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Deadpool meets Deathstroke in George Perez mashup


Legendary artist George Perez brings together Marvel’s Merc With a Mouth and DC’s own mercenary/assassin for a commission sketch that literally merges Deadpool with Deathstroke. Seriously, they split the body right down the middle.

“With the Deadpool movie coming out and with its connection to the Deathstroke character, this seemed like a nice piece to put up,” wrote Perez, who created Deathstroke with Marv Wolfman. “Truthfully, I wasn’t particularly aware of the connection between these two characters until the person who commissioned this piece pointed it out to me. I hope you all enjoy this unusual merging.”

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld popped up to praise Perez’s drawing (“I wished I owned it”) and to dismiss any connections between Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson.

“Any belief that they are connected beyond a name is foolish and short sighted. And funny,” Liefeld wrote. “One is a middle aged war veteran who took part in a super soldier program. The other is horribly disfigured and sought a cure to his cancer by submitting to Weapon X.”




I find Liefeld’s response unintentionally hilarious as his explanation only adds on to the similarities between Deadpool and Deathstroke.

So Liefield is saying that one is a disfigured war veteran who took part in a super soldier program and became a mercenary with a healing factor and the other is a disfigured war veteran who took part in a super soldier program and became a mercenary with a healing factor. Got it. That clarifies everything right up.

In other words, the Composite Deathstroke?

Considering that Liefeld was inspired by and has swiped from George Perez and his classic New Teen Titans run again and again throughout his career, especially in the earliest of days, to claim 25 years after the fact that Deadpool is in no way inspired by Deathstroke is self-delusional at best. Go peddle it somewhere else, Rob. And don’t forget to send Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness a thank-you basket of muffins for doing all the heavy lifting involved in transforming the character into the fan favorite he is today. Without those two, the odds of Deadpool starring in his own movie are pretty remote.

How could anyone see any similarities between Slade Wilson and Wade Wilson, anyway?

So bottom line, the real differentiation between the two characters is the work writers like Joe Kelly and Fabian Nicieza did with him from Circle Chase onward. Yet, so few creds go to Fabian. Yup. Sounds about right

Completely agree with you, Yahnoos. Fabian is such an unsung hero when it comes to Wade’s success!

George Perez is still a boss. That is all.

Looks like Liefeld drew the gun in Deadpool hand ;)

I’m on Leifeld’s side. Deadpool was not inspired by Deathstroke. He’s basically Spider-Man sans Peter Parker. A Spider-Man that kills. If we’re gonna accuse Leifeld of ripping off anyone it’s Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

And in all fairness perhaps Perez should acknowledge Captain America, the original super soldier, for inspiring Deathstroke

I think Perez also reused a lot of visual elements from his other Marvel creation, The Taskmaster, in the creation of Deathstroke.
Characters aren’t created in a vacumn – Superman inspired by Doc Savage; Batman inspired by the Shadow and Zorro.


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