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Unable find his daughter a Ms. Marvel costume, this dad made one


When his comics-loving daughter was invited to a superhero-themed birthday party, one geek dad set out to buy the 6-year-old a Ms. Marvel costume, only to be disappointed when he couldn’t find one. None of the alternatives — Spider-Girl, Captain America, pink Spider-Girl — would do, so he broke out the sewing machine and made a Kamala Khan outfit himself. The result, as you can see, is just about perfect.

In an open letter to Marvel, Captain Milkshake lists all of the materials and their prices (the dress was marked down, so all told the project cost about $49), but also makes an appeal for more girl-inclusive merchandise.

“When it finally came together, my little one fell in love with it. With hindsight, I’m glad I made it over buying one already put together, but I write this not as a rant but as a plea to make merch more girl inclusive. Ms. Marvel is an incredible concept who empowers a multi-cultural demographic and to be honest, this needs to be pushed harder!!!” he writes. “I love the Avengers as much as the next guy and it’s great that we get to buy cool toys that allow us to shoot silly string webbing from our wrists, or smash things with over sized green fists, but maybe Ms. Marvel Embiggend Fists is what we need to see on the shelves AS WELL AS her angry green counterparts.”

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This is fantastic. Homemade costumes are almost always better than the packaged ones you get in stores or online. The red tea towel cape my mother made my sons is still going strong, long after many store bought costumes have come and gone.

They actually have costumes even on AliExpress! Ok, it’s adult sizes, but and S chinese size would easily either fit a child or be adjustable

Cute overload.

I don’t know why, but It’s impossible for a father to buy a SuperHero-little-girl custome. My little daughter is 4 years old and she loves BatGirl (Burnside style) and Raven and Starfire from TTGo, but there is not any custome for her. I don’t know why DC and Marvel are not realizing that little girl could be SuperHoroes too! and not only little princess.

I want a costume for my cat

There are superhero costumes available for little girls! They’re bright pink, vaguely super-hero themed dresses. Smaller versions of the “Sexy Superhero” costumes marketed at adult women.

The fact that most people seem to not find that troubling is, in itself, troubling.

It actually looks better than anything he would have found at the store.

Kamala made her own costume, which means that one’s perfect. That’s about exactly what it would really look like.

As a single dad, who couldn’t even properly brush his daughter’s hair… I give him KUDOS! #NuffSaid

Tyrell Archer

July 7, 2015 at 9:23 am

I have only two words for this father: Awe and Some.

My 3 year old daughter loves Captain Marvel. I’ve had a very tough time finding age appropriate toys for her though, so either we’re going to have to make our own (just like this gentleman did) or wait until she’s old enough to play with that Marvel Legends figure that came out a while ago.

Good Job! As a dad of 9 and 5 year old girls who like superheroes I can relate. I made most of the last two costumes my daughters have worn for Halloween because the selection is limited and not all girls want a pink superhero costume.

This is as perfect as it gets for an untrained costume maker. Major kudos! And I’m sure this will be priceless for years to come. Not to mention the lasting positive impact on his beautiful daughter. Awesome job ‘Captain Milkshake’ and thanks for sharing Mr. Melrose! I hope the message is heard, girls love to dress up and not just as a Pink Princess or in some other traditionally girly role costume.

Glenn Simpson

July 7, 2015 at 10:18 am

I appreciate his problem, but I think we have to keep in mind that while Kamala is growing as a character (no pun intended) she still doesn’t have a lot of exposure. So other than dads who also happen to be comic book geeks, the market for a KKMM costume probably isn’t large.

Get her into a cartoon or movie or TV show or something and get a larger number of people (people who don’t normally read comics) and I’m sure Marvel will follow suit (again, no pun intended).

Kamala is a fairly recent character, but not finding a specific charcater isnt the problem. the problem, as several others have pointed out, is finding ANY character. Pink Supergirl – something that doesn’t exist in normal comic or cartoon continuity, doesn’t cut it.

Number reason why superheroes aren’t for girls? Because the merchandisers don’t allow them to be.

Count me as another dad that has a little girl in love with superheroes. She loves all the male characters, but that’s just about all she’s able to get, anyway. No authenticate looking costumes. Extremely few toys. And I’m not talking just Barbies, but toys in general. Any toy that there are male characters of. There’s few or no female characters made.

Comics are making some strides in equality (a few decades late). It’s time for merchandise to start catching up, too.

*Number One reason…

@Glenn Simpson

According to Marvel Kamala will be showing up in the Avengers cartoon soon. So hopefully she’ll get more exposure that way.

that guy obviously didnt have a CLUE as to what he was doing.

which makes this ALL THE BETTER. this guy learned how to sew FROM SCRATCH cause he wanted his daughter to be happy.

the costume is beautiful cause you can see how much love was put into it.

My daughter really wanted to be She-Hulk a few years ago. So I did my best to make her that costume. No one seemed to cared that I did something like this. Guess it’s all about who you know.

Mike Hunt-Hurtz

July 8, 2015 at 2:10 am

I’m surprised he could find the time to sew that, mincing and sucking cock eats up a lot of time.

My “research” tells me that girls don’t actually like pink and never have. I’m trying to put together some definitive magazine cover runs that will prove that “pink” was a fashion trend created entirely by marketing back in the fifties and inflicted on young baby boomer women who immediately revolted and converted to feminism.

Up until the fifties, blue, a color associated with the Virgin Mary, was for girls and pink (“pale crimson”), a color associated with blood and heroism, was for boys.
Cosmic Boy, at the very least, will be glad to know this.

Ms Marvel is easy. All he needs is a pair of black bathers, a party mask, a red sash and a coloured texter to draw the lightning bolt on

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