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The entire 1982 DC Comics Style Guide is online and amazing


We’ve seen bits and pieces before, but now thanks to the Facebook page Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Fans you can view the entirety of the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide, which features numerous character designs, color guides and model sheets used for marketing and licensing while also serving as reference for artists.

See a small sampling of pages below, and then check out the entire Style Guide. Update: Veteran letterer Todd Klein informs us that the late Dick Giordano inked all of the figures in the original guide, while he himself inked all of the logos and many of the backgrounds.










Infinitely better than Jim Lee’s already-dated nu-52 redesigns.

In comparison post-Flashpoint looks like crap.

Classic Garcia-Lopez designs. I’ve seen some of it still used on recent merchandise, such as the DC Comics board books I bought for my niece.

Really beautiful artwork. But boy howdy is that a lot of characters colored with pantone 489!

Definitive. Classic.
The wealth of images at the site is astounding.

Only nitpick: Could have done without the horribly dated Supergirl and her 80’s headband and wrap-around cape/insignia with built-in shoulder pads. I kept picturing Olivia Newton-John wearing the outfit and singing, “Let’s get physical, physical…” and cringing at the image. ;-P

They all look great except…. yeah you know Headbandgirl

Pantone guy. These were comics in the 80s the palette was limited, you ain’t so smart.


JLGL is huge. Period. And, yes, I want these heroes back, I am old.

(That Batgirl logo head is from Don Heck)

Gosh a guide for artists instead of letting them turn out any old crap and expecting people to buy it. I doubt many Marvel artists will be “liking” this

Ah, the good old days when DC actually produced anything of value.

I remember DC.

Gotta love, JLGL – his is the definitive Superman, and really all the characters. These do look so clean and classic, so much better than the current, trendy, looks that won’t last. Hey, DC, THAT is what Superman looks like, and it’s PERFECT.

He is scary talented. Not “flashy,” but you don’t have to be when you’re just *good* – consistent, accurate, expressive, powerful, the characters have weight, and life! The man literally defined a whole era of DC.

I’m proud to be Argentinian just because JLGL is!

I’ve met him last year in a convention and he’s a gentleman, also.
His use of anatomy and the good vibes in their characters it’s totally unique!

In my head the DC characters have this extact look!
Superman looks like the inspiring, and gentle hero that he’s supoused to be.
Thanks JLGL! You are a Modern Master!

The NuDC could lear so much of this golden age of their characters….


I’m pretty sure Noah’s comment about PMS 489 was intended as a critique of the racial homogeneity of the characters not as a comment on early ’80s coloring or printing technology.

Now if only they could compile together all those cool Batman Returns style guide assets he created, that would be awesome!!

Can’t be from ’82. Look at theTeen Titans images – they include Nightwing, who wasn’t introduced until1984.

Hey, look. They’re smiling! Hate to sound like a hater but this is infinitely better than New52.

Pretty much the only artist in history that can make a terrible design like 80s headband Supergirl look okay.

Look at the power and motion when these characters are even just standing. Unreal.

Lose the headband and unbiggen hair and that Supergirl costume is fine.

Simply perfect. Even Supergirl looks great. :)

There they are !!! I have been looking for them since they stopped publishing after Flashpoint. Garcia-Lopez, Perez, Aparo and a few others defined DC for me. Morales and talented others were able to update the style for the new millenius. Image guys and a lot of the current ones, just not my style. Hey, can’t help it, grumpy old man likes his classic….lol.

@ Noah: Really beautiful artwork. But boy howdy is that a lot of characters colored with pantone 489!

LOL! So true, that was the color of the DC comics, except for Titans Cyborg, the only injection of color, came from outside DC proper.
They were Hanna barbera created Samurai, and El Dorado (missing Vulcan & Apache) . The last few guide pages are concepts for Kenner Super Powers action figure line, somewhat based on the last two seasons of Hanna Barbera’s Superfriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, and The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians. Which switched from the traditional Alex Toth designs, to Garcia-Lopez.

That aside everyone looks great!

…millenium… Sorry.

Awesome style, timeless beauty. Leaps and bounds above Jim Lee. Garcia-Lopez is a master!

wow. Batman in the blue and gray with the yellow oval instead of dull black and gray. Superman actually looking like Superman… I miss it. They look so great.

Classic comics designs; and classic DC characters.

Superman in bright primary colors and wearing red ‘underwear’— Batman unarmored and actually smiling—Wonder Woman de-marooned and without that eagle head at her sternum— Aquaman orange and handed and having no tattoos—

THESE are the DC comics characters people knew. (And apparently what DC continues to push products to in places like Target… outside comics and WB movies of today.)

But maybe modern DC fans prefer the armored, t-shirted, and desaturated heroes now; they don’t like the primary colors and spandex of the Garcia-Lopez look? 33 years ago and before their time just doesn’t do it for them— or so the 50 year olds running DC today believe…

“Classic”, most definitely!

Two things:
I’d buy it in a heartbeat.
The pages with the characters running (in the full catalog) must have inspired the covers of the first Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

The headband is awful, yes, but Supergirl’s costume is way better than the diaper thing she’s got now.

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