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T’Challa graces the cover of ‘Time,’ ‘Wired’ in fan-made images


You know you’ve created something special when the fanbase starts marketing for you.

Sure there’s the fans that get folks pumped up through general word-of-mouth hype and excitement, but then there are the ones who go above and beyond — fans like mechanical engineer Darian Robbins, whose mock magazine covers for Marvel Studios’ upcoming “Black Panther” film have become a viral hit.

Polygon spoke with Robbins about his fan art, which feature “Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman on the covers of “Wired” and “Time” magazines, and more. The fake magazines are created to be as if they are from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, highlighting the genius-level intellect king of Wakanda, T’Challa, and his many accomplishments.

“In the comic book universe T’Challa is equal to [Tony] Stark in intelligence and heroism and surpasses him in others: technology, wealth, and leadership,” Robbins told Polygon. “For the non-comic book readers it might be hard to understand the latter, so hopefully the mock covers and other media would help people get up to speed.”

Robbins said he got the idea after seeing the mock magazine covers of Tony Stark from the first “Iron Man” film, and as such Robbins’ images feel just as real, since T’Challa rightfully would earn cover features to multiple publications.

“Black Panther” is slated to open July 6, 2018, but Boseman’s first appearance as T’Challa comes in “Captain America: Civil War,” in theaters May 6, 2016.







Wait isn’t Wakanda supposed to be a secret nation before the Black Panter joins the Avengers? This goes so against the comics. Well at least this is just a fan made thing.

Come on! They’re amazing, so stop bickering.

I’m sorry, but these are amazing. It’s hard to believe that they didn’t come from Marvel Studios’ marketing team. If they were smart, the magazine covers would make their way into Agents of SHIELD.

No way would his character sits down for an interview, or even make himself known to the press. Huge mistake. And why discuss, place on the element chart, and brag about the potential of a metal you have no intention of sharing. He comes to the US for a reason and to help. They (Wakanda) has everything it needs. Their king just goes on a walkabout.

He keeps his costume on almost ALL of the time in everything I’ve ever seen, except when in the tightest of confidences. Since on one knows him our real world version will mean he can be out of costume much more.


I think what will be interesting is to see how a modern day Black Panther would interact with a modern world. The world was a very different place when BP was first introduced. T’Challa may or may not want to remain isolated. He might be forced out of isolation for different reasons. He might also be forced into the public spotlight for different reasons. Anything is possible…

The fan art looks great though. Makes me excited for BP’s debut in the MCU.

Pretty cool, even if it is basically just a rejig of the same bit at the start of “Iron Man” where we see Tony on the cover of Wired / TIME, etc. Tony’s gonna be miffed Black Panther is stealing his bit!

T’Challa is part Tony Stark (out of uniform) & part Black Blot (in uninform)

Going by the dialogue given to Banner, Stark et al. in the lead-up to the Ultron-Klaue-Avengers fight in that shipbreakers’ yard, I’d say that for MCU purposes at the moment the nation’s known to exist but isn’t keeping a very high profile. By design. Civil War will be where that starts to change.

Question that should’ve been raised with Kirby, McGregor, Priest, McDuffie et al.: should the Wakandan language have its own writing system?

T’Challa is part Tony Stark (out of uniform) & part Black Bolt (in uniform)

This is just off the chain. I got so hyped when I saw this! OMG, reduced to a 7-year old reading Jungle Action…

Darian’s comics ideas and graphic designs have been pretty damn great across the board for some time now. I’m happy he’s getting some press.

You guys are insane, lol; its a fan project…he did this for fun. Stop deconstructing it against canon from the comics…just enjoy it for what it is. People like you guys are why comic nerds get negatively stereotyped so often.

^5 Steven

Listen to Steven for he is wise.

Can’t help but wonder if George S. was channelling his inner Black Panther with his way of speaking : p

+1 for Steven’s comments.

This is why we can’t have nice things — because nerds are for the most part whiny babies

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