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Fan-made Red Hood web series takes aim at Kickstarter campaign


After experimenting for the past two and a half years with trailers and test footage, filmmakers Luke Watson and David Sartin have decided to “get serious” about their Red Hood Retcon web series. To that end, they’ve launched a $20,000 Kickstarter campaign to transform the fan project into “a legitimate web series.”

A glance at some of the earlier trailers and clips shows just what the two have been able to accomplish without any real budget. But with $20,000, they plan to tell the story of Jason Todd’s return to Gotham after a lengthy absence to investigate the disappearance of Batman.

“Our story begins many years after Jason Todd’s resurrection,” the filmmakers explain in their campaign video. “This is going to be a much older and experienced version of Jason Todd. In fact, our story is completely original, and has never been told.”



And cue lawsuit from Warner Bros in 3…2…1….

Have these people learned nothing from the “Axanar” debacle?

Harley's Circus

January 5, 2016 at 1:23 pm

I can see the lawsuit coming
Fan stuff is cool but once is crosses the threshold of making money when its a property you don’t own… yeah expect lawsuits

You make a good point regarding the situation with Axanar. Those guys set a bad precedent that will only create more corporate distrust of fan made films that are funded through sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Meh, it doesnt look very good. Even for a fan-made production. Maybe less ultra cheesy fist fights with armed gunmen.

I sincerely hope this fails

It’s FAN MADE why the Fuck are you all saying lawsuit lawsuit lawsuit..? Just let the fans be creative and artistic. I for one find this to be an awesome short created by a follower of the batman universe. Also, “cheesy”? These guys created this out of their own pockets lol I’m sure if DC funded it, you’d sing a different tune.

It would be better if they did the same thing, but with their own original character. Then no one would be saying “lawsuit.” Be artistic and creative and shoot an original web series. I’d pay for that. People say “lawsuit” because using Red Hood seems (to the suits in charge of protecting the brand in question) like a way to get attention and raise cash off the back of a pre-existing brand. The DIY look of the costume reminds me of the suit used in Super. An original, low budget superhero film. It works for me, but yeah I can’t fault anyone who freely admits that this is a bad idea and is inviting litigation.

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