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Marvel’s Ike Perlmutter gives $1M to Trump’s veterans fundraiser


Reclusive Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter was drawn into the spotlight Thursday with the announcement that he and wife Laura had donated $1 million to Donald Trump’s fundraiser for wounded veterans.

The Republican presidential candidate described Perlmutter as “one of the great, great men of our country in terms of business and talent” during a rally last night at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, held at the same time as the GOP primary debate broadcast on Fox News.

The donation by the Perlmutters drew swift and widespread criticism on Twitter. However, a spokesperson for the couple released a statement saying, “The Perlmutters are thrilled to support their friend Donald Trump in his efforts to help veterans.”

Trump launched the veterans fundraiser, and organized the rally to compete with the GOP debate, as part of an escalating feud with Fox News. Donations actually go to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which the campaign says will then disburse money to veterans’ groups. However, the Trump organization hasn’t specified which organizations will benefit.

The fundraiser reportedly generated more than $6 million, with the Perlmutters joining a list of wealthy donors that includes real estate developers Phil Ruffin and Richard LeFrak, and, coincidentally enough, investor Carl Icahn, whose Icahn Enterprises briefly owned Marvel before it was wrestled away in 1998 by Perlmutter and Avi Arad.

The former co-owner of Toy Biz, Perlmutter is a self-made billionaire who earned $1.5 billion in cash and stock from the 2009 sale of Marvel to Disney. He and his wife donated $9 million just last year to help fund cancer research at NYU Langone Medical Center and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

The Perlmutters have also given $2 million to the presidential campaign of Republican Sen. Marco Rubio.



This makes me extremely uncomfortable buying Marvel. Having my money even indirectly support such a racist and hateful man is very unsettling. Definitely gonna cut my pull today.

okay, enough reason to boycott Marvel this year, whoever support Trump (and related stuff) clearly want to see him as president. DC and independent comics and films enough, I can go without Marvel this year. I am not against the cause, but in a healthy healthcare system, these veterans shouldn’t be in this condition in the first place. the $1M would be in better hands with Bernie. USA is a third world country for too long, taxes should be for the people, not for war, not for funding banks and big corps.

Trump defines the antithesis of Marvel’s flagship characters. Veterans deserve recognition and support, but Trump won’t care about veterans in the longrun any more than any other president before.
And the fact that the Marvel CEO is a supporter of the dumbest, most hotheaded bigoted larvae of a rat moth in the presidential race makes me want to stop supporting and reading Marvel. I probably never will, but I’d like to.

How dare he spend his money how he wants!!! How dare he not believe the things I believe!!! We should stop buying comics and going to movies to show him how dumb he is!!!

Like the stupid recton and bad animated show was not enoug reason to boycot marvel and their movie.

If this wasnt his own money and was marvels i would never buy another marvel comic again. Even now its gonna make me feel icky

Perlmutter’s politics have been at odds with seemingly most everyone who works at Marvel for a long time. Boycotting will hurt the people actually making the comics wayyyy before it hurts Perlmutter, who will remain unfathomably wealthy no matter what.

Grow up fanboys.

Also, just about any time you spend money on anything, at the top of the food chain there is almost certainly some evil magnate who probably supports Trump. Perlmutter is so high up and so uninvolved with the actual comics and other specific products, I think the best way of showing disapproval is probably not by hurting the people who actually depend on being able to make, say, Ms. Marvel or Moon Girl… I don’t know what the answer is, I’d just hate to see good people suffer because a bunch of people just now found out how terrible Perlmutter is.

I totally get why people are upset by this, but let’s be honest, Perlmutter was known to be an ass for a long time. He once claimed that all black people look alike and fought for years against Marvel making a female superhero movie. This isn’t anything new.

Its worse then you think; according to Variety Perlmutter and his wife donated $9 million to cancer research last year. What a horrible person. I’ll never buy a Spidey or Muslim Marvel Girl comic again.

He didn’t donate to his campaign, he donated to a wounded vets fund that Trump founded. Problem?

Chris Cline, Brian Houston: Way to go trying to shut people down. People are allowed to be repulsed by support for a racist, misogynist, lying bigot. It’s not really unexpected now is it? There are so many other channels through which people can support veterans.

How dare his give his money to a wounded veterans fundraiser. How dare he spend his money however he wants while coincidentally being the CEO of a comic book company.

Boycotting Marvel is not going to change this or transactions like it in the future. If it were Marvel directly contributing to Trump’s campaign, it’d be one thing, but it’s Marvel’s CEO, donating his own money, to a wounded veterans fundraiser. I understand that there is this great ire for Donald Trump and I absolutely do not want to see him president anymore than I do Hillary Clinton, but everyone needs to relax with the kneejerk reactions.

According to a recent NYT article the top 150 richest families overwhelmingly donate huge sums to Republican candidates. I respect the ire some have for this move but if you’re planning to cut Marvel from your life because you might as well become a hermit and live off the land because most CEOs are propping up the far right.

It shouldn’t matter, but If it makes you feel better Stan has been donating to progressive causes pretty much all his adult life, including giving money to both Hillary and Obama.

Who cares who he supports? As long as the money is going to a good cause I could care less if he is republican or democrat.

From what I understand this donation was Ike’s personal money and is NOT a donation to the Trump campaign, but rather a foundation for veterans set that was set up by Trump. Maybe it is a political stunt, and Perlmutter is helping Trump gain media attention, but if the money really goes to help veterans than nobody should have a problem with it.

He didn’t give the money to Trump. It was for veterans. Trump kept none of the money donated.

However, the website, set up for the event, accepts donations not to a veterans’ charity but to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, Trump’s personal non-profit organization

A report in Forbes magazine in December found that about 1% of the foundation’s contributions were to organizations that directly benefit military veterans.

I am deeply saddened by this news and hate the fact that Perlmutter benefits from all the writing and artistic talent at Marvel right now.

I think the bigger issue here is the Billionaires Club and look forward to seeing Bernie Sanders win the next presidential election and force the 1% to pull their weight. Maybe someday we’ll see real change in this country.

this explained the Steve Rogers backstep.

If I’m going to boycott Disney owned stuff it will be because Disney has recently started outsourcing it’s American workers.
Of course I’d have to boycott quite a few companies for backstabbing their own…which may well include me soon even though I’m just a lowly retail worker. After all, their are tons of people around the world who would like to have even close to my low-income wages. (under $24,000US)

Then there are the rising farms growing food that has never seen the sun or touched natural earth. Nearly all worked by robots.

Makes you wonder what they plan to do with the eventual multi-thousand former workers who will be living hand to mouth because everything but CEO jobs will be filled by foreigners on work visas.

I mean, if you aren’t replaceable by a illegal or legal temporary worker, it will be a robot.
So much for college degrees, eh?

Perlmutter could care less if the liberal fans boycott Marvel. How ironic, that the comic line is full of liberal PC BS characters. Idiots.

Once again the left wing fascists of nerd culture lash out to attack and silence anyone that doesn’t share the groupthink. Pathetic children.

Question to anyone who is upset by this:
People who identify themselves as “liberal” generally believe that all people should have all the same rights and freedom of speech regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, etc.,so why doesn’t Mr. Perlmutter have the right to spend the money that he has earned by working however he chooses? it seems that anytime a person does something that liberals don’t agree with, there are calls for protests, boycotts, etc. and the mainstream media is all over it. Where is all of the mainstream coverage on individuals that have donated to Hilary’s campaign? BTW, as many others have already pointed out, Mr. Perlmutter’s donation was actually made to veterans, not Donald Trump, so who cares?

@Brian Langlois

Great point on how donations to veterans are great no matter who sends them.

On that note, how many critics of Trump and Perlmutter have actually supported charities for vets? Any who have not are the worst form of hypocrite for not putting their money where their mouths are.

@Brian: “why doesn’t Mr. Perlmutter have the right to spend the money that he has earned by working however he chooses?”

He does.

Why don’t people who say they’re going to boycott Marvel over this have the right to spend the money that *they* have earned by working however *they* choose?

(Hee-hee. Been wondering how the ‘comicsratti’ and Robot6 commentators would take to this, ever since the news broke… Good to have presumptions confirmed!)

Perlmutter can do as he likes with his cash. He can wave his Republican-leaning political freak flag as high as HE wants, and he can give to people and causes that appeals to his social beliefs. (Good to have another presumption confirmed.) It’s just that he raised his wealth that he’s donating to Donald Trump by selling comicbooks with brightly-colored spandexed people, and cheaply manufactured toys of them that non-girls brought.

And other people who don’t share his political or social beliefs– including those who work for him– can mock his old, reactive, and regressive moves. Frankly, Perlmutter to me seems more likely to own WB than Toy
Biz, and DC than MARVEL now…

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