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Dream of a galaxy far, far away with a Poe Dameron body pillow


Considering the sheer volume of fan art, fan fiction and memes devoted to Poe Dameron from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, whether by himself or with Finn (“Pinn” or “Foe,” as they’re known), it probably shouldn’t be surprising that Oscar Isaac’s X-wing pilot has inspired his own body pillows. Should it?

Created by Brilcrist, the pillows spotlight two sides of Poe (two sides of his character, not his body): the disheveled Poe, still wearing his pilot uniform (well, most of it), and the roughed-up Poe, bound in handcuffs.

While that may seem like an impossible choice, you have until Jan. 15 to make a decision; that’s when the pillows will go into production. For more information, such as pricing, contact Brilcrist through her blog.

poe body pillows(via Nerdist)



What the glittering shit?!?

Relax, your hetero-normative masculinity is still intact.

You know, put Rey or Leia in that exact same pose, with that exact same look, on that exact same product and the reaction at Robot 6 would be outrage at objectification, not how to order.

But men are the disgusting perverts, right? Female sexuality is so repressed! Gimme a fucking break.


January 5, 2016 at 9:58 am

Great. Now, where’s my Yoda and TR-8R body “pillows”?

Give me a break! If this had been a man’s interpretation of a sexy female, she wouldn’t be wearing anything but a tiny bikini, and her butt would be shoved up in the air in a completely impossible way. This might be provocative, but it still shows class. I love how quickly you guys are jumping up to protest that this is objectifying the male body, when the only thing that is even remotely argumentative here is that the shirt is open a little and that his belly button is showing on one of the pictures. If you want to be taken seriously in your arguments that this is disgusting and perverted, then you need to stand up and cry foul when an artist blatantly over-sexualizes the female body.

Stephy The Great

January 5, 2016 at 10:11 am

If it was Leia, she would be in the slave bikini and the tits would be puffing out. This guy is fully dressed. If he was shirtless and his pants were really low, Id agree with you. Its not even an official Star Wars product, and most likely, she will get a cease and desist letter.

Something can be provocative without being sleazy or perverted for both grown ass men and women. I dont look at this pillow and see sexual deviancy. There are 23482390472389240982305 products of female characters for men that range from something youd crush on with little hearts over your head, to something you wank your penis at. God forbid there be one attractive product put out there for women who also have hot blood running through their veins.

How is for disgusting female perverts? Its a body pillow, for women to CUDDLE. You know, females like to do that completely non sexual thing. Its a novelty that it happens to be guy they find attractive in a movie. Get real.

Here’s to equality! If women are going to be continually objectified then we need to accept that it’s coming out way too. What goes around comes around.


@Stephy the Great

What makes you think men didn’t design and buy this?

Still, no TR-8R daki


I think the most common Poe/Finn ship name is StormPilot.

@Manzanas Jack Couple of reasons. First, it took exactly two clicks to find out the artist identifies as female (one click if you consider her email containing the word “fangirls” in it to be sufficient evidence).

Two, I don’t know how often you look at art of different genders, done by those of different sexual preferences, but there is a very obvious difference in styles and (sexual) concepts that are prevalent in most. The style and what is considered “sexy” in this illustration definitely screams female artist for other straight female fans. Check out a gay man’s art of other men and you’d know this. Granted, it’s never 100%…all people have different artistic backgrounds and interests…but there is obvious influence from specific communities and what one will gravitate to.

Thank you Duae. The only thing that bothered me in this article. I don’t ship the two of them, but get their name right. It’s also just a smush of the two as FinnPoe, but StormPilot is taking the lead.
And Brilcrist has dakis for sale of other characters from her fanart, all of them are like this. Teases. Nothing like what you find for the anime girls. And you know what, you want a daki of Rey, go for it, this is just equality.

Oh come on now!!! Who wares a helmet to bed??!!

Well, a different type of helmet and not quite for sleeping…

Seriously, I didn’t even know these existed, besides as long pillows looking only like long pillows, until now. I’m no prude, but I don’t care who’s on the pillow, what gender, these are really creepy. Can’t believe this is a licensed product. Is it?

@Oxymandas – no, these are definitely NOT licensed, and since this is now out there in the universe I imagine the artist will be receiving a very strongly worded “Cease and Desist” order from Disney any minute now. Poe Dameron is a copyrighted character and she has no permission to use his likeness or profit from it in any way. If she’s lucky, she won’t face copyright infringement charges.

I would buy this. Are they for sale

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