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Comics A.M. | The convention market ‘is starting to saturate’

New York Comic Con 2015

New York Comic Con 2015

Conventions | ReedPOP Senior Vice President Lance Fensterman looks back at New York Comic Con 2015, which drew 167,000 people over four days; the increase came from making Thursday a full day, he says. Fensterman also offers some thoughts on conventions in general, saying the market is starting to become saturated, but not in terms of fans, who will always go to a cool show: “I think the saturation is more so on the side of content, and by content, I mean exhibitors, brands, guests, studios,” he says. “They don’t need that many shows.” Dealers will always show up, but, Fensterman says, “Fans don’t want to pay a ticket price to come in to spend money. There needs to be content that is engaging, exciting and unique. And there’s a limited quantity on that.” [ICv2]



Comics | The cover of Raina Telgemeier’s next graphic novel, Ghosts, was unveiled earlier this week on Entertainment Weekly, which also posted a 12-page excerpt from the story. At this writing, Telgemeier has six books on The New York Times graphic books bestseller list: Drama, in the No. 1 spot, has been on the list for 126 weeks; Smile, at No. 3, has been there for 185 weeks; Sisters, at No. 5 for 85 weeks (basically, since the day it came out); and three Baby-Sitters Club adaptations. [Entertainment Weekly]

Political cartoons | One year after the Charlie Hebdo attack, New Yorker art editor Francoise Mouly reflects on Ana Juan’s cover drawing from the following week, showing the Eiffel Tower morphing into a pencil. [PRI]

Pretty Deadly, Vol. 2

Pretty Deadly, Vol. 2

Creators | Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emmia Rios discuss their Image Comics supernatural Western Pretty Deadly. [The Washington Post]

Creators | Drawn & Quarterly founder Chris Oliveros is profiled for his own long-in-the-works graphic novel The Envelope Manufacturer. [Montreal Gazette]

Creators | The Chapman University website spotlights alum Kyle Higgins, writer of BOOM! Studios’ new Power Rangers series. [Happenings]


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It’s funny Fensterman complaining about the lack of “content” in comicbook conventions nowadays.

The man whose REED POP business comicsbagged its own ‘SDCC for East Coast Nerds’ in late 2006 with NYCC, is voicing how “saturated” this market has become in the last couple of years— with new comicbook conventions cropping up everywhere, competing against each other for exhibitors, guests, and studios to make a “cool” show for their attendees.

If only those other conventions could fill up their Con floors with car company “brands” to make them seem (more) full…

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