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He-Man has the power in ‘Fall of Grayskull’ fan film


Mattel’s Masters of the Universe has endured for more than three decades, inspiring animated series, comic books, video games and, yes, that spectacularly bad live-action film. And now it’s the basis for an incredibly earnest fan film.

Funded through a $12,000 Kickstarter campaign, director Daniel Benedict’s “Fall of Grayskull” stars pro wrestler Brian Cage as He-Man, who of course fights his arch-nemesis Skeletor for the power of Grayskull and the fate of Eternia. If you’re a fan of the franchise, chances are you’ll find a favorite character in this 30-minute short: Teela, Tri-Klops, Evil-Lyn, Hordak (played by Val Staples) — they’re all there.

Although the acting and production aren’t exactly top-caliber, “Fall of Grayskull” is clearly a love letter to Masters of the Universe. As I said, it’s earnest, which goes a long way.



Gosh, who doesn’t enjoy seeing their favorite characters from childhood get murdered? I can hardly wait until these guys do a Strawberry Shortcake fan film where the Purple Pieman is fed into a wood chipper. Boy oh boy!

This is awful. I’ll take the Dolph Lundgren version anyday over this.

Not bad. Like the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat independent films, this shows a real dedication to making this and a love for the source material. Hoping this gets some recognition and gets the same web-series treatment

It’s inappropriate just how right at her chest ghost mum is staring.

Not completely terrible. I thought Skeletor was great; Shadow Weaver and the Sorceress weren’t bad either. The rest of the cast came across like they thought they’d signed up for a porn parody. Nice nod to She-Ra at the end though.

I can’t believe there are people saying how great this is on you tube. The acting is very very bad, just look at some of the last piece of dialog by the guy trying to do He-man. Teela get her ass kicked and cry too much, unacceptable for the Commander of Eternia army. Those are just examples of what is wrong with this, I even fast forward because in some scenes I could not stand them.

I agree that as bad as the Dolph version was a prefer it by far

And this is why I hate fanmade-unoffcial stuff. I mean I can definitely appreciate the work & enthusiasm people put into it but it just comes across very wrong to me. I’m not saying that the big wigs in huge movie studios always get it right but I find it very hard to say anything good about this. Yes, the Dolph version & 2002 animated version any day of the week or year. Heck, the DC comic is better than this too.

I seen better actin’ in tough actin’ tinactin.

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