to find a strong leftist bias, way to left than I am, and I was not surprised.

I think (and I am almost defending her) the point here is that she saw “comics” and thought it was kiddie stuff, she thought it was “safe”. She was not prepared for the concept of adult comics. Her parents look like the same; they’re talking censorship because in their minds comics = kiddie.

This is her first semester in college, right? This is mild compared to some of the stuff that was in my college curricula such as Invisible Man, All the Small Things, Lysistrata (the really dirty translation), and Transmetropolitan. I may never be able to drink Fanta again thanks to All the Small Things but I never actually tried to get the book band.

I bet this 20 year old is a blast at parties. No One drink or she’ll tell!

Sebastian Villegas

June 12, 2015 at 5:40 pm

This is actual censorship, not Sarkeesian talking about video games. Like seriously, what is the hell is even this?

If I can tough it through Hawthorne then these prudes can muddle through Sandman.

This article was both amusing and infuriating. I find it funny that she just wanted to read Batman and Robin, when many Batman comics are as violent and “morally reprehensible” as the comics she takes offense at. Other amusing fact is that she’s a 20 year old college student and should theoretically be mature enough to deal with the content presented in these books.
What I don’t find funny though is that she wants to BAN these books from the campus. She doesn’t like them, so she wants to force everyone into her narrow point of view. A sane person would just drop out of the class and let the other students enjoy their comics, whatever they may be.
Somebody should send her some Robert Crumb comics for the lulz.

Last time I checked, she’s not a parent of a student and she’s not paying their tuition so why does she get to decide what others should be reading? Shut your book, and take your zero, Ms. Shultz. That is your choice and right. …. And has this person actually ever READ a Batman comic? I don’t remember the Dark Knight snuggling baddies into submission. **Note: But I would pay to see that. Pillow fight optional.

Anyone else remember when students protested wars?

Don’t like ‘em, don’t read ‘em, by de facto don’t do course (Batman and Robin? Jeeeeeezus…)

‘Shultz’, there’s irony in there somewhere.

PS @Rene, you’re spot on!

The standard remedy ‘They just need to be educated otherwise’ (not that you said that, just that’s the fundamental resolution) that sometimes works in this situation, doesn’t seem up to snuff, sadly.

“Pornography”? are you kidding me? Here’s a pro-tip: if people are reading/watching something for the plot, it’s probably not porn.

But in all seriousness, this is an instance of sticking your head in the sand so that your ignorance can be neatly preserved. If a comic is rustling your jimmies to the extent that you want it banned, maybe you need to analyze why you’re letting it bother you.

She and her parents want a warning label on the class? There already was one: The class description.

“the study of the graphic novel as a viable medium of literature through readings, in-class discussion and analytical assignments”

Viable medium of literature. As others have pointed out, there’s plenty of awful things in the Bible, Greek plays and Shakespeare. Seriously, I’d love to see her in a Greek drama class where she has to read about a guy killing his father and sleeping with his mother. Or the one where a woman’s husband leaves her for another woman, so she kills their children in revenge.

But clearly, a class involving graphic novels wasn’t what she expected. She should find a class with something lighter, like a fantasy show with dragons. Does her college offer a class about Game of Thrones?

I’ve taught Persepolis and Iron Man: Extremis in my college classes. My students have loved them as literature and understand that there are reasons for the graphic novel other than “Batman and Robin.” Damian’s death was pretty violent, and troubling since he was killed by a version of himself (great literary discussion.) I suspect the student was looking for an easy class, or one based on Richie Rich or somesuch. She obviously has missed what modern graphic storytelling is like. I wish her well and her campaign utter failure.

Three things.

One, the student is an ADULT, not a child, and, two, the college is a COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Oh, and three, English 250 is an elective course.

The funny thing is that this student can always change classes, or schools, for that matter. In fact, no where in this story does it say that the student asked to do so, nor did it say that she requested alternate reading materials. But the worse thing about all this is the parents, who are clearly sheltering the student, rather than guiding her to deal with a world that is as vast and as different from her world-view. If she can’t handle this, I doubt that she’ll handle any other challenge in her life.

And to all, I think it’s best to pity this woman and her family, rather than simply scorn. Yes, it’s easy to do, but it’s tragic. I know this, because it took me years to finally be my own person, after being raised in a very uptight home environment myself. And the funny thing is that in the end, I learned that people, including my own parents, are flawed. When I learned how to cope with this realization, I learned to grow into my home. Still, I do hope that this student learns to be her own person a lot sooner than I did, and not suddenly get married and settle down before then.

Every time I hear someone complaining about sex, violence, and “obscenities” in books I get this urge to recommend banning the Bible which contains genocidal killing, marriage by rape, dismemberment of corpses, and other atrocities committed by the “good” guys, the Israelites. Then I calm down and recognize that you can’t argue with dingbats. All you can do is give them one firm reason why their delicate sensibilities do not permit them to reshape the planet according to their own whims, and tell them to go home until they’re ready to deal with the world.

Voice of Reason

June 12, 2015 at 7:20 pm

This just proved Jerry Seinfeld’s point.

Susan Livingston

June 12, 2015 at 7:26 pm

the idea of letting a few crazy uneducated people determine college curriculum is terrifying

Czarina Charters

June 12, 2015 at 8:01 pm

I read the Sandman series in its entirety when I was 14, this girl is in college… Did she expect that the same restrictions placed on high schools have anything to do with a place of learning that expects you to treat the materials used like an adult?
My question is, and I’m guessing the important one that will teach you something about yourself, is why does it offend you? I don’t mean the reasons stated in the article, I mean the actual reasons. Was she raped or abused at one point and these stories triggered painful or uncomfortable memories? Does she live on a fantasy world where the only place bad things happen is in the media and if you get rid of it then no more bad things happen?
I don’t understand people whose first response to something that they don’t understand is to try and make it go away.

This young lady is 20, and she’s running home to her parents because real life just stood up and went “Boo!”. And now she wants the spectre of reality banned so she won’t have to face it’s harsh glare/.

Would I be correct in that assumption?

What was she, home-schooled by parents who keep a family Bible on the coffee table, never read because their TV preacher tells them all they need to “know”? Probably knows about Lot’s family fleeing from the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah, yet that knowledge ends with his wife turning to a pillar of salt.

And would probably be a bit scandalized to hear what happened afterwards (his two young daughters, fretting that they would never find partners once word of their city’s fate hit, got Daddy drunk (twice) and both had sex with him).

I am a Christian, but I don’t need others to tell me what parts of the Bible to read, and I certainly don’t take it as literal truth (Evolutionary evidence shows we’ve been around for juuuust a bit longer than 6K years, and our forebears are not an incestuous couple in a garden),

But more to the point, this girl (and her parents) need to realize that the world is not just for them, the college is not just for them, and if the young lady wishes to not be exposed to books that conflict with her world view, then she may as well crawl back into her mother’s womb and stay there.

I teach English courses at a large, public university and have no idea where this “coddled, left-wing students are ruining the academy!” nonsense is coming from because I assure you that it’s coddled little Neo-cons like Tara Shultz who consistently cause problems for professors by running to their parents over texts that any 20-year=old adult should be more than capable of handling.

This is the type of person who’s still shocked when they read a “BAM! POW! Comics aren’t just for kids anymore!” article.

I’ve been teaching graphic novel literature for 5 years. Luckily, this hasn’t happened to me yet.

There’s a quote from her on her college’s website: “I hope to practice law and perhaps become a congresswoman further down the line.”

Oh, good. Of course she does.

Also, I can’t help but wonder what version this 20-YEAR-OLD has had exposure to that would make her think it’s all rainbows and lollipops.

*What version of Batman, that is.

There you go. Censorship raises it’s ugly head. Again.

I believe all four of those books have “For Mature Readers” somewhere on their cover. Perhaps neither Ms. Schultz nor her parents realize that she didn’t qualify.
The truth of the matter is that Fun Home is the basis of a Broadway play that just won several awards and the other three all have literary merit.
None of them are particularly purient in nature, none of them were published for sale only to adults and most shop owners I know would sell them to discerning 16 year olds with no one complaining…
The idea that someone would try to censor what 18+ can read is totally ridiculous.

Jason M. Bryant

June 12, 2015 at 11:09 pm

This feels like a stunt to me. The titles listed here are not even particularly offensive compared to some of the things you see in classic literature or movies.

I would be very interested in an investigation into this student’s actions. Did she ask people which classes might have objectionable material? Did she look for anything that she could stage a protest over? Did she weigh her options and decide that protesting comics would get more traction than protesting something else?

This might be real. It might be a stunt to make a point. It might even be a mix of both. Whatever it is, I think the university needs to look into the motivations of this student and see if there was any kind of prior planning to do this kind of thing.

“I don’t want anyone else to have to read this garbage.”

Good news: you already live in a world where nobody has to read it.

Have you tried taking a different English class?

I guess it probably wouldn’t matter. Come to think of it, the only English course I took in college that DIDN’T assign any books that might offend anybody was technical writing.

That college student are increasingly keeping them themselves sheltered from ideas which may conflict with their world view is being written about more more these days. This is a problem much larger than censorship of these books. It spans into everything, every class, every subject, every political persuasion. Professors are becoming increasingly frustrated that they can not expose their student to ideas that might challenge a pre-defined world view, out of fear that it might “upset” somebody who will then get them fired.


The fact that anyone can get so easily offended in this day and age is one of the major problems with the World at the moment. Fair enough she has to read the Graphic Novels for her course. She didn’t like the content, there is no call for her to question the teaching methods and expect the entire course changed because shes lived a sheltered life, shes 20 years old for christ sake.

I’m offended by her offendedness. She should tweet about it.

Reading challenging materials in a school? THAT’S what’s wrong with the country today. But I smell a new FOX NEWS reporter— her true reason for going to College…

Jamie Bautista

June 13, 2015 at 2:01 am

My god, why will happen when she actually reads the Bible in school. Killings! Adultery! Giants being dispatched with head shots! And all being shown to children! I expect that to be next on this family’s list of books to be eradicated.

Seriously? This is a college aged person? Someone needs a serious lesson in growing the f up. If she can’t handle the reading material, she needs to seriously reconsider going to college, maybe go work at mcdonalds, instead. That would be at her level.

I keep saying this a lot lately, but eh… only in America.

This made me giggle. Persepolis is pornography? Wait till you get to Maruo Suehiro, young woman.

Persepolis talks about what it means for a girl to grow up in a brutally misogynist society (Iran) ; Y questions sexual stereotypes ; Fun house shows the narrator discovering her homosexuality (and what happened to her dad who repressed his homosexuality, pushing him into suicide) ; in Sandman’s Doll house, two characters are lesbians and are showed (horror !) has human beings.

This is what antifeminism and homophobia call “pornography.”

Hope for this girl who thinks that Batman and Robin are harmless that she never finds out what Will Broker, in his book “Batman unmasked” has to say about the relationship between this two…

Sorry for my English, but I’m from France (where things like that also happen – you’re not alone, folks)

Tyrell Archer

June 13, 2015 at 5:01 am

I’m disappointed with this family’s viewpoint, but of course they have the right to be offended by anything they wish. It seems to me, however, their issue should be with the professor for selecting the books, or at the very least not discussing them beforehand. Either way, it’s a shame they feel they must force their viewpoint on others.

By the way, this article was very poorly written in term of objective reporting. Please allow the reader to form their own opinion, unless you are writing an opinion piece.

While I totally disagree with the young lady, some of the comments in this thread are kind of depressing as far as advocating bullying her in some form. She’s wrong, in my opinion, and should be debated intelligently or ignored not harassed.

Obviously this young woman isn’t prepared in any way for the real world. Good job, parents.

And trying to ban adult material from a COLLEGE f’pity’s sake. I certainly hope the swing to conservatism and censorship peaks pretty soon, I’m getting damned tired of other folks trying to tell me that they know better than I do what I should or shouldn’t read.

I desperately hope the swing to a more progressive attitude gets a boost in the next national election.

Some of you have commented to the effect that these folks must be living in the distance past, but you need to know that this is actually a facet of a recent and increasingly common issue for teachers. Challenge someone’s assumptions about the world and they may accuse you of discriminating against them. Take a look at this column by a college professor…

One the other hand I do take issue with the professor and Faulkner. I’ve slogged through three of Faulkner novels in my life and can’t for the life of me see why lit profs think he’s so awesome. Not every work has to be consumed with inner struggle. Man versus nature and man versus man are still real and viable main conflicts.

Batman and Robin? Let’s have her read Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman and Robin. Maybe she’d change her tune then.

What a self righteous little ****.At the very least he should ask if he can have a alternative book to read. But to ban it from the curriculum when NO ONE else has ever had reported issue with it? The balls on this guy.

Let me guess… Republicans?

There is a reason why college is considered “higher education”. Parents should have zero say in what goes into the curriculum unless to complain that it is too narrow!

If those are shocking, then she should read a good comic, like Gantz or Berserk.

Necco Wafers are Dusty

June 13, 2015 at 8:33 am

This is what comes of raising delicate, helicoptered, naive, faint-of-heart, judgmental children. This is how most of the Millennials look to me. Children raised in a bubble, not allowed to play outside without wearing body armor, not allowed to eat in a school cafeteria for fear a tree nut might be in the room, slinging a cell phone and Facebook access since they were six years old and being able to call mom and dad for help every time some little challenge comes along.

Now that they’re becoming adults, it’s clear that they cannot deal with the real world at all. They panic and call mommy and daddy when faced with scary stories, unpleasant living conditions, unfair situations, or trying times. They can’t stand up on their own, even as “adults”, because they’ve had training wheels on their whole life.

How do we stop these monsters from destroying creative freedom? What can I do to prevent these close minded people from forcing their narrow and small world on others?

All she had to do was drop the class. Nope. Her view is the only view. Her obvious ignorance ignored, despite admitting to knowing nothing. This kinda stuff pisses me off.

“I hope to practice law and perhaps become a Congresswoman further down the line.” – Tara J. Shultz, English 2014. Really? Does she understand that studying for a law degree is going to include: rape, sexual abuse, murder? Oh, probably not since she didn’t even research what the required reading materials for this class were. You are given a purchase list before the class starts. Maybe she should have done a little research (going to need that skill for law, too) and dropped the class if she didn’t agree with it.

College is an option, you chose that one so…sink or swim. The world is a big place, more people will protect the right of authors to make provocative reading material and the college’s decision to use that material, than will join in your fight to ban particular books that you deem provocative. Also, I would wager that more people wish to read thought provoking and even shocking books than you could possibly imagine.

That being said, I have never read these books. I wish to read them now. I think the publishers should thank this lady for the free publicity.

This quote is from her twitter account:
“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” George Washington
Too bad she doesn’t understand what this means…

She thinks those comics are pornographic? Someone should tell her about Lost Girls. It would give all three of these Mary Whitehouse-lites heart attacks.

Who cares that she expected A campy comic when she opened up the Sandman. Just because the world didn’t live up to her assumptions based on ignorance of the facts doesn’t mean the rest of us have to lose out. It seems like a strange thing to study in college but I would have loved to read Sandman in college since I first read it when I was probably 15 already. Some people are just more sensitive and easily shocked and they feel like they need to rail against what shocked them to protect others of the same mind, and possibly people like us that are to stupid to be offended. Mean while people who like good stories even if they contain certain horrors are not evil or twisted like they like to portray.

Are historians that study WWII twisted for examining the holocaust? Those are real horrors that should offend humanity but we can’t just close our eyes and pretend they didn’t happen. Human history is full of terrible things that make these graphic novel look like a children’s bedtime story. Stop living in your made up fantasy world and joint reality like the rest of us. Yes, children should be shielded from stories that are above their maturity level but I feel like college students are perfectly able to handle Y: the Last Man. If the movie ever comes out they will all go and see it and probably sneak in alcohol and pot to share with their new experimental lesbian girlfriend. I think comic books are the least of parents concerns for their college kids.

One of the benefits of college is that you get to read all kinds of out-there stuff for class. Some people just shouldn’t go to college.

I’m so tired of reading and hearing about these censorship minded idiots like Tara Shultz and her parents that are yearning to crusade against certain comic books that don’t meet their uber conservative standards,for I’m sensing that she’ll drop out of this college(who wont’t put up with their antics) and get a lawyer to sue the college,for I’m surprised that this clueless imbecile even made it through sixth grade.

…forgive me for misspelling the word “won’t”,since I was so immensively angry when reading this article.

Okay, guys, calm down. Seriously. First of all, this article is not well written. As a person stated above, it is objective reporting. At least let the readers make up their own minds. Second of all, people need to stop with all the hate. I get it; you disagree with her. But calling names is making YOU look like the child, not her. Disagree with her all you want, but hating her because of her opinions is absolutely ridiculous.

Why doesn’t she take another class? Why is she taking a class about graphic novels when she doesn’t even know what they are?

I don’t see what’s wrong with objective reporting. It’s certainly better than subjective reporting.
Dear T, don’t tell people to calm down, it’s offensive because you imply they’re not calm. They’re offended just like the Shultz claim to be. Leave people express themselves, don’t be a censor like Tara and her family want to be. Most of people reacting are familiar with the work. This is CBR after all. As a matter of fact I’ve read all four. You may not realize it but her “opinions” are extremely offensive and even worse than calling people names. Believe or not, reading these comments can only help her become a better person. There’s little if any hate in there. Outrage, sure. But don’t go claiming people are hating. Your misrepresentation of the comments is annoying.

Notice daddy said “…We would not have taken the class…” Oh, he going to? How much longer will he be chewing her food for her too?

I feel for you Tara so I’ve put together a couple of talking points for you to use. They’re short and sweet but should get you on your way. Feel free to use them in your statements to the media, no need to give me credit. Here we go:

These texts are misogynist and the professor is exhibiting white male privilege by assigning them. They are triggering to victims of sexual abuse and contribute to rape culture on campus. I’ve also been the subject of social media harassment since beginning my campaign. Send your donations to my patreon.

I certainly don’t agree with her comments. But everyone on her telling her not to be closed minded are bring close minded about her. There is nothing to see here. She’s not going to be successful in banning Graphic Novels etc. Get real. The ppl accusing her of hate are being just as hateful on this thread blasting her. This whole thing is stupid. Everyone can find something to be offended about if you think long enough. Our culture is too PC.

Preston –

Huh? Persepolis and Fun Home are supposed to be fodder for accusation of male privilege? Why don’t ya add The Female Mystique? ;) Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re going for, but it just don’t work if she is going to accuse those specific books.

Unit99 –

The ol’ logic bomb strikes again. If you’re close-minded against close-minded people you’re being as close-minded as the close-minded. The only way to not be as close-minded as the close-minded is to allow them free reign to be as close-minded as possible. Would that make the world less close-minded?

Answer: No.

By the way, hello from the Freedom Fries country…

This is absurd.
I don’t remember the last time I raged so hard.
I don’t want to throw insults, but jesus christ Tara Shultz, what is wrong with you?

The first problem here is that she took a class without knowing the subject matter. It’s “the study of the graphic novel” not “the study of CCA comic books”. It’s not anyone’s fault but her’s that that meant something other than what she thought it meant. Gee, I’m going to guess she’s not taken any psychology or health classes yet. Secondly, if she thinks any of those are porn, I feel very sorry for her sheltered existence. Thirdly, you are 20 years old, not 12. Do you SERIOUSLY think “Daddy, Daddy, that bad man tried to make me read bad things” is an acceptable response at your age? And SHE doesn’t like them so SHE doesn’t feel they should be taught anymore? Gee, maybe she should have actually READ Persepolis…

Wearing your @$$ as a hat is not an acceptable fashion statement.

I checked out her Twitter, it’s literally PLASTERED with third party content; I don’t think I saw a single tweet that didn’t have a link to a Youtuber, author, news site or other form of third party media.

I am detecting HUGE amounts of shill here. Stir up a news case to get people to pay attention then grab them by their wallets when they’re distracted.

I believe you. No one would be THAT stupid to really think that Persepolis is porn, unless there was some “shilling”, as you nicely called it.

Not unusual in what passes for higher ‘education’ today. Hypersensitive, helicopter-parented students complain of the need for ‘trigger warnings’ and ‘safe spaces’ to be able to avoid confronting the very real world of sexual violence and -isms that offend them. Sad.

Drop. The. Class. That’s all that’s necessary. Find something else to take.

Attention-grabbing religious fundamentalists are SO passé.
I think I will go have café et cigarettes avec mon chat, Henri et mi copain, Collete.
Godot is waiting…

Say what you will but leave Brian K Vaughan alone!

Tara Shultz is just a dumb 20 year old taking up a pointless cause. This upcoming generation will be the downfall of us all.

This is why raising your kids in a religious bubble is bad for them. You are literally not preparing them to live in the outside world. I can’t believe there is anyone this naive, at that young an age, that still buys into the “made for kids” stereotype. This sounds like a made up controversy to garner attention to a cause.

Odd how many people here in the comments are whining about her being “too PC” and the result of “liberal parenting” etc.
Because, as 2 minutes of research show, she is a hard-right conservative. Not a liberal. That’s right, she’s one of yours, neo-cons. (The book-banning & whining about “pornography” should have been a clue – those have been classic conservative moves for time immemorial.)

I think ANY student requesting a University or College to ban a book should be expelled. Religion and extreme political correctness have no place in an educational institution like facts and imagination has no place in churches and other places of superstition.

Go to the College’s Facebook page and ask that they expel this kid!

Andy E. Nystrom

June 14, 2015 at 6:56 pm

Expel?!? No, definitely not. College is absolutely where she needs to be to expand her world right now. Better to engage her in classes and, nicely, point out the fallacies in her arguments. And while’s she’s being a nuisance I don’t think she’s done anything that is grounds for expulsion.

Linda Ross-Mansfield

June 14, 2015 at 8:37 pm

A college student decided to take a lot course where you have to read comics.
This looks a lot like a lazy person looking for the modern equivalent of basket weaving 101.
Poor dear thought this would be an easy course and is dismayed that the selected works actually require considerable use of that funny pink thing between her ears. Try reading Mill on the Floss, or even Anne of Green Gables and she would probably claim too.
College is not meant to be easy
It is meant to expose you to many different ways of -t-h-i-n-k-i-n-g-! If you have never done this before it is time to start.

Definitely just doing it for the attention. I had a problem on my freshman English class – not with the assigned books, but with the actual assignment (either “defend x’s raping of y” or “defend x’s abuse of the child”) so I dropped out & took another class (and stayed well clear of that professor). The end

Fiction overall is rife with verboten material, such as “conflict”.

These people are right. You wouldn’t tolerate murder in reality. Why should fiction be any different?

These are absolutely the sort of first-world problems that justify the callous censorship of artistic expression.

Let the book banning begin! Or, we could just ban close-minded puritanical morons from higher education…

Where does it stop being whining and start being political activism? I think this still qualifies as whining. “I don’t want to read something that makes me think the world isn’t the place I want the world to be” – definitely whining. NOT political activism.

No. I’m sorry, but no. Grow up and get over yourself, this is college, the REAL world. You can’t just get every violent thing banned, that’s not how it works. Are you going to take world history and get all the books that talk about bloodshed and wars and torture banned? No, because they happen. If you don’t like it, sign up for a course on kittens and rainbows and leave the actual world to the grown ups. Especially don’t get professors in trouble for just trying to teach you about the world you live in just because you’re a sheltered little priss.

Ms. Shultz is probably a real riot at parties. Maybe she attended the wrong college.

I want to cry, how could anyone call sandman pornographic. This is how book burners think.

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