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Artist offering $5K reward for stolen Bill Sienkiewicz Batman art


Original Batman artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz has been stolen. The unidentified thief reportedly tore open the package carrying the art, while it was being shipped to a client in France.

Chicago-based artist and art dealer Sal Abbinanti informed CBR of the news, and noted that he’s offering a $5000 reward for anybody who’s able to return the piece.

Take a look at Sienkiewicz’s stellar work below:


If you happen to come across the piece, be sure to contact Abbinanti — he can be reached via Twitter.



I love how it says “Be sure to contact Sal- via twitter!” I guess if you find you find the art but don’t have a twitter account (and thus make this a public spectacle), they’re out of luck. And $5000 worth it ain’t.

“Better call sal” lol


February 27, 2016 at 3:01 am

You 45 year old comic book fans don’t know shit about art. Better get back to your little superhero soap operas.

Um, I’m a 45 year old comic book fan, and all styles of comic book art, is still art. Just because you don’t like a style, don’t crap on us that do. …also, grow up.

Batman’s schlong finally poked a hole through the Joker’s head

Aaron Scott Johnson

February 27, 2016 at 12:12 pm

I’ll go ahead and add that I love this piece. Beautiful work from a true master.

This art is a masterpiece! I hope Batman can find the effin Thief!


February 28, 2016 at 9:56 am

Yea, batman should look like channing tatum with his shaved taint so 20 somethings can beat off to ripped abs bruh

Dunno what some of you guys are complaining about… Batman’s proportion and design overall (esp. the bat symbol) obviously reflects Frank Miller’s design of the character (though those red eyes and shoulder horns remind me of Thomas Wayne as Batman, in Justice League: Flash Paradox). I think it’s great, Bill is great. Terrible it was stolen, hope it’s found.

I’m pretty sure that was Shadow Thìe who stole the art.

I feel sorry for the collector but Sienkiewicz isn’t exactly the most honest guy out there – check out all the posts of CAF that describe how he fails to deliver paid for commissions.

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