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‘Batman v Superman’ Play Arts Kai Batman is mopey, muscly


There’s already been a small avalanche of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice collectible figures, but it’s pretty safe to say Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai Batman has all the others beat when it comes to muscles, mopiness and sheer cape volume.

While some collectors have criticized a few of the other Dark Knight figures as being too bulky, this one is unlikely to draw such complaints: Bruce Wayne is ripped and straining in the confines of his costume. But the Play Arts Kai version doesn’t seem so much grim as slightly sad … or maybe just reflective. He’s had an eventful life.

Targeted for release in April for about $127, the Play Arts Kai Batman comes with interchangeable palms, a grapnel gun, a grappling hook, batarang, grenade and display stand. Oh, and lots of cape.

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Why does almost every CBR article that has something to do with BvS have at least a small dig at the film?! This hater culture that permeates the geek community nowadays makes me so sick. “BvS looks like a trainwreck”, “Kylo Ren is a pussy” and so on and so forth. Especially from a site like CBR it really disappoints me. It wasn’t like this 10 years ago. We geeks get EVERYTHING we used to dream about and all we do is bitch, nag and whine. That is not fun to read, that is depressing.

Because if every movie adaptation is not as perfect as perfect can be everyone feels that it’s wrong or bad or somehow denigrating to the source material. Every director has his/her own vision. I think what we’re going to see out of the BvS is going to be quite epic.
Not to mention the fact that most fans/geeks etc are hipsters or part of the entitlement culture/generation who think that EVERYTHING should be just as they want it and no other way.
Most of them have never lived in a time when there wasn’t a new figure/statue/game/comic to match every movie/show etc.
I’m 44 and have been waiting the majority of my life for technology to catch up to the one thing I love more than just about anything, comics. All of these movies, games, statues, figures etc are more than I could have ever dreamt of when I was 10,15 or 20 years old.
I think the Batman shown above looks pretty damn good. So to all of you that just have to hate on everything…Here’s a thought, just try an be happy that comic/geek culture is as popular and widespread as it is, because if Hollywood ever gets it’s collective head out of its collective ass and comes up with an original idea, it’ll all go away.

I’m 39 and I my only access to geek news was in the back editorial column in the comics I read. It was around 1989 when I read in the back of a Marvel comic that a Spider-Man film was in the works. Every few weeks I would dig through the editorial column hoping for updates. Now I have my morning coffee and hit all my favorite comic/film sites from the convenience of my phone. It has been disheartening to read the overabundence of negative reporting and negative comments in regards to BvS in particular. Complaints that this film looks to grim or dour baffle me. Has no one read Arkham Asylum? The Killing Joke? The Dark Knight Returns? I personally have spent the last two years anxiously awaiting the arrival of this film. Visually this is the closest a Batman film has come to representing the comics I have grown up with and love. I can’t wait for the future solo films either. To quote Kevin Smith “why curse the dark when you can light a candle “.

Guys, you said it all ^. Finally some people who, like me, actually appreciate all this amazing, comic related awesomness we are so fortunate enough to get!

I agree. All these negativity is just ridiculous and tiresome especially when the movie isn’t even out yet and you have tons of people complaining about it. I love that we are have a whole slate of films from both Marvel and DC to enjoy and it has always been a dream of mine to see the Justice League assembled on the big screen and now we are getting it.

That bulge! Damn

Open a window in here– seems like some DC lovers are trying to ‘colonize’ the comments section here like they have on other sites…

Look, yeah you’re all (ie, some) excited for BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Dawn of Justice, ? L&O, CSI ! NCIS ; Rise of the Villians, etc. etc.. But other people NOT NECESSARILY MARVEL fans aren’t as such for the latest Zack Snyder film to come out. We’ll all see how good the film is in March.

The statue looks ropey– and what’s up with that little mini cape on his shoulder? I mean it’s “pretty cool, dude”, but it sure doesn’t look like a Dark Knight fashion choice to bring to a battle.

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