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Indie studio crafts ‘Spider-Gwen’ animated video

Art by Robbi Rodriguez (Credit: Marvel)

Art by Robbi Rodriguez (Credit: Marvel)

Independent animation company Allegra Town Studio has put together their own brief animated “Spider-Gwen” clip, making us desperately want a Gwen Stacy cartoon ASAP.

Check out their seven-second animation below.

Marvel’s Spider-Gwen series comes from writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez. The next issue hits stands on Jan. 13.



need it in my life. get crackin’, Marvel!

YES. I need more of this.


More PC BS. F’ this crap.

Dave, I’ve got an easy trick for you to try. Instead of thinking of her as a girl, think of her as a person.

If you think of her as a girl, you’ll think, “Oh man, a girl is doing all this stuff when it should be a boy. My team lost one.”

If you think of her as a person, you’ll think, “Wow, that looks cool! I’d love it if I could do that!”

Try it.

Or you could…I don’t know…watch Spider-Man since she’s just another Spider-Man ripoff. Not a shred of originality in this character. Just an over-hyped “official” fanfiction creation.

No, seriously Ben, try it. Think of her as a person. A bunch of us look at the character and think about how the costume is cool and how the story is an interesting variation on the Spider-Man stories we already love. We don’t love Spider-Man any less when we see this, we just enjoy both.

It’s a simple trick. It works.

But she’s not a person. She’s a character. A reimagining of an already existing (albeit dead) character. She’s an amalgamation of several characters who already exist. On paper she sounds like “design by committee”. You basically already said it yourself. She’s a variation. Peter Parker’s stories sans Peter. If that’s what you like so be it. I just don’t see what the big deal is. It seems people mostly like her for her costume and she’s not even the first spider person to rock a hoodie.


“If that’s what you like, so be it,” he said, not letting it be at all.

Anyway, the animation is fantastic. This sort of breakneck speed is missing in a lot (maybe most) of Spider-Man related media, and it’s the thing that sets Spiders apart from most other superheroes. It reminds me of Steve Skroce’s Spider-Man run.

I love Spider-Gwen! The negativity is unnecessary and unhealthy. Love what you love! There is no need to write hate comments about a comic book character!

you mean they are making a spider Gwen animated series?

So much man hurt over fictional characters. How do y’all even get through the day without going into tantrums about “PC BS” and “gimmicks”? Jesus Christ.

My guess is they don’t

Jason remember Ben is a troll not a person.

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