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Mattel brings ‘Batman v Superman’ toys to Comic-Con


Following in the footsteps of Funko and LEGO, Mattel has unveiled its own Comic-Con International-exclusive toys for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Debuting this morning in USA Today, the lineup includes a two-pack of 6-inch action figures based on the likenesses of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill ($30); a Hot Wheels Batmobile with limited-edition packaging ($25); and a 12-inch Wonder Woman Barbie based on Gal Gadot’s likeness (Batman and Superman will also be part of a new Barbie line).

Mattel will also display a life-size Hot Wheels build of a Batman v Superman Twin Mill car, celebrating the upcoming Warner Bros. film. A die-cast toy version of the car will be released in the spring as part of a new Hot Wheels line.

Comic-Con will be held July 8-12. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25, 2016.







I personally think that Wonder Woman figure is waaaaaay too thin

Well… the figure matches Gal Gadot which is also too thin for Wonder Woman (and for my taste too)

“a 12-inch Wonder Woman Barbie based on Gal Gadot’s likeness”.
It’s a barbie doll.

Wait, Jennifer Love Hewitt is playing Wonder Woman?

Oh, these toys are every bit as bad as this movie is going to be.

she’s a barbie. because that’s what girls will want and boys don’t want stupid wonder woman being the same size or type of figure as superman and batman because they wont play with a stupid girl toy, anyway. ‘cuz girls are dumb. and they like dolls.

or something similar, is what the toy executives said.

The B/S actions figures are not good imo. If they made a WW figure like that, I wouldn’t buy it anyway…

I actually kind of like these. As an artist myself, the proportions don’t exactly bother me because it’s a comic/cartoon chracter that is already exaggerated and animated for the sake of visual excitement. Especially since there are so many different styles of art in comics to consider. I’d rather have a cartoony figure than an exact replica of a real person because that feels weird. And perhaps rather than focusing on wonder woman’s body image we can focus on how cool it is that they’re even making a wonder woman action figure!!! :D

As an artist, and a toy collector, I think these are terrible. The Superman one is okay, but Bats is just plain terrifying. That WW isn’t an “action figure” it’s a Barbie, and no it doesn’t look like Gadot. Mattel is finally making Barbies with flat feet, but still makes a WW figure in ridiculous heels?

There are some really beautifully sculpted and painted action figures out there on the regular retail market, and these just look sad and rushed.

Oh man I’m gonna get some grief for posting this but I want that barbie! Lol
I’m into collecting WW stuff right now

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