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This Asgardian Iron Man armor is better than anything Tony Stark has


Samuel Lee of Prince Armory is behind such mind-blowing costume and armor creations as the medieval versions of The Joker, Loki and Darth Vader. Now he’s back, this time with a gorgeously detailed Asgardian Iron Man.

The one-of-a-kind suit, made from leather, with brass hardware, isn’t for sale, but he’s always willing to discuss custom orders. However, you may need to have Tony Stark-sized bank account to afford it.

asgardian iron man1a

asgardian iron man3

asgardian iron man2

asgardian iron man5

asgardian iron man4

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That’s pretty awesome, but why would an Asgardian need an Iron Man suit? It could’ve just been medieval Iron Man and it would be fine.

@tim its for stark to go to asgardia.

@wil asgard*


June 30, 2015 at 9:01 pm

@Justin end your life…coming on a blog saying nothing but spell checking..a true waste of life..if you have kids…well yoiu know what to do with them….and your self..follow suit

ohh did yoiu catch that..i spelled you wrong up there, go ahead correct have to have some value in life right..because currenty you a waste of life that means nothing alive or dead to the public

What's in a name?

June 30, 2015 at 9:20 pm

Wow, that last msg was INTENSE.

It looks like the Mandarin stole Tony tech and made the iron man suite for himself.

Asgardia is technically correct if you read the comics. A recent incarnation of the Asgardian that was actually on earth and ruled not by Odin but rather by the All Mother was called Asgardia and utilized a mix of magic and technology. With that in mind an Iron Man armor for Asgardia would be more correct than an armor for Asgard.

I think if we ever went to another planet to colonize and found primitive life……this is what we should wear. The natives will all see us as gods and we could tell them we will destroy them if they don’t build us huge pyramids and mine us gold! It would be great! “You bring me a martian cow burger” NOW!


It doesn’t have the splendid simplicity of a normal Iron Man suit. It looks way too busy and just doesn’t look like it’s something that’s designed for a real fight, but more like a display box.

Your opinions don’t matter… ONLY MINES.

Over designed and appalling.

No flower for his lapel? What kind of armor is this?

It looks like Ming the Merciless came out of the closet, finally.

In the immortal words of J.A.R.V.I.S. “That’s just a little ostentatious, don’t you think?”


July 1, 2015 at 9:21 am

There was once a story about Iron Man being stuck in Asgard and working with a dwarven smith (Eitri?) to repair his armor. I believe they used uru – same metal as Thor’s hammer. But this looks much better than that gray suit did.



i wish. this suit will be shown on IRONMAN movie! i can’t wait for that, if tony stark will b star in guardians of galaxy


July 2, 2015 at 2:29 am

Beautiful. Maybe even too pretty. I wouldn’t be able to fight in it because I wouldn’t want even a scratch on it. :p

I recall reading that this was originally envisioned as a “What if Tony Stark got stuck in Asgard, and needed to use their tools, with their smiths, to make himself a new suit?”.

It’s pretty nice.
But it’s NOT better than what Tony came up with.


sean malcolm hardner

September 8, 2015 at 6:25 pm

I like the craftmanship, would design my own suit, though.
Oh, and I already have a decent war helmet & $$$ is no concern, use brass is fine, I can then plate it myself.
585 748 0165
lyndonville, NY

Sam. Utterly fantastic work. Great balance in your work and love the details, Especially the details in the Stark reactor chest piece lens. Would really appreciate a video of you performing your work. Be great to see this from concept/design to materials then the process of making just to show what type of skill and talent it takes to make something as gorgeous as this piece. Amazing work. Keep it up.

In Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Tony Stark’s suit is destroyed and he teams with the dwarf king to make a new set of Asgardian Uru metal armor. this more like what i would have expected it to look like, than how it as portrayed in the show.

But is it worthy to even lift the hammer?

The reason Ironman had this suit designed in asgard with thor and odins helps (hammered by dwarves,is that this suit is impervious to magneto.

Nice concept. would work in a what if…? storyline. what if Tony Stark was deemed worthy of the Hammer of Thor and turned it down? Boom, Asgardian forged armor with techno-magic.

I think it’s not bad. I’d like to see the Chest light up from Tony’s, uh….chest light? LOL I’m not up on the lingo or rather I am I’m just having a severe brain fart.

@tired_of_Spelling_Morons …Wow, dude, someone that aggro over a spelling correction – it IS Asgard, NOT Asgardia – is evidently a very poor speller and has issues that run far deeper than people who correct spelling errors online. I’m guilty of it a few times, but I don’t lurk on comment pages just to do it. But if it’s blatant and makes the user look the damn fool, I would think he or she would WANT to be notified. I know I would, as long as it was done so politely. Fucking chill, dude.

There is actually a old edition of Ironman comic where if my memory serves me correct ( it might not) he does fight in Asgard, wish i could remember the issue number but that was like 30+ years ago.

Wow that is so cool .

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