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‘Star Wars Battlefront’ has already shipped 13 million copies


Electronic Arts announced Thursday that it has already shipped more than 13 million copies of Star Wars Battlefront since the game’s launch in mid-November, exceeding expectations.

The publisher initially projected 9 million to 10 million copies, but later raised its forecast to 13 million copies by March. Note that those are games shipped to retailers, not necessarily purchased by consumers, but it’s an impressive feat nonetheless.

VentureBeat notes that of those 13 million copies, about 1 million were bundled with a PlayStation 4 console.

Debuting Nov. 17, Battlefront allows players to immerse themselves in epic Star Wars battles, firing blasters, riding speeder bikes and even piloting TIE Fighters and the Millennium Falcon in locations ranging from Hoth to Endor to Tatooine. Developer DICE announced just this week that it plans to add expansion packs featuring the Outer Rim, Bespin and the Death Star.

As we reported last month, Star Wars video games generated more that $1 billion in sales in 2015, led by Battlefront.



Is this a joke? Cause the game is pretty bad and also pretty expensive. The cracks really start to appear after playing for a few hours.

This is EA bragging how they duped so many people into buying this because of the star wars IP? right?

Doesn’t matter what the naysayers think…

EA made its money.

I’ve never been a huge fan of EA because A) I don’t play sports games; and B) I’ve known for well over a decade that EA is a mediocre game company that publishes shovelware. If something good and original gets published by them, it’s a fluke.

I’m not surprised people are bitching about Battlefront.

This is the problem with established IP’s. The companies that just don’t care will develop games half-assed and they’re counting people to buy ‘big title’/tie-in games. Never a good idea to buy these games on Day One but the videogame fanatics and first-kid-on-the-block types tend to throw away their money on Day One.

Personally, the last good Star Wars games I played were on the Nintendo GameCube (the Rogue Squadron series) but the developer, Factor Five, is long dead. As are many decent, small companies that ever developed a licensed IP.

The videogame industry is very unstable. Big business, yes, but it’s chaotic and full of turnovers.

We do promote Star Wars whenever we can. We enjoy our access to Marvel and Disney’s brand of entertainment, so we show our support by pushing their product.

My issue is that a few months more development with the right people can add depth that turns this game from something you quickly try and never play again into a potential classic still heavily played 8 years later like counterstrike or the Team Fortress series. If star wars lasted more than a week of hype you could open it up to quality micro transactions that could feed more money over longer periods of time while still providing a great game. EA seriously needs rebranding through quality of product, the second someone says “this doesnt feel like an EA game” you are on the right track!.

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