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Rainbow Batman figures will add a splash of color to any Batcave


One of the strangest — and certainly most colorful — Batman stories will be immortalized as a set of action figures from DC Collectibles.

CNET has the official word on The Batman: Rainbow (of course, everyone else will call it Rainbow Batman), a six-pack of figures depicting the Caped Crusader in pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple costumes. It’s the result of a poll conducted a year ago in which DC Collectibles asked fans which unproduced project should be released.

Fans were apparently eager to see the action figure set inspired by “The Rainbow Batman” story from 1957’s Detective Comics #241, in which Dick Grayson injures his arm in public, and the not-so-Dark Knight decides to don a series of colorful costumes to distract attention from Robin’s (of course) identical injury.

Hey, don’t knock it; it worked! The story was referenced in recent years in an episode of the animated Batman: The Brave and the Bold” and in the “Batman R.I.P” story arc by Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel.

Priced at $70, The Batman: Rainbow set will ship in August.

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omg proof that batman has more then one costume . may have to track down a set myself .

Why aren’t the costumes the ones actually shown in the Detective Comics #241 story?
Where’s the multi-colored “rainbow” garb or the white with bulls-eye costume?

Who decided to make the yellow one look more like Catman than Batman?

wow, there were some crap options on that poll.
No wonder this won.

WTH? Those did NOT win.

DC Comics – New 52: 3.75-Inch Action Figures clearly won.
I would rather see those than this mess!

Goldbug: Because they’re New 52 figures. Tackiest costume designs this side of Rob Liefeld.

so the 3.75 wins but they’re still doing those dumb gay rainbow batman figures? wtf?????? f you dc collectibles!!!

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