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Artist imagines a ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ between DC’s decades of live-action adaptations


The history of live-action adaptations of DC Comics characters goes back nearly as long as the comic books themselves, dating back to the 1943 “Batman” serial, debuting just four years after the Caped Crusader’s first comic book appearance. Of course, now there’s more live-action DC than ever, both on the big screen (“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” hits theaters next spring) and on TV (“Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Gotham” and more on the way).

Thus the inspiration for an artist known by the Reddit username AshsEvilHand, who earlier this week posted an homage to DC Comics’ multiverse-melding “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline. Much like how that 1985-1986 miniseries by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez brought together the many Earths of the DC Universe at the time, this image imagines that the decades of DC Comics adaptations, ranging from the George Reeves Superman to the Tim Burton Batman to CBS’ upcoming “Supergirl” could somehow be tied together in the same greater fictional landscape.




They forgot Steel.

We ALL forgot Steel (bah dum bump!)

Steel is in there. Check to the left of Wonder Woman, chest height.

They’re missing some of the decent serial adaptations though: The Vigilante, Congo Bill, Captain Marvel/Shazam (the best one), Spy Smasher (also great), and Blackhawk (although the last 3 started in other companies – didn’t stop the artist from using 70s Captain Marvel and Isis though).

Steel IS on there.

oops! Actually the Captain Marvel serial *is* in there. Well done.

Now just missing all the characters from the “Legends of the Superheroes” 2 TV specials:)

And is anyone else from the Arrow-verse in there? Arrow, Atom, Firestorm, etc?

still great job artist!

Steel is in there. He’s tucked in the middle above Green Lantern’s head and Wonder Woman’s right boob. :-)

They also forgot about Helen Slater as Supergirl!

The Legends of the Superheroes universe is represented by Adam West Batman. And Helen Slater’s Supergirl universe is represented by Christopher Reeve Superman.

Brilliant piece. I am not sure if characters were really “forgotten”; the artist may not have had a decent-resolution image available.

And Hawkman from the Legends of the Super-Heroes is in there, but I will not spoil a game of “Where’s Wally” by pointing out where…

Anyone else see Super-Pup in there :-)

I’m also seeing some charactyers from the never aired Justice League pilot from the 90’s.

Plus all(?) of the WW – 1967 / 1974 / 1975 / 2014 / 2016 :-)

I can name them all bar one – who’s the tiny blonde under the main Flash’s left earlobe? Is that the Slater Supergirl?

There are 2 blonds by Flash’s left ear. The smaller one I believe is pilot for Aquaman (Justin Hartley as Green Arrow on Smallville) and the other is Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman.

They forgot NBC’s Constantine.

There’s a pic of someone on Flash’s right shoulder. Can’t make out who it is.

Londeaux, I pretty positive that’s The Human Target (aired on Fox several years back)

Yup I don’t see NBC’s Constantine either :/

Do I see Lewis Wilson from the 1940’s Batman serial in there too?

No Rick Springfield Human Target?

Technically, Flash represents the universe Arrow and Constantine live in.

@Xum Yukinori,

Hawkman (Legends of the Superheroes) is above the S in Crisis.

I don’t think he forgot anyone. I think he just ran out of room.

Wow, I had no idea there was a live action swamp thing.

I wish this was real and was in production as an ongoing, high value TV series (Game of Thrones; Walking Dead; etc.)


He even included the old Superboy TV show! Damn! And the ’70’s Super Hero Specials! (check out the tiny image of Hawkman at the very top) And the reason the new Constantine show isn’t in there is because he is going to appear on Arrow this year which means it’s the same universe. Hell, Supergirl could be the same universe for all we know. Wonder what would happen if he met the Flash from the original TV show “Why do you look like my dad?” And Supergirl meets the Lois and Clark Superman “Why do you look like MY dad?” And yes, the Helen Slater Supergirl is in there. Right next to Flash’s ear.

This is pretty damn awesome. Still wish Stephen Amell was in there though…

Damn, I just noticed Rorschach was in there too. Who is the small guy above Flash’s right shoulder (under Ryan’s Green Lantern)?

@Fishy Zombie, Wes Craven made the movie in the 80s. It’s not particularly lauded.

No Catwoman, either. Poor Halle Berry can’t catch a break…

No love for the Brandon Routh Superman? I still argue that it wasn’t his fault and he made a good Superman.

Brandon Routh is above the Smallville clan.

There’s a lot missing and not “represented” by other characters in their universes such as Birds of Prey but then the original Crisis didn’t have everything either.

I think it’s interesting that this CRISIS is largely based on the Snyder/Goyer/Berlanti DC Universe of films and tv series…

Sure they are the ones out there now, and IS the DCU that “modern” fanboys and fangirls know today— but there’s interesting omissions? Brandon Routh, and NBC’s Constantine ones apparently aren’t worth their own Earths or Universes. A GLARING one has to be the Bruce Timm Animated DCverse and the DC characters in them… conveniently ignored because it’s “animated”, not live-action, DESPITE being the most DCU-faithful of all the tv/film adaptations. Even though this CRISIS includes the b&w George Reeves Superman, and is that Adrian Paliki’s Wonder Woman next to those ’97 live-action Justice League (both failed pilots)?

IF this COIE film is made, they should hommage the original’s use of a MARVEL Editor-In-Chief [much, much more ‘hands on’ on the daily operation of the company than a mere “President”?] writing the series to clean up the Distinguished Competition’s continuity mess… by using a MARVEL director to do it. Maybe Joss Whedon could direct it? After AVENGERS and AGE OF ULTRON and their multiple caped characters, this should be easy for him!


Birds of Prey is there. Right next to Keanu Reeves as Constantine.

Halle Berry is there but can’t see Helen Slater. Very very good though.

I know the Adam West Batman universe is covered, but it’s too bad Batgirl is missing (or am I just overlooking her?)

I’m not seeing “The Losers.”

Great work – didn’t see the Cathy Lee Crosby version of Wonder Woman either.

Contantine is up there and it’s Keanu Reeve film version on the right side above Adam West’s Batman and Robin

This also proves how the TV Flash looks alongside the DCCU Trinity…SOLID, IMO. A shame they’re not tied together.


I don’t see Routh. I do see the Superboy TV show guy.

Where’s Brandon Routh’s Superman?

“But she (Diane Nelson) emphasized that there is no push for creative crossover among the films or with DC’s plentiful TV series, including CW’s “The Flash, “ “Arrow” and the upcoming “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”; CBS’ “Supergirl”; and Fox’s “Gotham.”

WB/DC basically confirming YET AGAIN that a Crisis movie is not happening. Thank God for that. Both Amell and Gustin are crap actors and they will remain in the minor leagues.

For those asking about Brandon Routh…remember…technically he’s the same Superman as Christopher Reeve. Bryan Singer picked up after Superman II. So while it’s a different actor…it’s the same Superman character.

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