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How many times has Batman killed in live-action? You may be surprised


For a superhero who supposedly doesn’t kill, Batman sure has snuffed out a lot of people on the big screen. Maybe not Superman-versus-Zod-versus-Metropolis numbers, but for a guy with no superpowers, he’s held his own.

Mr. Sunday Movies tallies the Dark Knight’s “kill count” in this new supercut, documenting the many (occasionally gruesome, often fiery) ways he’s dealt out death. That’s not to say some of the villains didn’t deserve what was coming to them, but Batman seems to enjoy his work in some of those scenes.

It’s not only the modern Batmen, either: Even Adam West’s Caped Crusader has blood — or at least dust — on his hands.



Batman is a cold blooded killer and that’s how I like him. No mercy. This is the REAL Batman as envisioned by his creators not the fraud that is shoved down our throats with the ridiculous “No Kill rule” that he never abides by. Or Frank Millers fake-man. Batman is heart, darkness and awesomeness NOT some brooding vigilante. That’s why I like the original Worlds Finest stories with Batman, Robin and Superman, The Trinity of Mayhem.

Batman is clearly a public menace and a mass murderer. It actually stretches credibility to the breaking point that he is not on the FBI’s most-wanted list in the DC cinematic universe. I hope that the new Batman/Superman movie is a bit truer to the character’s “no kill” policy. It may seem strange saying that, given what Snyder did with Superman (and, as you note, the incredible number of deaths that must have resulted from Superman vs. Zod). But the new Batman/Superman movies seems to be dealing directly with that issue and, indeed, it seems to be at the heart of the conflict between the two heroes. So, at least it is being addressed, In the Batman movies viewed above, the fact that Gotham has a mass murderer running around doesn’t seem to excite anyone.

Batman isn’t a superhero because he has no powers.
It’s a fact & part of the definition.
Deal with it.

^ Troll post is trolling.

I love Burton and Keaton’s Batman the best. Did you see that smile when he put dynamite in that guys pants? In there Batman is just as sadistic as the guys he fights. Thats always been my favorite version of Batman. A guy who is just a different side of the same coin as his villains.

I dunno. Does Val Kilmer deserve credit/blame because a bunch of thugs who were trying to kill him were doing so while going too fast, tailgating, and didn’t have cars rigged to drive up the side of a building?

Andy E. Nystrom

August 24, 2015 at 9:01 pm

That’s one of my big problems with Batman Returns: Batman opposes Catwoman because she’s trying to kill a bad guy, and he’s recently blown up a guy and grinned about it.

I love the Keaton cutaway from Bale’s silly “but I don’t have to save you” line.

They didn’t count the two Batman serials from the 40s.

Andy E. Nystrom

August 25, 2015 at 6:32 pm

“I love the Keaton cutaway from Bale’s silly “but I don’t have to save you” line.” That was cute. As was the Penguin making the tally 20 when he appears dead, 19 when he starts to get up, then 20 again when he collapses.

I don’t think you can pin the deaths from Batman Forever on Batman. It looks like those people killed each other while Batman was trying to evade their attacks… even the Two-Face death is more from him being a clumsy moron than Batman.

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