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Rep. John Lewis marches through Comic-Con


This past weekend, politician and genuine American hero John Lewis made the trip to Comic-Con International to spread the word about “March: Book Two,” the second volume of the graphic novel trilogy detailing his experiences in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. But as detailed by the Washington Post, Rep. Lewis didn’t just drop in for a quiet appearance, he marched through the convention center with a group of children in tow. Wearing a trench coat and backpack filled with copies of “March,” Lewis arrived at Comic-Con “cosplaying” as his 25-year-old self, who led hundreds on a march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Co-written with his staffer Andrew Aydin and drawn by Nate Powell (“Swallow Me Whole”), the “March” books are a three-part set of memoirs telling Rep. Lewis’ story from his days as a young boy in segregated Alabama, to being beaten in the Selma march of 1965, to his time as U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 5th congressional district, a position he’s held since 1987.

On Saturday, Lewis took the stage at Comic-Con International alongside Aydin and Powell to discuss the books, his lifelong message of nonviolent protest and share a preview for “Book Three.” In attendance were a group of third-graders from San Diego’s own Oak Park Elementary, who then accompanied the congressman in a march from the panel to his signing at Top Shelf Productions’ booth, echoing his “Bloody Sunday” march.



Harry Callahan

July 13, 2015 at 3:58 pm

Way to ruin the fun at comic con by allowing this divisive, race hustler to march around and spew more of his nonsense.

John Lewis is a great guy. March is a great book. If fighting for civil rights and demanding equal protection under the law is “Race Hustling” then sign me up. It’s only considered divisive to white supremacists.

Thanks Harry Callahan for showing how racist the comic book audience can be, seeing as he marched in one of the most important events in American history, the selma march, I guess you preferred that black and white people have their own segregated bathrooms too. *Facepalm*

Notice Lewis didn’t make it about politics. Only his critics did. Last time I checked, the “race hustling” was started by the segregationists.

Harry Callahan

July 13, 2015 at 5:05 pm

I never said a word about civil rights which I totally agree with, what I don’t agree with are politicians who use race to divide Americans into groups to pit against one another, which is exactly what this guy is known for. Al Sharpton marched as well and is the same type of person who is dividing this country instead of bringing us together. Just go on youtube and look up some of the things this man has said and tell me he is not divisive.

Sure, Harry, It’s totally divisive. It divides the white supremacists from the nice people.

@Harry Callahan

Did you even look at the photos? That isn’t a group composed of a single ethnicity behind Rep. Lewis, that is a group of people of all shapes and sizes. His march at comic con was the literal definition of unity.

I’m not going to sit here and say I’m a Lewis expert, but everything I’ve seen and read about him shows me he’s a true hero walking amongst us.

Harry its actually the exact opposite of divisive. He is trying to bring people together. The marches were about equal rights.

Harry Callahan

July 13, 2015 at 5:32 pm

His civil rights march was 50 years ago and it was for all the right reasons, but the things going on today are nothing like back then, today he’s just another slick politician whipping up like the rest of the lot, but hey if the guy actually went somewhere and wasn’t divisive and yelling about a revolution and social justice then my hats of to you Mr. Lewis it’s about time.

Sure Harry it’s okay to cosplay whatever else there is out there, but if someone does a graphic novel on historical rights called “March” suddenly re-enacting makes you sad. We need more real heroes. I’m not sure how he “ruined” anything.

And what the f* is wrong with social justice. Seems like we could use some these days.

I worked on John Lewis’s third campaign for the house many, many years ago. He’s every bit as noble as his history would lead you to believe. March is a great, great book and it’s an honor to be of the same species as Rep. Lewis.

Harry, stick your head in a toilet
after someone drops a deuce, please.

Politicians suck! All of them!

Really enjoyed volume one of “March,” and our local library finally has volume 2 now. I’ve loved getting to learn about this Civil Rights leader in comic media.

If I were at Comic-Con for a 3rd-grade field trip, I would’ve remembered this forever: all the people, the costumes, the colors and sounds— and a Congressman ‘cosplaying’ himself in one of the nation’s historical events leading my class in a March down its crowded halls…

Good for Congressman Lewis and Oak Park Elementary!

(And ‘Dirty Harry’— hey, that’s not a comicbook name; reactionaries REALLY don’t get the point?— should evolve his point of view with GRAN TORINO, or move back to the Selma of 50 years ago.

Or just talk to chairs instead.)

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