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Jim Lee returns to the X-Men … for Geoff Johns’ birthday present


DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee, who rocketed to stardom in the early 1990s with his runs on Marvel’s X-Men comics, has returned to the franchise — if only for a birthday present.

This morning Geoff Johns revealed an illustration of Colossus, a gift from Lee to the DC chief creative officer for his 43rd birthday. The drawing depicts the X-Man in his classic uniform, standing in front of the hammer and sickle symbol; it’s signed “For Tovarish Geoff!” Johns wrote on Instagram that Colossus is his favorite Marvel character.

Following stints on such Marvel titles as Alpha Flight and The Punisher War Journal, Lee filled in for Marc Silvestri on Uncanny X-Men before becoming the regular artist. In 1991 he helped to launch X-Men, whose first issue remains the best-selling comic book of all time, according to Guinness World Records.

Oh, and happy (belated) birthday, Geoff Johns!

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Sigh…. To me, Jim Lee will always be a Marvel guy. Maybe when this co-publisher gig is up, he’ll realize he won’t be remembered for the boardroom decisions but for the art on the page, we will get some Marvel work again.

Get Geoff Johns on X-Men!

Its sad when the two biggest guys at DC is promoting X-men more then Marvel at this point.

Always love Lee’s art. While his most recent stuff on Justice League and Superman Unchained looked quite rushed Vs his days on Batman Hush and Superman For Tomorrow this pic above shows that when he takes the time he can be master of detail and classic comic art! Would love for him to sink his teeth into a Graphic Novel that doesn’t require a monthly-ish output.

WidleWade, I totally agree.

I always loved Lee’s Colossus (and Archangel). In fact, I think I prefer his renditions of the gold team to those of the blue. Psylocke being the exception of course…

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January 26, 2016 at 5:31 pm

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