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This ‘Star Wars’ toilet prank embraces the Dark Side … of the flush


Of the many sights you might expect to see when you step out of — or, worse, into — a portable toilet, a corridor crammed with Stormtroopers and Darth Vader probably isn’t among them. However, judging from this video, it apparently occurs in Brazil with some regularity.

It’s, of course, a clever hidden-camera prank on the same SBT network television show that last year sent the Sith Lord and his troops chasing after unsuspecting pedestrians. In this version, once someone enters the portable toilet, the corridor set is quickly wheeled up and populated with Imperial forces so that when they exit, they’re met with a surprise (complete with fog effect).

Injecting a bit of variety into the stunt, the producers exchange the corridor for an Endor scene, complete with Ewoks, C-3PO, R2-D2 and a captive Chewbacca. When faced with the soulless eyes of the Ewoks, I’d probably lock myself in the toilet, too.



Brazilians dot it better!

meh. (I think I’m Star Warz’d out.)

Notice that they did have a camera INSIDE the port-o-potty.


It was facing out and pretty high up in the back corner and all, but — ick.

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