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This Batmobile-like concept car would make Bruce Wayne drool


The FFZERO1 looks like the Batmobile, and can even drive itself like the Dark Knight’s signature ride. However, you won’t find any room for Robin (or Catwoman) in this one-seater.

Officially unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the sleek concept car by Faraday Future — the California startup calls it “a car of concepts” — is a high-performance electric vehicle boasts a top speed of more than 200mph (0 to 60 in less than three seconds), making the pursuit of The Joker and his crew a snap.

The driver’s seat (let’s call it a cockpit, as there are no doors) was inspired by NASA’s zero-gravity design, “offering an unparalleled sense of weightlessness and reduced driver fatigue,” while the steering wheel serves as a hub for the operator’s mobile device that allows for remote vehicle setup.

Alas, the FFZERO1 is a concept car, which means we’ll likely never see it on the road — in Gotham or anywhere else. Faraday teases that it could go into “limited production,” but they’re probably only toying with us.



I wish NYC had traffic planning half as good as Gotham does. 200 MPH wouldn’t do you a damn bit of good in Lower Manhattan.

The center looks decent but the front and back look really lame. Two-Face would probably take that thing down with a few bullets :p

Talk about a lowrider, that car has no ground clearance at all.

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