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What would Ms. Marvel say to Trump? Sana Amanat has an idea


Considering that Kamala Khan, the Pakistani-American teen better known as Ms. Marvel, lives just over the river from Donald Trump, there’s a chance the two could someday cross paths, at least in the Marvel Universe. If that happened, what might the young superhero say to the Republican presidential frontrunner, who’s made so many controversial statements about Muslims and immigrants.

That’s what Seth Meyers asked Sana Amanat during her appearance this week on “Late Night,” and Kamala’s co-creator had an answer at the ready.

“The first thing that she would say is, you’re doing such irreparable damage to young Americans, and minorities everywhere,” said Amanat, Marvel’s director of content and character development. “Words and images are very powerful, and these young kids are actually having a perception of themselves that [is] not true, and that’s so dangerous. And then she’d probably remind him that his grandfather was an immigrant, I believe, and if he had the same type of vitriolic sentiment […] thrown at him, Trump would not have the opportunities that he would have or the successes that he would have. And then she would probably fly off with the Avengers and save the world from actual bad guys, and prove him wrong about who Muslims really are.”

The discussion wasn’t all serious, however, as Amanat filled in Meyers on Secret Wars and the Marvel line before poking fun at some of the “conspiracy theorists” who suggested there was a “nefarious plan” behind the creation of Kamala Khan.

“The ‘nefarious plan’ is that I infiltrated the government via Marvel Comics to push the Muslim Brotherhood’s mission of propagating Islamic sharia law within the land,” she said, adding, “If you touch the comic, you do become Muslim.”



Muslims are actually the ones doing irreparable damage to young Muslims.

The only problem with her response is that it contains too many words Trump doesn’t understand.

Well said Sana! :) Characters like Ms.Marvel and Miles Morales provides such great representation for so many minorities.

The interesting thing is that Trump’s family did face that sort of thing. His grandfather was a German immigrant, but they Anglicized their name to “Trump” and told people that their ancestry was Swedish throughout the first half of the century precisely because of anti-German sentiment.

AJ’s right. People like Trump are the symptom, but not the disease.

I think you’re conflating two issues. Trump’s rhetoric is making it unsafe for regular, run-of-the-mill Americans to live in this country. If you “look like” a Muslim or are actually Muslim, it’s not fun to live in certain parts of this country. ISIS has murdered more Muslims then non-Muslims. It’s two different issues.

AJ and Amazing Dough: People like Trump are the likes of ISIS are symbiotic to each other – they are both parasites who feed on sewing discord and each other – an Islamophobe who makes a young Muslim feel hated, feared and rejected in their own community is pushing them towards extremism, an ISIS recruit carrying out an atrocity gives Trump or a garden variety racist ammunition which they use to re-enforce their prejudices, beginning the cycle again.

If society rejects Trump and Islamophobia in general and you starve and weaken ISIS. As it is, Donald Trump is probably in effect ISIS’s most prolific recruiter.

henry steiger, aka trump the troll, is as much a problem as anything.

Blanket blame on everyone else while accepting nothing but parise that won’t come.

Keep it up, Trump supporters. Tell us all how you really feel.

Then go and actually talk to some Muslims then, at which point you’ll realise that most people are just people, and, regardless of their religion or background are just trying to get on with their lives same as everybody else.

To address the rest – for a start Kamala is from a Pakistani background, Pakistan being a country that is not in the Middle East. As for why comics characters that are infact from the Middle East are generally Muslim, it’s pretty much because apart from Israel, Islam is by far the most common religion in the Middle East and the state religion of all of all except Israel again. It’s just statistically the most probable eventuality, and it’s not like there are enough Middle Eastern characters around to start addressing the religious minorities of an under represented region yet.

Henry: Can we clear up this “Europe is Hell on Earth” thing once and for all?

I live in Europe, and certainly crime, rape and terror occur, but the concept of it being hell on earth is a fiction of the US right.

Yes, there is crime, but you are more than twice as likely to be murdered in the US than most states in Europe excepting Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Albania and Estonia which in turn are lower than the specific rates for the District of Colmbia, Louisiana, Maryland and Missouri.

Yes there is rape, but the data I can see currently has the US with a higher rate than anywhere in Europe except Belgium listed per 100,000 population.

Yes there is terrorism, but what you conveniently forget is that an act of terrorism is fundamentally an act of violence done for an ideological reason. Which means the US currently has an epidemic as every high school shooting, every church shooting, every cinema shooting is an act of terrorism. Yes, the things that have happened in Paris are terrible, but the actions of a handful of people do not represent the entirety of the average of about 6% of the entire population of Europe any more than the actions of a handful of white american male teenagers carrying out represent all white american male teenagers. Yet you apparently judge all Muslims on the actions of a few, because they are the ones that get in the news unlike “Muslim goes to work in the office, has a long day, comes home, prays, has dinner and falls asleep in front of the television”.

As for Islam needing reform – that’s as vague and meaningless a statement as saying “Christianity needs reform” – there are certainly places where both of them do, but neither of them is some kind of singular monolith that can be approached in a top down way – there is no single living human authority. There are a lot of schools and branches of Islam in the same way that there are Protestants, Catholics, and various Orthodoxies of Christianity etc, which are in turn filtered through the customs of places it is practiced in. A Muslim from Indonesia will practice something very different from a Muslim in Algeria in much the same way an Evangelist from Alabama is going to practice in a very different way to a Russian Orthodox Christian in Belarus.

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